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p¡f 74
f£lh¡¢s 1 82
djÑ 104
pwú¡l 126
f£lh¡¢s 2 138
−gi¡¢lV 154
−fÐj 171
fÐaÉ¡haÑe 1 187
Ga¤pË¡h 200
g¤mh¡q¡¢l 206
L¢ha¡l A¢mN¢m 213
j¤h¡−nÄl¡ W¡™¡ q−u f−s ¢Rm n¡c¡ ¢hR¡e¡u 217
fÐaÉ¡haÑe 2 220
EC−f¡L¡l Olh¡¢s 226
k¤−Ül fl 231





k¤−Ül hRl
k¤Ü h¡yd−Rz H f¡s¡u …”e, J f¡s¡u …”ez ®m¡L SV f¡L¡−µR E−W¡−e, j¡−W,
N¢ml ®j¡−sz L¡lJ ®Q¡M Lf¡−m, L¡lJ e¡−Ll am¡u, q¡y Ll¡ j¤−Ml ®ial, L¡lJ
N¡−m, L¡−e, j¡b¡uz ®Q¡M ph¡l ®M¡m¡z ®Q¡−Ml p¡j−e ®c±−s¡−µR ®m¡L, −c±−s¡−µR
B−m¡u, AåL¡−lz L¡µQ¡ h¡µQ¡ ®h¡yQL¡ h¤Q¢L Ly¡−M ¢e−u, O¡−s ¢e−u, ®c±−s¡−µRz
f¡m¡−µRz f¡m¡−µR nql ®b−L NË¡−jz juje¢pwq nql ®R−s g¤mf¤l, ®d¡h¡Es¡,
e¡¾c¡Cmz c¡m¡e−L¡W¡, −c¡L¡ef¡V, Cú¤mOl, Ajl¡ha£ e¡VÉj¢¾cl ®R−s ec£l
Jf¡−l, d¡e−r−a, d¤d¤ j¡−W, Al−ZÉz Ol ®b−L k¡l¡ c¤'f¡ es−a Q¡u e¡, °q °q f−s
®Nm a¡−cl j−dÉJ, ®h¡yQL¡ h¡ydz nL¤−el¡ ®W¡y−V L−l Nå Be−R jl¡ j¡w−plz …¢ml
në ®i−p Bp−R Lh¤a−ll A¢ÙÛl X¡e¡u L−lz j¡e¤o f¡m¡−µR f¡−u ®qy−V,
®lmN¡¢s−a, ®e±−L¡uz O−ll ja f−s b¡−L Ol, E−W¡−e N¡RN¡R¡¢m, Sm−Q±¢L, c¡
h¢V, L¡−m¡ ®hs¡mz
c¤−V¡ ¢ae Q¡L¡l ®j¢ne Q¡m¡−e¡ N¡¢s H−p b¡−j Bj¡−cl h¡¢sl clS¡u,
p−åuz J−a Q−s Bjl¡J lJe¡ ¢cC f¡yQl¦¢M h¡S¡−ll c¢r−Z j¡c¡¢leNl NË¡−jz
nql ®R−s ®kC e¡ −g¢l L−l hÐþf¤œ f¡l q−u nñ¤N−” ®f±yRC, ®L¡j−l N¡jR¡
h¡yd¡, ®T¡f ®b−L Ty¡¢f−u l¡Ù¹¡u ®e−j R'Se k¤hL Bj¡−cl e¡−Ll p¡j−e c¡ys¡uz
c¤'q¡−a j¡'−L ByL−s ¢hØg¡¢la ®Q¡−M −c¢M R'¢V h¾c¤L, R'¢V L¡y−dz Ae¤j¡e L¢l
HlC e¡j k¤Ü, BQjL¡ fb BV−L j¡e¤o ®j−l ®gm¡z R'S−el HLSe, e¡−Ll ¢e−Q
¢QLe L¡−m¡ ®j¡Q, h−m, Nm¡ Y¤¢L−u ¢ae Q¡L¡l −M¡m¡ clS¡u, nql M¡¢m LCl¡ k¡e

LC! ph QCm¡ ®N−m Bjl¡ L¡−l mCu¡ k¤Ü Ll¦j! h¡¢s ¢gCl¡ k¡ez

j¡ ®h¡lM¡l ®O¡jV¡ a¤−m, HL RV¡L −l¡−ol Jfl c¤'RV¡L BL¤¢a ¢j¢n−u h−me,

H ¢L Le! p¡j−el N¡¢s ®a¡ QCm¡ ®Nmz Bj¡l ®R−ml¡ JC N¡¢s−az Bj¡−cl
k¡C−a ®cez
je N−m e¡ ®j¡QAm¡lz L¡y−dl h¾c¤L j¡¢V−a W¤−L ®QyQ¡u, HL C¢’J p¡j−e
esh e¡ Q¡‚¡z ¢fR¡Jz

N¡¢s−L ¢f¢R−u ®g¢l−a E¢W−u ¢h¢s d¢l−u Nå R¢s−u Ly¡Q¡f¡L¡ Q¡mL h−m,

Hl¡ h¡P¡¢m, Bj−N¡lC ®m¡L, Hl¡ ®a¡ Bl f¡”¡¢h e¡, X−ll ¢LR¤ e¡Cz

h¤L d¤Lf¤L L−l ®ke R'¢V h¾c¤L ®b−L R'−S¡s¡ …¢m H−p ®m−N−R h¤−Lz
c¤'f¡−n −W−p hp¡ L¡−m¡ ®h¡lM¡u Y¡L¡ c¤'S−el p¤l¡ fs¡l ¢hs¢hs Bl ¢ae Q¡L¡l
OsOs në öe−a öe−a f¡l q−a b¡¢L S¤h¢m O¡V, ®N¡mf¤L¤l f¡sz Bl ®L¡eJ në
®eC, −Lhm Bj¡−cl d¤Lf¤L, ¢hs¢hs, OsOsz l¡−al Lðm j¤−s B−m¡ ¢e¢h−u
O¤¢j−u ®N−R f¤−l¡ nqlz

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