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Chinese Element Analysis .pdf

Original filename: Chinese Element Analysis.pdf
Title: Chinese Element Analysis

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Chinese Element Analysis
Birth Data: Ana Ivanovic
Birth Date: July 16, 1979
Birth Hour: 9

Table of Contents
Section 1 -- Year Sign
Section 2 -- Element Mix
Concluding remarks
Appendix: The Chinese Calendar

This unique reading is based on Five Element Theory, one of the oldest ideas used in Chinese astrology and a key
component as well of Chinese philosophy and medicine. The five elements are associated with the five directions (North,
South, East, West and Center) and as such have a 4,000 year history in Chinese thought. In contrast animals have
been used as convenient short hand for designating years but not as integral components of horoscopes until very
modern times. Even today many traditional astrologers do not even mention animals in their readings!
Simply put the theory states that the energy of the universe manifests itself through five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth,
Metal and Water. Ideally there is a roughly equal number of each element in a chart, thus signifying balance and
The reading to follow explains how the elements in your chart reflect your personality. There are two primary
considerations: the number of times each element appears in the chart and their overall balance.
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Your Chinese Astrology Signs:

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Earth Sheep


Metal Sheep


Wood Monkey


Earth Snake

Year Element


Year Element Polarity

Yin (-)

Fixed Element of Year Sign


This reading is based on your Year, Month, Day and Time. If your time is not known, the reading is calculated using only
three variables. From ancient times, the Chinese have believed that certain parameters of your personality were set at
your moment of birth. The Chinese are not strict determinists, however, and do believe people can use the information
in their charts to improve their lives. For example, athletic coaches train their teams to exploit their strengths and to find
ways to compensate for their weaknesses. That's an ideal use of this element reading, as your element balance
highlights these capabilities and vulnerabilities.

Elements in Chinese Astrology
The roots of Chinese astrology go back thousands of years. Needless to say in the course of millennia a number of
different systems have been used.
There are two main types, those that rely on birth data alone, and those that use birth data but rely primarily on
positioning of stars and planets ( Purple Star* astrology). Most use the lunar calendar (see appendix 1 for more info on
the Chinese calendar) which bases its calculations on the cycles of the moon. That is why Chinese New Year falls on a
different date every year. Some Chinese systems use the solar year as does Western astrology. Both, however, make
use of Chinese five element theory.
The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, always being given in that order. It is said to be a productive
cycle, that is Wood produces Fire; Fire Earth; Earth Metal, Metal Water, and Water Wood, thus continuing the cycle. The
occurrence and balance of these elements in a Chinese chart enable the astrologer to tell many things about a person.
Chinese astrologers base their calculations on the moon and its cycles, that is, on the lunar year. Western astrologers
base theirs on the solar year. Thus, Western signs are called sun signs. In Western astrology the month sign, for
example, Leo, is the primary influence, while in Chinese astrology it is the year sign. This is why your year element and
the fixed element of your year sign is given prominence in this reading.
Actually, Chinese astrology has four signs, one for the year, the month, the day and the hour of birth. In texts these are
often referred to as the four pillars. This may sound different, but even here there is a similarity with Western astrology.
That system, for example, also uses hour signs, calling them ascendants.

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There is one more very important thing to know about Chinese astrology. Chinese astrologers are not strict
determinists. In other words they do not believe a person's fate is sealed in stone at the moment of birth. What they do
believe is that a person's time and place of birth set parameters, boundaries within which a person has more or less
freedom. What happens within these boundaries is influenced not only by free will but also by external factors such as
financial status of the family, the culture, and the local economy.
In one way this is just common sense, not unlike what people in the West already believe. If your adult height is five
feet one inch, you're not likely to be a professional basketball player. If your IQ is less than 100, you're not likely to
become a chemical engineer.
There is of course a whole body of Chinese philosophy and culture underlying the precepts and findings of Chinese
astrology. The subject of Chinese studies, as fascinating as it is however, is well beyond the scope of this basic
One point worth mentioning, though, is that balance plays a central role in Chinese thought. Even this idea has
Western counterparts, Aristotle's golden mean for example. In Chinese thought a star athlete who flunks Algebra is still
weak. True strength comes from balance. A strong chart will be balanced in terms of elements. Ideally you will have
about an average amount of each element in your chart. That will give you the widest range of capabilities and the least
*Note: Although it is beyond the scope of this reading, it should be said elements are crucial to preparing a Tzi Wei Dou
Shu (Purple Star) horoscope, the most complicated form of Chinese astrology. One of the five elements is associated
with each chart and determines into which palace (house) to place the various stars. The entire horoscope is dependent
on this placement.

