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Aircraft  Emergency  Summary  2009-­2014  

In  2009  there  were:    27  emergencies;  one  incident  resulted  in  minor  injuries  to  
two  people    
Twelve  (12)  other  mechanical  related  including  helicopter  (N22ZA)  that  attempted  to  takeoff  
with  a  GPU  still  attached  causing  a  hard  landing,  and  Cessna  182  N4731N  that  ran  off  the  
departure  end  of  Runway  29  the  two  passengers  had  minor  injuries.  The  other  ten  (10)  
mechanical  related  emergencies  landed  without  incident.      
Seven  (7)  Landing  Gear  related  emergencies  including  A  Cessna  140A  with  a  left  main  gear  
collapse  while  landing  on  Runway  34,  with  minor  injuries  to  the  pilot,  a  Beechcraft  Bonanza  
N8519M  experienced  a  collapsed  nose  gear  while  landing  on  Runway  34  there  were  no  injuries  
to  the  pilot.  The  other  Five  (5)  gear  related  emergencies  landed  without  incident.  
Five  (5)  engine  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
One  (1)  electrical  system  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  
One  (1)  Aircraft  Bird  Strike  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  
One  (1)  Battery  related  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  

In  2010  there  were:  32  emergencies;  all  were  resolved  without  incident  or  
Eleven  (11)  Landing  gear  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
Eight  (8)  engine  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident  
Five  (5)  other  mechanical  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
Four  (4)  Smoke  in  cockpit/  Aircraft  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident      
Three  (3)  Electrical  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident  
One  (1)  Aircraft  brake  system  related  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  


In  2011  there  were:  33  emergencies;  one  resulted  in  four  fatalities    
Fourteen  (14)  Landing  gear  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
Eleven  (11)  other  mechanical  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
Five  (5)  Engine  related  emergencies  including  Cessna  210KW  that  crashed  offsite  resulting  in  
four  fatalities.  The  other  four  (4)  engine  related  emergencies  landed  without  incident.  
One  (1)  Electrical  related  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  
One  (1)  Aircraft  brake  system  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  
One  (1)  Smoke  in  cockpit/  aircraft  emergency  that  landed  without  incident    

In  2012  there  were:  32  emergencies;  one  resulted  in  minor  injuries  to  the  pilot  
and  passenger      
Sixteen  (16)  landing  gear  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident  
Seven  (7)  Engine  related  emergencies  including  Beechcraft  Bonanza  N821SM  that  landed  in  a  
field  just  north  of  the  airport  there  were  minor  injuries  to  the  pilot  and  passenger.  The  Other  
Six  (6)  landed  without  incident.  
Four  (4)  Electrical  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
Two  (2)  Smoke  in  cockpit/aircraft  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
One  (1)  Bird  Strike  related  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  
One  (1)  Aircraft  brake  system  emergency  that  landed  without  incident    
One  (  1)  other  mechanical  emergency  that  landed  without  incident  


 In  2013  there  where:    17  emergencies;  there  were  no  injuries    
Five  (5)  Other/  Mechanical  related  emergencies  including  Helicopter  N2056J  that  had  a  hard  
landing  during  flight  training.  The  other  Four  (4)  emergencies  landed  without  incident.    
Five  (5)  Landing  gear  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident.  
Four  (4)  Engine  related  emergencies  including  Lear  Jet  N22LR  experienced  an  engine  fire  while  
on  the  Hangar  “T”  ramp  and  an  AT6  N26862  experienced  an  engine  failure  and  landed  without  
incident.  The  other  two  (2)  landed  without  incident.    
Three  (3)  Electrical  related  emergencies  including  Beechcraft  Barron  N4TB  experienced  an  
electrical  fire  on  the  Hangar  “T”  ramp.  The  other  two  (2)  landed  without  incident.    

In  2014  there  are  to  date:  11  emergencies;  one  incident  resulted  in  fatality      
Four  (4)  Landing  gear  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
Three  (3)  electrical  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident    
Three  (3)  Other/  Mechanical  related  emergencies  all  landed  without  incident  
One  (1)  Bird  Strike  related  emergencies  that  landed  without  incident  

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