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TF431patch8ReleaseNotes .pdf

Original filename: TF431patch8ReleaseNotes.pdf
Title: Transform Foundation Server 4.3.1 Patch 8 Release Notes
Author: Bottomline Technologies, Inc.

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Release Notes
Transform Foundation Server 4.3.1
Patch 8
May 2014

This is a patch release (formerly known as a hotfix release) for Transform Foundation Server 4.3.1.
We recommend that you install this patch if you experience any of the problems described in the Fixes in
This Release section.

Copyright © 2014 Bottomline Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The Bottomline Technologies name and logo are trademarks of Bottomline Technologies, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or
registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Release Notes

Installing the Patch
This patch release is supplied as a compressed (zipped) file for ease of
download. Install it on all machines on which Transform components are
 l Install this patch on all Runtime Server installations before installing it
on the Deployment Server.
 l We strongly recommend that you take steps to confirm that your
upgraded installation works as expected before using it in a production
An ideal approach is to test your projects in a test environment on the
upgraded system before upgrading your live production environment. If
you do not have a separate test environment, consider actions such as
taking backups before the upgrade, and running test data through the
upgraded system before using live data.
Please contact Support if you have any questions about validating your
projects on this patch. See Support on page 10.
 l Transform Foundation Server 4.3.1 must be installed before you install
this patch.
 l When you install this patch on a Runtime Server host, the installation
process stops and restarts the Transform Foundation Service service and
all projects running on the Runtime Server.
To install this patch:
 1. Decompress the zip file on the target machine.
 2. Double-click the TF431patch8-36657.exe file to run the program.

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


Release Notes

 3. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.
To uninstall this patch and roll back to an earlier configuration, use the Add or
Remove Programs option on the Windows Control Panel.

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


Release Notes

Fixes in This Release
The problems described in the following table have been fixed in this patch



The HSM Digital Signing object does not support PKCS7
2048-bit keys.
In addition, if the SafeNet HSM provider library of the HSM
Digital Signing object does not exist, Transform Designer


The TIBCO EMS Queue and TIBCO EMS Send objects do
not work as expected.


When the locale setting of the computer on which a project is
running uses a comma as a decimal point separator, uploading
a document to the Transform Content Center store fails if the
document contains a decimal number index value (on systems
using a SQL Server database only).
As a solution to this problem, add a new entry to the FS_
Configuration table with the following values:
 l Name column value: LocaleOverride
 l ConfigValue column value: 1033


The Oracle 10g 11g Connection object takes a long time to
query an Oracle database. Additionally, excessive file handle
leaks occur.


The Text search in a branch option of the Find tool does not

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


Release Notes




Under certain circumstances, JDE 9.1 PDF reports contain
additional, unexpected trailing spaces at the end of every text


The JDE OSA PDF RT Parser object does not trim space in
the output data as expected.


The On Every Page Group Header Form setting of the
Document Organizer object does not display group headers as
expected in the page editor.


When displaying an OCR document, the Transform Content
Center plug-in causes browsers that block cookies to crash.


Transform Designer takes a long time to open project files that
have the Strict container shortcuts compatibility option


When you open an existing project file that contains linebased form attachments, a dialog asks you to choose whether
to upgrade to line-based objects. If you select to upgrade to
line-based objects, the project file does not open, and an error
message is displayed.


Transform Designer does not display the OCR-B 10 font
correctly in the form editor or when you preview a document.


When you configure the Lines per page setting of the
PageBank Cutter object, if you save and close the project file,
the setting is not retained when you reopen the object settings.


The PDF to PageBank Parser fails when processing a PDF
document that contains inherited font resources.


Transform Content Center searches fail when searching for
documents with multiple index values.


When displaying an OCR document, the Transform Content

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


Release Notes


Center plug-in leaks temporary files. This eventually causes
the browser to crash.


Under certain circumstances, uploading a Transform AP
Application Pack license in the Transform Administrator
application causes Transform Content Center to stop working.


