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“The song is very well written. I love the tempo. The beat is uplifting. The artist was very creative. It makes for a great dance
song. I would love for others to hear the song. I know they would be dancing. I enjoyed listening to it. you can definitly tell
that he enjoys writing music. I think the vocals are very crisp and understandable.”
“Yes, the first instrument was attention getter to start a music. Joining two three instruments together created a good
harmony but really remarkable. It is just a mild rap song, which the lyric and the tone of singer are weak. A normal rap song
that doesn't really stimulate the sense of curiosity among the listeners to follow up on the words and the lyric.”
“The sounds effects at the intro of the track was very clever. The melodic sounds of the piano adds a nice classical touch to
the musical arrangement being presented. The flow of your word play sounds very original. The lyrics are distinctly good and
easy to run along with.”
“I really loved this song, it has a great beat and the lyrics make perfect sense. It 's a really good song and the artist himself
sounds like a really nice person that just wants everyone to relax and have a good day. He rapped along with the beat really
well also.”
“I felt like this was song was made by a world famous producer as everything was well out together! I like how the rapper can
also sing on his track without getting someone else to sing for him. A rapper who can sing too is definitely a bonus which will
help him become known. The lyrics actually make sense! I hope to hear him on MTV sooner or later!”
“Has a reggae feel to this song, which I can relate to. I like the back ground music playing as the flow and beat goes through
out the song. The chorus highlights the song,and the artist skills, and capacity in this mix, Good job !”
“i like the introduction to this song, very energetic and i really like the tone of t he song and that t he voice fits perfectly. this
song really appeals to me as it 's one of my favorite genre”
“The electronic lead-in to the lyrics is absolutely perfect, however, its not original. This lead in has been used before on other
songs, and it becomes the backbeat for the entire song. The rap is good, and I enjoy the lines a fair amount, but they aren't
inspiring or entirely relateable. However, after the drop, things get interesting. I really enjoyed the way the song changed up
tempo after the drop, and the cadence turned much more rap-pop than before, and the background effects to the
accompaniment came through strongly and were well presented. As a result, I really feel like this might do well on the radio
and have decent commercial potential. I would, however, look into making sure the introduction and initial back-beat is truly
unique because I'm not sure where I've heard it before but I know I've heard it before. Either that, or you're a magician and
you're playing exactly what I want to hear! All in all, 8/10 for the enjoyable second half and conclusion of the arrangement!”
“Lyrics has some meaning however the vocals did not work well with the beat of the song. It lacked potential to some
degree. However the beat was very nice, it had some smooth transitions as the song progressed. The presentation of the
song was ok, the recording of the vocals wasn't great.”