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Warning letter
This is not a literary piece, it is saga. The writer retained between the 95% losers
group stubbornly for two years. He lost his entire asset about 200,000 $ in more
than twenty accounts. It’s not about splitting of the moon! It’s just finding one of
the ways of taking profit in Forex market. Experience is above the science. These
are pieces of advice and so effective simplified warnings. Taking all the points will
certainly remove you from the 95% losers group and you can take profit from
Forex market.
No matter how much you know about the market. Whatever you know, this article
contains useful and informative objects.
As well as applying the presented template and indicators, employing the items
mentioned before is important to guaranty achieving the promised success.
Otherwise indicators, experts and signals are ten a penny.
Dear comrades; in my opinion the most complete, most important and the clearest
meaning of Forex is: Playing the odds. People who can’t do it with a reasonable
risk, it’s better to stay away from that and continue their previous carrier. To have
a better explanation from Playing the odds phrase, you can consider a 50%-50%
probability. It has a severe mental effect. This is because everyone thinks they
know! They think the price trend is on their hand and it moves the way they order!
It really is not so; traders should follow the price. They should find the trend
direction by analytical tools and then follow it. In my opinion it’s better to follow
the price movements by a smart look for at least half an hour before starting a
trading day. All should be done, is just to look at it. Its powerful effect can’t be
well described by words! It must be tried. All the trading time needs special
concentration. All the work is done by a cheap mouse and the rest is about
Once I read in a Forex website someone complained that the power is cut and he
has 16 open positions… Bite off more than he can chew! All Murphy brothers
don’t do such thing! If you were the elite certified chartist, it needs time and
energy to analyze the chart to set 16 positions. Woe on him if they all were from
one currency pair. It’s awful!

The warning letter is as follows:
1) Price trend:
Traders start their work to take lots of profits. They have a dream of getting
rich. I was so, and now when I think of lost 200,000 $, I wish I wasn’t so…I
hope my experiences will be useful for you. It was more wisely to start
working with a demo account as well as getting a driver’s license. To get a
driver’s license you have to train driving for at least one month and then if
you passed the exam, then you can be a real driver.
Dear comrades, the most important principle is to start trading on a demo
account to test your strategy and all your trading information on it. Test your
technical and fundamental knowledge to find a reliable strategy that makes
you at least 70% profits per month. In other words if you have 300 positions
within 3 months, 210 of them should be closed to TP. When you found the
reliable strategy, test it for at least one month while considering all other
important items. Whenever relative reliability was achieved, start real
Unfortunately 95% of traders don’t pay attention to these important things
and they start losing money and hurt their mind and soul. It’s time to turn to
buy signals from others! Signal buyers are readily available, as easy as a
Google search of Forex Signal. They just show you imaginary account
results of the past and make you happy by fake profitable strategies. Once
you paid the monthly charge, everything starts upside down! Experts have
the same story. Unfortunately they don’t learn from these experiences and
they face repeated failures.
The whole story is about two lines called Support and Resistance. The only
reason for all losses is due to not recognizing these two lines. Fluky profits
without recognizing Supports and Resistances are not permanent.
You are in the 95% side as long as you don’t use Supports and Resistances,
even if investing the treasure of Korah in Forex market. Finding Supports
and Resistances either manually or automatically, will save you from being
in 95% losers group. Finally use all your time and energy to recognize
Supports and Resistances otherwise farewell to the market.
2) They didn’t believe that it is my real work. They told me these are just
pictures and aren’t reliable! One of them was an IB in Prime Company. He

