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Treatment For Troubled Teens
There are a variety of treatment options available for troubl
ed teens. But, no single treatment is apt for all teens. The s
election of treatment settings and programs must work for t
he individual problems. That is, before choosing a treatmen
t, consider the teen and the reason for his troubled behavior
. The term ?troubled teens? normally refers to teenagers wh
o are impolite to others, unenthusiastic at school, alcoholic
abusers, don?t appreciate anything that is done for them, d
on?t like to take responsibility for their activities and look f
or the company of other teenagers who proceed the same w

Behavior Problem
• More child behavioral problems are found in those fa
milies that have an unsatisfactory marriage than in tho
se with a happy marriage, but the behavioral problems
from the single-parent families are far worse than in u
nhappily married families.
• Children of divorce are more likely to be expelled fro
m school or to become pregnant as teenagers as those
from intact parents and are five times as likely to live
in poverty. A health problem, such as a vision or heari
ng impairment, asthma or a learning disability can be
responsible for some child behavioral problems.

Hair Loss Treatment
• Hair loss is not a recent problem but has existed for ce
nturies. In earlier times, men and women used a numb
er of solutions, ointments and concoctions as treatmen
ts for their hair loss by applying them on their thinnin
g hair for regret.
• For instance, ancient Egyptians made use of various a
nimals such as lions, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, ser
pents, geese and other animals for their hair loss probl
em. They rubbed the fats of these animals onto their s
calps as a remedy for hair loss.

• The health and fitness business is booming now more
than ever. More and more people are getting consciou
s about their health. Proof of this is the ever increasin
g demand for healthy food, supplements to complete
our nutrition and the proliferation of health and fitness
centers almost everywhere.

You could even hire your own personal trainer or nut
ritionist to ensure that you have the best help possible.
This is good news for all. The health and fitness revol
ution is spreading everywhere changing lives and mak
ing us live more productively.

Mental Health
• Exercise and physical activity play a crucial role in
both maintaining one's mental health condition and
in recovering from a mental illness. Breaking resea
rch indicates that exercise actually produces a che
mical that stimulates the growth of brain cells.
• Thus allowing for recovery from sever substance a
buse disorders. Furthermore, physical activity and
mental health recovery coincide in fostering a soci
al network and encouraging self-reflection, both of
which are crucial on the path to mental health reco

• Working with people with Borderline Personalities ha
s taught me more about psychotherapy than any other
kind of clinical work because people with Borderline
Personality Disorder need you to be good at listening.

To be good at containing, to be good at setting bound
aries, to be good at coping with very strong feelings, a
nd to be good at working with complex transference a
nd counter-transference issues. They also need you to
have a great deal of patience. So, they're challenging
but in very positive ways.

Residential Treatment Centers
• Residential treatment may sometimes be deemed
a necessary step in the process of recovery from d
rug or alcohol addiction.

• A residential treatment center is essentially a tem
porary hospice where individuals who are recover
ing from their drug or alcohol addiction can check
in and live for a prescribed period of time, while
undergoing treatment and counseling to help the i
ndividual cope in a safe and positive environment

Treatment Troubled Teens
• Adolescence is the transitional stage of physical and
mental human development that occurs between child
hood and adulthood. This progression involves pubert
al, social, and psychological changes that shape childr
en into adults.
• During this time, adolescents are experiencing strong
cognitive and physical changes. For the first time, the
y may start to view their friends and peer groups as m
ore important and influential than their parents. These
feelings and actions oftentimes lead to deviant behavi

Youth Care
• Study after study shows that we all start out with the sa
me capacity for positive self-esteem, but our experience
s and how we choose to deal with them can affect wheth
er our self-esteem is heightened or diminished. In order
for youth to develop healthy self-esteem, they need to fe
el loved, valued, competent and worthy.

As a youth worker you have many opportunities to buil
d self-esteem in young people. You can help them unco
ver their natural talents, boost their self-confidence with
praise, help them see how resilient and resourceful they
are and acknowledge their successes both big and small.

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