Understanding Your Reading
Your reading consists of two parts. The first looks at the elements of your primary (year) sign. The second considers
your overall element mix, which includes the elements of your secondary (month, day and hour) signs.
1. Year Sign - General information revealing aspects of your personality based on your year sign elements.
Fixed element of your Year (animal) sign
Year sign element
2. Element Mix - Detailed analysis of your particular combination of elements
Overall balance

Each part of this reading contributes valuable information to help you understand yourself. The above index
shows there is more to Chinese astrology than simply saying a person is a Rat or a Snake and making a few
observations. This reading highlights the information you can derive from analyzing the elements in your chart.
An element-focused reading provides a unique perspective that cannot be obtained by considering only animal
signs. As with all readings, however, this one can only outline the parameters of your life. It is ultimately you who
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determines your fortune and your destiny by the decisions you make and how well you use the abilities you
have. Now begin a unique journey of self discovery with the five elements as your guide.

Section 1 -- Year Sign
The Chinese year sign consists of two characters, one designating an element and the other an animal. They are
equally important in compiling and explaining a horoscope. In fact elements actually carry more weight. This is because
each animal sign has a fixed element from which it derives many of its characteristics.

Your year sign is Earth Sheep

Fixed Element
Each of the 12 (animal) year signs is associated with one of four elements, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal, three signs for
each element, Wood with Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon; Fire with Snake, Horse and Sheep; Metal with Monkey, Rooster and
Dog; and Water with Pig, Rat and Ox. Some astrologers, however, also use Earth. For them, Earth goes with Ox,
Dragon, Sheep and Dog.. The other signs have the same correspondences. In fact the Ox, Sheep and Dog are rather,
down-to-earth type signs. The Dragon, however, is the most quixotic of the 12 signs. This reading uses the first
method, which is the one most commonly used.
Since each of the four elements is associated with three very different animal signs, it is not surprising that their
influence is manifest in different ways. Consider Water for example. In the Pig it is exhibited as a go-with-the-flow
approach to life, not unlike Water taking the shape of its container. In the Rat there is mental and physical dexterity.
And, the Ox is fluid in the sense of adjusting to the demands of continually taking on the burdens of others. There are
also similarities among the three signs, for example, an innate ability to develop communications skills.

Your fixed element is Fire
The fixed element Fire manifests itself least typically in gentle, if not timid, yin Sheep-sign people. Its influence, however,
is still there, albeit in rather unexpected ways. Dynamism coupled with decisiveness is one of the primary qualities
associated with Fire. In you that probably shows up in emoting rather than doing. In other words you are likely to be
constantly and often effusively displaying your emotions. If Fire exerts an extreme influence, you could have a problem
with lack of self control. On the positive side, you are probably enthusiastic and vivacious.brbrCharisma and
flamboyance are other traits common to Fire-sign people. You may have an attractive if unassuming personality and to
enjoy a fair amount of popularity. The lady Sheep will have the potential to display a charming femininity, as the Sheep
is associated with the feminine. And, being a yin-sign person, you are likely to be more stylish than flamboyant in your
dress and appearance. You like colorful surroundings and attire, but your tastes probably tend to run towards pastels
rather than gaudy, bright colors.brbrWith Fire there is likely to be a steamy, sensual side to you. Many people may not
realize this about you due to your rather placid exterior.brbrA downside of your dynamism and passion is a tendency to
have a short attention span and a quick temper. In fact an inability to complete what you start could be one of your
major shortcomings. You may be a bit rash, which can result in your occasionally rushing into a situation without having
thought through the consequences. This is most likely to happen as the result of an emotional outburst.brbrAs Fire
spreads until it is actively opposed, you are likely to have above average ambition. This is most likely to manifest as a
desire for a higher lifestyle, perhaps a life of refinement.brbrFire can warm if controlled or burn when not. You do not

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generally harbor grudges or seek revenge like the Snake when you feel you have been wronged, but you may have a
tendency to tell everyone all about your woes, painting a rather unfavorable picture of those people.brbrFire also instills
in you a sense of adventure. As a mild mannered Sheep, this means something different from what most people would
envision. Your excitement is likely to be sojourning relatively close to home, trying something new but not risky, and
attending cultural or other social events.

