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“Lockbox AES256U3”
The SiForce “Lockbox AES256U3” (unit) is a large capacity, hardware encrypted storage
device with a high speed USB 3.0 interface that can be used with your desktop or notebook
computers via a USB port.
System Requirements
Hardware System
USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 jack
Normal Usage
1. Plug unit into computer’s USB port (unit is powered over USB cable).
2. Key in password.
3. Drive is now accessible for use.
Required First Time Installation of Unit
Initialization and Password Setting
1. Plug the USB cable into your operating computer.
2. Before plugging the USB cable into the SiForce “Lockbox”, press and hold keys 1
and 3 simultaneously
3. While still depressing, plug the USB cable into the unit.
4. After a few seconds, the green light will begin flashing and will eventually turn solid.
(If the flashing continues, check the connection of the computer to the unit).
5. After 20 seconds, the red light will illuminate, which indicates successful
initialization. If not, the unit has not successfully initialized. Check that cables are
properly connected and that the key was depressed for 20 seconds.
6. Retry by repeating steps 1-4.
7. After successful conclusion, press the “#” key and hold for 5 seconds or until the
yellow light is illuminated. At this point red, yellow, and green lights should be
illuminated. If not, repeat all steps.
8. When the 3 lights are lit, enter your “password”.
Tip: Password should be a minimum of 4, maximum of 32 digits.
After you have entered your entire password, wait for the blue light to flash, then
press the “enter” key. Input your password again and press “enter” again. You have
successfully entered your password when the red light goes out and the blue light
comes on.
*When entering your password, wait a half second between each digit.
10. To continue and complete the initialization (partitioning the Hard Disk), you must
follow the remaining steps.