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By David Kramer

CHAPTER 1 - Creation

In the beginning, was the end. Our universe was born from the matter of the universe before, and
ended as ours inevitably will, within a black hole, a near infinite mass compressed into a singular point
with gravity so powerful that even like cannot escape. This is the final destination of all things, as all
matter eventually finds its way into a black hole.
Once this ultra massive black hole accumulated nearly all matter from the previous universe, it rested.
However as black holes radiate energy, this eventually became unstable and released all matter, and
anti-matter, in a tremendous Universal explosion, infinitely small and infinitely hot. This was the
creation of our universe.

As the explosion grew, it cooled. For each increment in which the distance of the explosion doubled, the
temperature was reduced by half. Anti-matter rejoin with matter, and much was destroyed. For what
remained, the forces of gravity were formed, split from electromagnetism, followed by the strong and
weak nuclear forces. As it cooled, matter was formed, in particles such as quarks and leptons. As it
cooled further, protons and neutrons formed and joined into nuclei. As the nuclei cooled enough to grab
electrons, the first element was formed.
The majority of the early universe consisted of pure hydrogen gas, and it was dark. These giant clouds
of hydrogen varied in density, and gravity eventually began to compress the denser areas. Hydrogen
compressed and swirled and heated until atoms begin to smash together, losing mass and releasing
energy to create the ignition of the first stars. This was first light.

We know this practice as E=mc^2, or Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. This is the
tremendous hidden energy within all matter. We know this process of smashing atoms as fusion, as seen
within a hydrogen bomb. Not to be confused with fission, the splitting of an atom, as seen in an atomic
bomb. These were the first generation of stars, and they were massive. A star can be imagined as a
continuous hydrogen explosion, held stable by its own gravitational force. However because of this, the
larger a star becomes, the stronger its gravity will be, and the faster it will exhaustive fuel source.

A smaller star such as our own would swell into a red giant after exhausting its hydrogen, unable to fuse
the by-product helium into higher elements, and generally release its outer layers into a beautiful
nebular cloud. Larger stars have the force to fuse helium into even heavier elements, building up further
elements, carbon, neon, oxygen, silicon, until reaching the endothermic element iron. As iron has the

ability to absorb energy, it describes a stars delicate balance between gravity and explosive energy. The
giant star collapses under its own gravity, compressing its core into a new black hole. But the speed at
which a black hole can absorb matter is limited, and after engulfing too much, it suffers a cosmic hiccup,
releasing the remaining energy within the star in a massive cosmic explosion, momentarily releasing
more energy than the life within the entire Star.

This is a supernova, and it has the ability to outshine entire galaxies. The shock wave of a supernova is so
powerful that it is able to use even heavier elements and compress surrounding gas into new stars. This
is the second generation.
Second generation stars are similar and live longer than first, but their story is relatively the same. The
highlight of this era is black holes. The black holes left behind by first generation Stars begin to
accumulate, combine, and grow. They continue to consume stars and gas, growing to masses a hundred
fold of our own star.

The resulting supermassive black holes and gain enough gravitational pull to form the first galaxies.
Always consuming, they continue to engulf further gas, dust, stars, and smaller black holes until they
reach their limit, and burst forth an explosive amount of energy known as a quasar.
A quasar is the brightest light source in the universe. It can be imagined as a prolonged supernova on a
galactic scale. As excess energy is expelled from the poles of the super massive black hole, gas and dust
are pushed away to create a disk shaped spiral galaxy. Once the spiral has stabilized, less matter falls
into the active black hole at galactic center, and the quasar calms down.

