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International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, Nov. 2013.
ISSN: 22311963

K Ranjitha Pragnya1, J Krishna Chaitanya2

M.Tech Students, 2Associate Professor,
Department of ECE, Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India.

In this paper, we reported a mechanism for estimation of elderly well-being condition based on usage of household appliances connected through various sensing units. Wireless-sensor-network-based home monitoring
system for elderly activity behavior involves functional assessment of daily activities. MEMS, temperature and
pressure sensors are used to determine the wellness of elderly based on daily activities. This paper describes
ZIGBEE based home monitoring system for elderly based on daily activities the sensor node is composed of
temperature sensor, force sensor and MEMS sensor , ATMEL microcontroller, LCD module & a ZIGBEE
transceiver model is operated at 2.45GHZ band industrial scientific medical band. The developed system for
monitoring and evaluation of essential daily activities was tested at the homes of four different elderly persons
living alone and the results are encouraging in determining wellness of the elderly.

KEYWORDS: wellness determination, MEMS sensor, WSN (Wireless sensor node), ZIGBEE, LM35, Pressure



A normal person performs daily activities at regular interval of time. This implies that the person is
mentally and physically fit and leading a regular life. If there is decline or a change in the regular
activity the wellness of the person is not in normal state. Elderly people desire to lead an independent
lifestyle but old age people become prone to different accidents. So living alone has high risk and it’s
recurrent. Development of the system to monitor the activities of an elderly person living alone so that
help can be provided before any unforeseen situation happened. Elderly people desire to lead an
independent lifestyle, but at old age, people become prone to different accidents, so living alone has
high risks and is recurrent. In the present work, an intelligent home monitoring system based on
ZIGBEE wireless sensors network [1,2] has been designed and developed to monitor and evaluate the
well-being of the elderly living alone in a home environment. Wellness of elderly can be evaluated for
forecasting unsafe situations during monitoring of regular activities. The developed system is
intelligent, robust and does not use any camera or vision sensors as it intrudes privacy. Based on a
survey among elderly we find that it has a huge acceptability to be used at home due to non-use of the
camera or vision based sensors. The intelligent software, along with the electronic system, can
monitor the usage of different household appliances and recognize the activities to determine the wellbeing of the elderly. The developed software system continuously reads the data from the coordinator
and efficiently stores on the system for further data processing in real time. An initial decline or
change in regular daily activities can be identified by home monitoring system and triggers alarm to
the appropriate care provider about the changes in the functional abilities of the elderly person.
A variety of systems for monitoring and functional assessment for elderly care have been proposed
and developed in recent times. Other than camera, infrared based Small Motion Detectors(SMDs),
passing sensors, operation detectors and MEMS based motion sensors have been incorporated in the
house for monitoring the human activity behavior [3] and the interpretation of human activity is


doi: 10.7323/ijaet/v6_iss5_14

Vol. 6, Issue 5, pp. 2078-2083