Year Element
In Chinese astrology each year is designated by an element, which may be positive or negative (yang or yin). Water, for
example, is the year element for 1972 and 1973. The first appearance is always positive (yang) and the second
negative (yin). Positive and negative refer to a preference for initiating action or reacting to circumstance; they are not
value judgments. Yang can be described as active, creative, hot and hard. Yin on the other hand is passive, receptive,
cold and soft.

Your year element - Earth
Your year element is negative Earth. You are likely to be a more charismatic, emotional, and flexible representative of
this element.

Primary Year Element Description
Productive Cycle:
Fire gt; Earth gt; Metal gt; Water gt; Wood gt; Fire brbr Fire enhances Earth, and Earth enhances Metal.

Destructive Cycle:
Wood gt; Earth gt; Water gt; Fire gt; Metal gt; Woodbr Wood weakens Earth, and Earth weakens Water

Subdued (earth tones), regenerative (source of new life)

Associations (secondary):
Body Organs: Spleen and pancreas (primary), Stomach (secondary)br Sensory Organ: Mouthbr Color: Yellowbr Direction:
Centerbr Flavor: Sweetbr Season: Late Summerbr Vocations: Engineering, real estate, constructionbr

The Earth person’s approach to life’s challenges is not unlike that of the tortoise in the fabled race with the hare.
Methodically and inexorably you march towards your goals. Furthermore, you exhibit a great deal of common sense and
practicality along the way.

Positive Traits:
Industrious, logical, practical, realistic, reliable, responsible, stable, unassuming, and unpretentious. brbr The Earth

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element person is above all else practical. You realistically approach daily life thinking about what needs to be done and
the best way to do it. You’re somewhat of a utilitarian, always looking at what use you can make of things. Although not
generally philosophical by nature, you are usually logical in your approach to getting things done, and it shows up in the
methodical way you do them. brbr And, you do get things done. You tend to be industrious and hard working, the nose
to the grindstone type. More often than not you are very responsible and known at work for your reliability. You are the
one likely to be tasked with the most critical projects, especially those of an engineering nature or heavy with staff
work. brbr Recognition may not always come your way thanks to your modest, unassuming nature. Those qualities
together with the stability you provide, however, make you a valued member of any group. You can be as effective at
promoting harmony as the diplomatic Wood element person in your own, quiet way.

Negative Traits:
Boring, humorless, insensitive, plain, plodding, risk-averse, stingy and unimaginative. brbr Earth's strengths turn into
weaknesses in excess. The downside to all that modesty and quietness is that you can come across as plain or boring.
You might even be considered humorless as you focus on all those practical details. brbr Your slow but sure approach
occasionally resembles plodding and reflects a lack of urgency. And, you don't like to take risks, a habit that does slow
your progress. Finally, some might see your earthy style as lacking flair and consider you unimaginative. brbr On
occasion you become ruthlessly direct and coldly impersonal; you created the look. You are opinionated and react
sharply when someone contradicts you. brbr There is another time when you have no use for people---a time when you
become downright reclusive. You have another side, which is prone to melancholy. When you indulge your wistful,
longing feelings, your self-confidence just melts away.
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Section 2 -- Element Mix
The distribution of the 13 elements in your chart has a profound influence on who you are and what you become in life.
From a Chinese astrology perspective the best distribution is one in which no element is in short supply, as is found in a
balanced chart, 3-3-3-2-2.
The number of times each element appears in your chart significantly modifies general sign descriptions. For example,
let's say your sign is the Rat, and the description says Rat people are good communicators. Then let's say your chart
contains no Water, the element associated with communication. This lack of Water means you will be much less
communicative than other Rats. Perhaps you have read you have a gentle sign such as the Sheep. On the other hand,
your chart might show you have an excess of Metal, indicating extreme stubbornness and an aggressive nature. You
will be more like a ram with horns rather than a bleating lamb.