As second generation stars exhaust fuel and explode as supernovas, higher elements are fused together
further, and neighboring gas clouds are again compressed to form new stars. This is the third generation
of stars and include our own sun. These stars are again smaller and live longer, but are also the most
likely to form terrestrial planets with the correct balance of light and heavy elements required to sustain
higher forms of life.
As gas and dust swirled and compressed to form our own star, a disc of material was left behind, the
dusty building blocks that would eventually coalesce to form the planets we see in the solar system
today. As gravity pulls smaller dust particles into larger ones, they grow. Initially the size of pedals, they
collect into the size of stones, boulders, and mountains. What begins as trillions of objects becomes
billions, then millions, then thousands.
Small planetoid objects smash together again and again, sometimes growing larger, sometimes
destroying each other in the process. Once the planetoids grow beyond 500 kilometers across, internal
gravity compresses the objects into spiracle shapes, heating the center into a molten core. Heavy
elements sink to the center, lighter elements raised to the crust. This molten metal core is what creates
a planet's electromagnetic field, protecting the planet from solar storms and allowing life to grow.

Eventually our celestial bodies settled into orbits near their current location today. Within the inner
solar system, rocky planets are standard, as left over gas is blown away by solar winds. In the outer solar
system, rocky bodies collect vast amounts of gas, growing into gas giants. But these circumstances alone
were not enough to produce be intelligent life we see today.
Our inner solar system initially consisted of at least five proto planets, not the four we see today. Our
own earth shared its orbit with another planet, and the two inevitably collided. The collision occurred
not head on, but slightly angled, allowing our planet to survive while the other was destroyed.

The Earth's crust was ejected into space, while the proto planets molten core merged with our own. This
important incident resulted in three attributes which separate the earth as a planet hospitable for life.
The first was a thin crust, allowing plate tectonics to move the continents through various climates and
continuously changing the landscape. The second was a larger core, which provides us with a stronger
electro-magnetic field to protect the Earth from solar radiation. The third was our moon.
Our moon formed from the leftover material from the earth's crust ejected into orbit. As it coalesced, it
formed so large that we are technically a double planet system. As a result, the tilt of our planet has
been stabilized, allowing us a predictable and stable environment. But it also created title forces which
were vital to our evolution onto land.

As the earth cooled, comets and asteroids delivered water and trace heavy metals, as well as amino
acids used to spark cellular life. Slowly, multicellular life begin to thrive in our oceans. At this point in
time, the moon was much closer than it is today. And tidal forces were much stronger. The difference
between high and low tides could be as much as a thousand miles along the coast, leaving millions of
pools at low tide, teeming with life. It was in these pools we developed the evolutionary advantage is
that allowed us to step out of the water, and onto land.

Across the universe, stars are grouped together in galaxies, and galaxy clusters, and super clusters,
creating a web, containing many similarities to our own brains neural network. There are often strange
commonalities between the very large and small. Perhaps our universe is alive, a single living
consciousness, a universal brain. With stars acting as atoms and planets as electrons. There has been
much debate on why the universe is expanding, but much less confusion if it is instead imagined as
growing. Perhaps our individual consciousness is a stone piece of the universal collective, and perhaps
just as we live within a larger universal brain, there is a smaller universe within every one of us. A fractal
universe. We are all part of a bigger, and smaller, system.

CHAPTER 2 - Rebirth

Life is the most precious item in our universe. Weather in a human or animal, the living soul is our most
valuable product. It is the purpose for the universe itself, for either there is only a single universe

designed perfectly for our existence, or there exists a multiverse, each with different physical properties,
with ours being the one to produce life capable of asking, “Why are we here?”
We exist to love. To feel, happiness, and pain, sorrow, and joy. We exist to wage war and make peace, to
find value in our lives and share ideas with others. To help and protect, to panic and flee. We exist to
feel, in the entirety of the emotional spectrum. That is life.

And yet our time in this world is finite. We age, we become sick, and we pass on to the next. But if is this
lack of immortality that makes every moment so precious. We touch upon lives and create lasting bonds
with those whom we can age alongside, knowing that eventually these precious moments must end.
It is the nature of life that it must come to an end. However, the end of the physical body does not mean
the end of the Spirit. All life is connected, to be rejoined after the loss of physical form. We exist then as
a single grand collective consciousness, without individuality or form. We are everything, know
everything, but at a price. We cannot appreciate emotion in this form, because we feel everything, all at
once, not distinguishing between.