wanted me to open a real account in this company and work on it. I sent him
a real history picture every night for two weeks. At the end he visited the
history through the investor password by himself.
I can repeat it for a couple of times because I have self assurance. Any
reasonable person would realize its value even if he doesn’t have its basic
information. If 10% of that would realize for the others, that’s too much!
Such a profitable trader would be kidnapped or brokers don’t get off his
back, Forex mafia!
It’s time to speak about Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL). The 95%
group often doesn’t use this window, because they consider themselves
deserved benefits. They have heard about losses but don’t believe it.
Losses are due to incorrect recognition and interpretation of price trend and
profits are due to identifying it correctly. 95% of traders don’t use SL or
increase it while the price goes through the opposite trend, because they
don’t know where to set it properly. In fact they don’t recognize the trend
direction! They deal on fortune. When losses started, they expect it turn back
with a fake hope. Suppose that a trader starts scalping in a highly volatile
market aimed to pick small profits, heedless that scalping to get small pips
from a smooth market is easier from a volatile one. He starts a deal to catch
one pip, suddenly it goes to a few profits and he passes up to close it to get a
few more profits. Suddenly the Internet is disconnected. He can’t tolerate
more than it and try to connect through dial up. When it ran again, he faces a
tragedy. In less than 10 minutes, a position with one lot volume without any
TP and SL, drove his 600 $ balance to call margin!
Before starting a deal, traders should determine a specific amount for stop
loss and take profit. They specify a reasonable risk for deals. It means that as
they expect profits, they accept losses too. What are the differences? Who is
more successful?
When supports and resistances are recognized properly, traders should not
exclude the possibility of error and try to harness losses (not harness the
price trend!). Using trail stop is one more confident brake to harness losses.
Traders start with analyzing the trend to find the major supports and
resistances, then they determine exact entry and exit points and then start a

Considering all principals will save traders from all possible probabilities
such as the significant one previously mentioned, Power cut or internet
Finally, self confidence in trading, trust and belief in correctness of trend
analysis comes from using correct TP and SL that results from finding
correct supports and resistances.
3) There aren’t exist totally certain and guaranteed methods to just take you
profits. Don’t look for it at all, unless being in touch with ghosts and
goblins, or you can see the forward candles! If so, you will be in the first of
the billionaires list within two months just starting with a balance of 100 $.
There are some solutions to do to stay away from the losers group in real
First offer: if you are millionaire, open an account with 100,000 $ balance.
If not, do it with a mini or micro account of 1000 $. It will increase to
100,000$. Start trading with 0.1 lots. You don’t need to analyze the trend,
recognize supports and resistances or use TP and SL. It takes years to move
100,000 pips against your position. If you set a deal with chance, no
difference Buy or Sell, finally it comes to profit.
Second offer: Forget Forex trading and start another job, facile and stressless.
Of course you have heard about fully guaranteed methods or maybe you
have tested them. If you never tried them yet, don’t think about them at all.
In my opinion if someone claims about fully guaranteed methods, it might
be one of these cases: he is absolutely foolish, he is a trickster or he might be
connected with ghosts and goblins.
For the finishing touch, we have a letter equation. After considering all mentioned
items and trading principals, you should remember that: to wait and being patient
leads to contentment, being in hurry and hasty leads to failure.
According to what mentioned before, explaining these equations is easy. You have
to wait; wait for what? For example to find a proper entrance point. You might
need to follow the price trend for a couple of hours. If you know it’s time to wait,
you will safely wait. There is no coercion and compulsion to start an incorrect
trade. If you don’t open a deal, there is nothing to make your balance losses, but if

you set an incorrect trade, you’ll start losses. So having no deals is much better
than starting incorrect ones.
Being patient is about stability on what you are waiting about. Stability on either
staying away or starting a trade. It means that when you start a deal in a hurry and
hasty, you can’t concentrate on the position and you’ll put in a stressful situation.
This leads you to make mistakes in determining entrance and exit and also TP and
SL points. Even if you recognize these points correctly you will tempted to change
the points repeatedly.
What is the purpose of contentment? Once, a tradesman claimed that if he had
100,000$ fund, he only can make 7000$ profits per month. Suppose that a
disciplined Forex trader has 100,000$ balance. He starts trading in peace of mind
and reliability. He takes 20 pips profit in a couple of hours with 10 lots volume in a
position. If he works 15 days per month, at the end of the month he makes 30,000$
profit. With the same low expectations, he makes 23000$ more than the mentioned
tradesman! While he doesn’t need to pay for rent, taxes, facility bills, insurance
costs and such expenses. He also doesn’t need to bargain to customers and
suppliers. The most important thing is that the main capital and the profits are in
his account. With a simple calculation and provided to fully obey the principals,
after two years, you’ll be rich and financial independent. So try to realize the value
of your work. Patience is Forex Elixir. When the Warning Letter items stuck in
your mind and soul and you have them down the pat, I certainly claim that: with
the grace of GOD we are starting non loss trades. Thus without any suspicion, we
are going to start certain trades.
With such mentality be ready to study the strategy.

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