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Resetting Password
1. Before disconnecting from your computer, press “cancel” and hold for 5 seconds. When
the red and yellow lights illuminate and release.
2. Enter the original password and press “enter” key. If the original password is correct, the
yellow light will go out and the red light will be flashing.
3. Enter a new password and press “enter” key. The blue light will flash twice and the red
will flash.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. Can I retrieve data if I lose or forget my password?
No so keep a record of your password.
2. Can the SiForce “AES 256” still be used after I lose my password?
Yes, it is still functional but must be reinitialized by following the instructions. Any
previous stored dated under the lost password will be inaccessible and not retrievable.
3. If the unit is broken, how can the data be accessed?
Contact us with the unit’s model and serial numbers. We may be able to replace the
units encryption printed circuit board.
“The Unit” will work with your original password.
4. Can data be retrieved from the hard disk drive when removed from the unit then
connected to another computer.
No, it is encrypted and will not be accessible.
5. Why is the capacity of the SiForce “AES 256” hard disk drive different from what it is
This is due to differences in the calculation method, storage medium characteristics and
file format management needs. A manufacturer’s hard drive is rated in unformatted
capacity. Formatting a hard drive (making it usable for the operating system) uses
some of its raw capacity. Therefore it reports a smaller, usable space after formatting.

“AES 256”
Important Use Notices
1. Do not drop or expose to vibration/shaking.
2. Keep away from strong magnetic fields.
3. Do not spill liquids or store under high temperatures or high humidity.
4. Do not disconnect from computer while it is still being accessed.