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GBU Mountain News
August 7, 2014 - LXIX

Next was Cheyenne Meshkoff (18) singing “Strawberry
Wine.” She was followed by Conner Bobbit (13) who did
an amazing Kung Fu routine to the song “Kung Foo
Afterwards Mikaela Kjenaas (15) performed a beautiful
dance to “Midnight”.
Next came Kayla Perry (13) singing “Bring Me To Life”.
Destiny Abreu (19) performed her original song "War".

Lyrics and music astounded the judges and audience as
well and earned her to be awarded with the 1st place.
DJ & Zaria's animated and captivating performance won
the hearts of everybody in the room. They were awarded
2nd place.

DJ & Zaria Kimbrough
Destiny Abreu

Then Elijah Cordova (9) performed the song “Rude” by
Finalizing the competition part was Court Jensen (18)
performing the classic “Twist & Shout”.
At the end my sister, Delaney Peterson sang “Summer in
Ohio” in a most incredible way, and I had the honor to
close the event with the song “Let it Go” (chosen by the
audience) from the Disney hit, “Frozen”.

The four judges (Peter Kjenaas, Crystal Adama, Desirae
Peterson, Jenna Krawczyk) took a minute to decide the
three winners who would take home the $100, $50 and
$25 cash awards.
Destiny Abreu's original song "Wars" touched on the
subject of unattainable beauty standards set by our
modern society and thus, creating wars upon ourselves.

Elijah Cordova

Elijah Cordova's charming and charismatic performance
of "Rude" gave him 3rd place.
“Midnight” won her
the runner-up gift card.
contestants in the
previous Talent Shows
have continued in
Brendan Coyle and
pursued musical careers in teaching in Valencia, CA.
As the organizer and host of the Talent Show I would
like to express my gratitude to each of the fabulous
performers, to the judges, everybody who came, and the
many local businesses that sponsored the event. With
your help we were able to put on this great show and
celebrate the talented youth of our community.
Seventeen-year-old Courtney Ann Peterson of Lebec is
the event coordinator for the Talent Show for the 3rd year
in a row. As many of her siblings, she sings, dances, and
is involved in acting