Death is not the end, only a critical step towards rebirth. In life we know nothing, but feel everything.
Upon rejoining the collective consciousness we hold all knowledge, but cannot truly feel. Rebirth is the
choice to forget and feel once again. Our spirit never dies but is endlessly reborn.
However, time is not always as we perceive it, and our lives are not required to progress in chronological
order. From your perspective, your next life may be in the past, your previous life may have been in the
future. It is likely that your timelines would overlap, that you may meet yourself in a previous or future
life and likely never realize. However, what if you did?

How would you treat yourself if you looked into your own eyes? Would you treat yourself differently
than you do others? Would you be more likely to show yourself respect, compassion, and
understanding, knowing that these actions will come back to you from a different perspective? Would
you be more hesitant to judge yourself, knowing you share the same spirit, and that the only difference
between you are physical form and environmental experience?
Though we may be able to choose our next life, rebirth is more likely a factor of random chance. This
would imply that the actions we take in this lifetime hold no weight on the future we take in the next,
but this does not mean our choices are without consequence.

We are all a peace of a shared universal spirit, endlessly reborn throughout time. If this is true, then
there are only two possibilities to explain our existence. One is that we all exist simultaneously
throughout time, and everyone is your spiritual brother or sister.
The other possibility is there is only one spirit, and everyone is you. You have or will live as everyone in
existence; the good and the bad, kings and servants, parents and children, lovers and neighbors,

enemies and friends. We are first and foremost a product of the environment around us. Positivity
breeds positivity, just as negativity breeds negativity. Rather than judge others, try to understand. In
quite literal terms, treat others as you treat yourself. Better yet, treat others as they wish to be treated.

There is a moment, between life and death, in which the spirit remains in the body after consciousness
is lost. Brain cells continue to fire post mortem. All sensory input ceases and the Spirit may feel lost and
afraid. However, emotional presents can still be detected. The Spirit may be comforted during the
transition into the afterlife.
Do not fear death, except in the practice of appreciating life, live to the fullest. Take risks. Hope and
dream and fail and fail again. Learn from everything you do. Touch the lives of others. And when your
time comes, no you will be remembered. Because you are loved. Because you are appreciated. And
most of all, because you are important.

CHAPTER 3 - Time

Time is the process in which events can be ordered from the past through the present and into the
future, but in this concept is an illusion. Time exists as a single grand event, broken into ordered
sequence our consciousness can understand. We are born, live, and died in the same moment. The
universe is created just as it ceases to be. But within this ocean of time are individual moments, none
more special than any other. We live within this sequence of past through the present into the future
because of its importance. Yet we can in the present be aware of the future, as well as influence the

The first dimension is a line, connecting any two points. It may reference physical points, such as
distance, or theoretical, such as points along the time stream. The second dimension is a flat plane.
Consider a picture with in an empty room. As your position changes in relation to the picture, the image
remains the same, constant, fixed.
The third dimension is physical shape. Consider know a person within an empty room. As your position
in relation to this person changes, the image from your given perspective changes as well. The structure
of your subject becomes apparent, the visible curves, hills, and valleys. Word the lighting in the room to
change, shadows would change as well.
The fourth dimension is the passage of time. Imagine again a person standing in an empty room.
However this time, as your position in the room changes, the visible age of the subject changes as well.
As you step left, the person grows younger. As you step right, they grow older. This is the passage of
time in this case, the entire lifetime of the subject exists at a single fixed physical point, while you are
able to perceive their past and future simultaneously.
As time exists as a single event, organized chronologically by our consciousness, it is possible that past
and future events may propose into our present mind, particularly those of strong emotional intensity.

