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“Loving the start with a awesome vibe and acoustic. rapper sounding great as if he could be the next lil Wayne and I would
defiantly listen to more from the artiest. He sounded great his rhymes are smooth. having a great beat to it as well. making
me want cd from these arties. I wound buy it with out any question.”
“I don't normally like this particular sound but there is something about this song that is particularly appealing. I think the
sound quality is balanced and equal. I like that the vocals don't overpower the instrumentals and vica versa. I think the
production quality is amazing. I think the marketability of this song is high. I know my teens would love it. THe lyrics are a
little hard to understand in places but that might just be myself showing my age. My brain often can't keep up with the speed
of the rap.”
“I like the voice of the rapper because he is black ! He is rapping about the true meanings of life !!! This song contains sick
bass and nice tempo which gives me a reminder of how money used to be good until it cause lots of war and other problems .
This rapper must be better then lil Wayne”
“The intro made this song really stand out from the other songs. It made me happy and put me in a good mood because of
the energetic best that the artist produced. The singer's voice goes well with the music and he does a good job with his pitch
and timing. The tempo of this sonf is great and I would even listen to this song in my free time again. This artist is talented
and has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps working hard.”
“Great song, has a good tempo and beat to start up picks up quite quick and makes a feeling of relaxation in which makes me
feel great and happy. There is some techno that I don't really like but in this song it compliments the vocalist voice in which
makes a great song that I enjoy to listen to. The vocalist has an amazing peaceful voice that I absolutely love it makes
listening a treat and makes it quite fun. What I like about this song is how the techno compliments the artist in a way that
creates a fun and peaceful environment and I get a great feeling of relief a stress off my shoulders. This song could be played
anywhere and it would make it relaxing/a party it 's basically the best song for any occasion. Overall I think this song is
amazing it has a feeling of tranquility and inner peace that allows the listener to find themselves deep in their musical hearts
by listening to the amazing lyrics, the awesome tempo, and the extreme beat. I hope you take this review into consideration
as I did and I loved it and I hope to see you guys listening to this song.”
“Cool, old-school club samples are used to complement the relatively boring raps supplied by this MC. Fun, new-agey samples
add an element of advanced electronics to this track. The dimension of the music is impressive, but what the rapper has to
offer is unoriginal. This track would be commercially successful in the mainstream, but there's a lot of underground cred that
is lacking here.”
“This song does not do much for me. I think that there are some really fun sounds though. Vocals are animated and that helps
make these lyrics believable. Ok it picks up and the surge in the dynamics helped big time. Now there are nice big, full sounds.
Melody is pretty half decent. Vocals are excellent. This song is growing on me. Good tempo, just the right intensity in the
tones. Those sound effects are awesome. Nicely arranged. Great harmony. Oh oh oh I like it when it all fell off and just left us
with the beat and the vocals.Sweet.”
“The tempo and intro is hyped up. Vocals and melodies sound important. Lyrics and instruments are recognized. Digital
effects and rhythm sound present and accounted for. If you are going to be in this industry. You have to lower your
“I am loving that beat and those sound effects in the beginning of the song...I like how the artist raps..ohh and I really like
how he dont really curse too much in the song...ohh he curse...lol...but not too much like some other rappers do in their song.”