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Safeguarding Children & Young People Level 1


This workbook has been compiled jointly between the lead trainers and the Learning and
Development Team for non-clinical staff working in a healthcare setting.

This module explains what the term safeguarding children and young people involves for all staff
working in healthcare settings. You will learn about the different types of child abuse and neglect, as
well as how you might be able to recognise the signs within children and young people.
The course goes on to look at what you should do if you are concerned that a child is being abused
or neglected. It explains the steps you need to take in order to protect them from further harm. It is
important to note that the term “children” means children and young people from birth up to their 18 th
By the end of this workbook you will be able to:
Identify child maltreatment
Discuss your role in safeguarding children and young
Define the main categories of abuse
Recognise common signs of child abuse
Recognise how frequently children are abused
Know what to do if you have concerns that a child is
being abused or neglected or is at risk
Know how to seek guidance and support