Were an event from the past to slip into the future, it would appear as a strong and sudden memory, as
if only occurring recently. However were an event to slip into the past, it would be in sight of a future
event. These events may go unnoticed, but can be distinguished through elements of reality that seem
stronger than pure imagination, as if recalling a memory that has never occurred.
However, the future remains in flux and can be changed, existing as fluttering probabilities within time.
To see potential future is to see into the fifth dimension. Although there do exist fixed points within
time, events which must happen, will always happen, have always happened.

CHAPTER 4 - Fate

There are strong patterns which exist in the universe, a beautiful form of mathematical art. From
patterns found within nature to patterns within our schedules of evolution. Some events in our universe
are not based solely on random chance. Some events must be pre-determined, requiring initiating
factors to bring them to fruition. This is the reverse of cause and effect, in which the predetermined
event will manipulate and guide the cause required.
One such example can be seen with in quantum mechanics, in which particles are not required to take a
single direct path from point A to point B but instead take every possible path simultaneously.

So long as one path is successful, so is the journey. Each of these possible futures can be seen as
creating a potential parallel universe.
Our own lives play out in this same way. Even when we make a few wrong choices, take a few wrong
turns, we may still end at the same final destination. Should we divert completely from the path of our
intended order, are dominant consciousness may leap from one universe to another without our
Free well as it exists in these terms could be partially considered an illusion. Our lives play out as “a
choose your own” novel. We choose our future, but only act out the pages in between.

These predetermined paths of which we have little control would be considered fate. It is only at the
opportunity created by these ordered events that we find the true ability to exercise free will.
Fate is a river that delivers us to Choice. No matter our position in the river, we flow along the same
path. Choice is the fork in the river, a conscious decision which determines our future. The key is to
acknowledge and face your choice when it arrives. Trust your intuition.
You may be considering an important decision just as future versions of yourself are facing the various
consequences. It is likely that future versions of yourself are sending subconscious clues back into the

One example of sending a message back into the past is dwelling on a poor decision. Far from something
to avoid, dwelling sends an emotional ripple into the past as instinct. Although you cannot change a past
decision, take note of the instinct you feel previous to the bad decision you do well on. The next time
you feel this instinct, act upon it. This is the effect of changing your own future. Belief in success can also
raise the likelihood of a successful future. And fear of failure can cause failure to happen period your
expectation of the future influences your potential. Reach for greatness and hope for the best, for
yourself, and for all you care for. You build your universe in your image.

CHAPTER 5 – Telepathy

We exist within the illusion of separated individuality, but we are all connected through a spiritual
network. The spiritual network is a connection between every living being, and on a whole is generally
week and inactive. Through the strengthening of individual emotional bonds, these connections will
become stronger, and eventually create an active telepathic network. All living creatures are more
intelligent than we realize. It is an art that has been lost in modern times, but the truth is not every
thought you have originates from within your own head. A particular thought may reach itself into your
consciousness without your knowledge and seem as genuine as your own.

Similarly, powerful thoughts of your own may leak into the minds of those around you. The stronger the
bond between two given individuals, the stronger the spiritual connection between them will be.
However, the connection described here within the spiritual network is not a reference to mind reading
as some may imagine, but rather is the concept of mind synchronization. Two minds working in tandem
sharing thoughts and ideas, and though one may hold a degree of dominance in the process, the effect
is that of a collaboration.

Once thoughts can be shared among a spiritual network, collective learning becomes possible. One
individual may learn a given subject, while a second acquires the same knowledge without learning
directly. Or two individuals each with incomplete knowledge of a specific problem may be able to
mentally assemble a collaborated solution.
This is the concept of a shared mind, and is a valuable step in intellectual evolution. Individuals within a
shared mind do not lose individuality, but gain a shared sense of understanding and coordination. The
spiritual network is strongest in a clear and creative mind, and weakens as the mind becomes clouded
and introverted. Meditation can help clear the mind, and building inter personal connections keeps the
spiritual network active.

