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MPs Letters
We need people to write to the MP for their UK home address. To find out who this is
and get the email address they need to enter their post code in this search engine:
Suggested text is below but Israelis should also use their own words to describe impact
of rockets on family and friends in Israel:
“Dear [insert name of MP],
I am writing as one of your constituents to express my support for Israel’s right to take
military action to defend its civilians from Hamas terrorist rocket attacks from Gaza.
Israel is engaged in a rightful act of self-defence. It is a taking every step possible to
minimise civilian casualties. The goals are limited and defensive: to safeguard the
civilians of Israel from rocket fire by crippling the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza and to
restore Israel’s deterrent against future attacks.
No state can accept a situation in which its civilians are threatened by rockets fired
indiscriminately against civilian areas. With normal life for Israeli civilians deteriorating
rapidly, Israel has been forced to act.
It is clear that Hamas should not have been allowed to join the Palestinian Authority’s
“Unity Government” as they continue to pursue terrorism rather than peace. The UK and
EU were misguided in welcoming the formation of this government and should now call
for Hamas to be removed from it.
I hope you will use your voice as my MP to show appropriate support for Israel in the
face of terrorism. Please let me know if you agree with my stance on this issue. I would
also ask you to let Foreign Office Ministers know my views.
Yours sincerely”
It would be helpful if we could send a copy of emails sent to MPs to Luke at so he can monitor how many have gone to which MPs.