When running a Print to HTML or Print to MHTML object
with a Document Organizer object, Transform Designer


The Is Number object crashes during configuration of the
Decimal symbol or Digit grouping symbol settings.


The OTF Form Renderer and OTF Parser objects do not
process SAP OTF data as expected.


Under certain circumstances, when the PDF Splitter object is
used to split a PDF document, Transform Designer crashes.


When using the Request option to process a request to a oneway service, if you select an Error state request from the list
of requests, you cannot select the Delete Selected or Set
Selected Ready options.


Performance is slow when printing a document that uses the
Page Setup object.


Under certain circumstances, editing a scanned document
pattern causes the browser to crash.


Problem: When working with a scanned document, it is not
possible to use keyboard controls to move focus between the
plug-in toolbar and the document view toolbar.
Solution: It is now possible to press CTRL+PAGE DOWN to
move focus from the plug-in controls to the document and its
toolbar, and to press CTRL+PAGE UP to move focus from the

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


Release Notes


document and its toolbar to the plug-in controls.


When the Transform Content Center plugin attempts to open
a document before it has completed downloading, the
download is canceled, leaving a partially downloaded
document. When a user subsequently attempts to view the
document, the following error message is displayed:
No such Zip File


Uploading a document to a Transform Content Center store
that contains a large number of documents can cause the
Transform Content Center application to crash.


When a scanned batch is submitted for bursting, the
document count for the Scanned_Batches category is not
updated upon completion of user validation.


Timeout errors are sometimes logged during use of the Send
Mail object.


Using the Transform Content Center email functionality from
the embedded ViewDocumentPS page in a JDE system
sometimes causes the browser to exit from JDE.


When two File Queue branches monitor the same shared
folder, a single input file is sometimes processed twice.


When the results of a Transform Content Center search
continue over more than one page, attempts to navigate from
the first page of results cause the following error to be
Search Results - Error. No results were found that
match your query.


When an OCR Connector user's browser reaches its cookie
limit, such as when the user opens numerous documents and
changes the zoom level and scroll point, the user is logged out

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


Release Notes


of the Transform Content Center application.
Note: The solution to this problem works only when the
Internet Explorer update described in kb941495 has been


The value of a parameter is not refreshed when it is the child
of a Container Shortcut.


Problem: It is not possible to set the value of reserved Java
Message Service (JMS) attributes in the Msg Properties child of
the IBM Message Service Send object.
Solution: It is now possible to set the following JMS attributes:
 l JMSReplyTo
 l JMSCorrelationId
 l JMSPriority


When using the Transform AP for JD Edwards plugin to enter
details of a document, on completion of a field, the cursor
does not automatically move to the next field.


Under certain circumstances, Document Organizer does not
render the Group Header Form on the last page of a document.


The OTF Parser and OTF Form Renderer objects lose font
information, resulting in badly formatted text when rendered.


The OTF Parser and OTF Form Renderer objects lose font
information, resulting in badly formatted text when rendered.
This is a fix to further problems found after implementing the
fix for the original problem.


A memory leak occurs when a Container Shortcut connects to
its target.

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


Release Notes




When the Transform Content Center system uses an Oracle
database, index values of manually uploaded documents are
not displayed correctly on the Search Results page when the
values contain Unicode characters.


When the Transform Content Center system uses an Oracle
database, the length of category indexes is measured in bytes.
Because some Unicode characters consume multiple bytes, this
means that the maximum number of Unicode characters an
index can contain is sometimes less than the number specified
as the value of the Length setting.
This fix applies to new indexes only, and does not modify
existing indexes.


Problem: The Label Control object does not support the use
of Unicode text in the label.
Solution: The default Caption child object is now a Unicode
Text object.
Existing branches are not affected by this change, and it is still
possible to use objects that belong to the Text [in] class as the


The Web Request object does not return the response headers
or body when it receives an HTTP 500 response.


The SAS Data Send object does not report an error when the
end-point returns an error status.


Transform Content Center pages are subject to security


The Check File object returns an incorrect file size value for
files larger than 4 GB.

Transform Foundation Server version 4.3.1 Patch 8  May 2014


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