*Note: Since the total number of times an element may appear in this chart is 13, the average strength rating for any
one element is 2.6 (13 divided by 5). Elements that appear three or more times in the chart signify strength, and those
that appear once or not at all signify weakness. Those that appear exactly two times are low average, or neutral.

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Your element mix is 53221, not bad balance. This mix means you have one great strength, possibly to excess, one
moderate strength, and one weakness. Since the strength rating of elements affects your chi (energy/life force) in
the various stages of your life, you will have one very strong, one high and two low average, and one weak period
in your life.
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Wood: You have a low average amount of Wood in your chart. You are probably good-hearted and creative. You may be
able to adapt well to change.
Fire: You have a high average amount of Fire in your chart. You tend to be an active person who is not afraid to act
quickly when you see something you want.
Earth: You have a lot of Earth in your chart, possibly to excess. You are exceptionally determined and not afraid to
strike out in new directions to improve your situation. Given the amount of Earth in your chart you need to guard
against being stubborn to the point of obstinacy and thus lose the exceptional practicality that comes with strong Earth.
Metal: You have a low average amount of Metal in your chart. You may be determined and competitive but not to any
great extent. You could have difficulty finishing what you start.
Water: You have a shortage of Water in your chart. You probably have difficulty with communications skills and are not
particularly suited to travel. Lack of Water also means you are likely to be shy and reserved.

Concluding remarks
People are complex, so it is not surprising that many factors go into making up your chart. You may even have read
some comments that appear to be contradictory. Given the nature of human beings you are likely to display some
behaviors that are consistent and others that will vary depending on the situation, your mood, or some other factor.
Your particular inconsistencies are reflected in your chart.
This reading focused on your elements, an area that is often overlooked or given less attention than is needed for an
accurate picture of that complex entity which is yourself. Although it is not nor tries to be comprehensive, it does provide
valuable information you are not likely to get from other readings.
Now it's up to you to take this information and use it to help you make the most of your life given the parameters that
have been established for you.
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Appendix: The Chinese Calendar
The Chinese calendar differs significantly from the Western calendar.
The primary difference is that the months of the Chinese calendar are directly tied to the phases of the moon. These

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phases, however, do not fit in with the length of the year as measured by the Earth's revolution around the sun.
The Western calendar is fixed in the sense that each New Year begins on solar/Western calendar date January first.
Because the Chinese New Year must correlate with a moon phase, it falls as early as January 22nd and as late as
February 19th on the Western calendar.
This has significant implications for Chinese Astrology. First, however, it's important to understand the primary difference
between Chinese and Western astrology. Chinese astrology focuses on the year sign, and Western astrology focuses
on the month sign (Aquarius, Pisces, etc.).
Chinese astrology does, however, have month signs. This can be confusing because the month signs have the same
name as the year signs. Furthermore, when we say a Chinese sign corresponds to a Western sign, e.g., Ox to
Capricorn, we do not mean the person was born in a Capricorn month. Rather, we mean the person's Chinese year-sign
traits roughly correspond to the traits of that Western sign.
Adding to the confusion is the fact we can't know a person's Western sign simply by knowing the person's Chinese
month sign. For example, a person born on the first day of the seventh month (July 1 in Western terminology) of the
Chinese calendar year 1979 was actually born on August 23rd of the Western calendar. Since July 1st is Cancer and
August 23 is Leo, it's easy to see the confusion.
As with the months, neither do Chinese and Western years match exactly. Thus, even though we might know a
person's Chinese sign, we still cannot be sure of their year of birth. Conversely, if we know a person's year of birth, we
cannot be sure of their Chinese sign.
Let's say someone was born in 1978 (Chinese year of the Horse) on the Western calendar. They would only be the
Horse sign if born after February 6th; since, Chinese New Year was February 7th by the Western calendar. The Chinese
Horse year 1978 actually has the Western calendar dates included in the period February 7, 1978 through January 27,
This is especially important when evaluating compatibility. Signs most compatible with the Horse (Tiger and Dog) are not
nearly so compatible with the Snake, which is the sign of people born in 1978 but earlier than February 7th on the
Western calendar.
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