The range of connections within the spiritual network is potentially limitless, depending on the bond
between given individuals, and is most powerful during a strong emotional response. Direction also
plays a role in the strength of spiritual connections, stronger while head on, and restricted when backs
are turned. The number of spiritual connections one has may also influenced the potential strength of
an individual connection.
Spiritual ability is not restricted to some, but is accessible to all. While the sharing of thoughts along the
spiritual network can be considered mysterious in nature, the sharing and influence of emotions among
individuals is much more common. Those who practice see clear results.

CHAPTER 6 - Empathy

The heart generates a powerful electro-magnetic field which permeates every cell in the body. This
electromagnetic field fluctuates in concurrence with fluctuations in emotion, and in doing so encodes
emotional information. All life projects emotion subconsciously through the use of this heart filled.
When you allow your own heart filled to synchronize with the heart filled of someone else, you gain a
sense of sympathy, you feel, as they feel.
As with any muscle, the heart field strengthens with exercise, and weakens when ignored. Those who
consciously synchronize fields are able to better understand those around them through emotion.

Empathy creates a strong sense of compassion in those who practice. Those who are able to feel pain in
the hearts of others are more likely to try to ease such pain, and are less likely to desire adding to it.
The first step to controlling empathic nature is to be able to distinguish between incoming emotions
and your own. Detecting incoming emotions can be accomplished by recognizing sudden emotional
reactions in your own heart without the coupling of any corresponding initial stimulus. This is the effect
of your own emotions becoming overpowered by someone around you. The stronger an emotional
reaction is, the stronger the heart field projection will be as well.

If you desire control of your empathic nature, avoid shutting out incoming emotions entirely. With
control you will be able to strengthen your own emotions, and be able to push back against incoming
emotions, while avoiding any influence to your emotional state. Through practice an understanding of
empathic nature and the heart field, you will not only be able to detect a specific emotion and its
source, but be able to project stabilizing emotions of your own. To stabilize the emotion of another,
such as to calm someone down, you must first allow their incoming emotion into your heart, and not
immediately push it away. Analyze and understand the complexity of the incoming emotion, & when
possible attempt to understand the motive or stimulus behind what they feel.

Hold the desired emotion you wish to use as stabilizer in your heart, such as joy, forgiveness, hope, and
project a gradual transition between emotions, as if to guide them through the desired emotional
transition process. Were you to only project a direct competing emotion rather than a gradual
transition, it is unlikely to produce the desired result. It is not enough to call someone across an
emotional state. You must join them first and then walk back together. It is important to truly
understand the depth of one's emotions before you can help them. If possible, imagine something they
would associate with the emotion you wish to project.

The effective range of empathic nature is determined by the strength and sensitivity of the heart field.
The effect increases as physical proximity decreases, with maximum efficiency during physical contact.
Intensity is for the amplified between individuals with close emotional bonds.
The heart and mind can be fully activated alone, but as we become clouded we lose sight of the extent
of our spiritual abilities. There are medicinal enhancements which allow us to temporarily activate these
dormant abilities, however any natural supplements are only a substitute and bring along their own
consequences. These enhancements can be a valuable mind opening tool, but do not replace the
requirement for hard work and practice.

One of the best ways to understanding emotion is to study body language. As emotion is a language in
itself, it can be difficult to distinguish and translate specific emotions into something we can understand.
By pairing empathic nature with body language, we can relate what we feel to an existing emotion we
already understand, making that emotion easier to distinguish in the future.

Although it can be difficult at times, the detection of emotion, even negative emotion, is a blessing. It
connects you with others and brings an indescribable level of understanding. Practice opening yourself
up to all incoming emotions. Shutting our emotions creates a mental barrier and numbs empathic

CHAPTER 7 - Behavior

Humanity has a tendency to rise to its expectations. Treat someone as intelligent and independent, and
they will work to care for themselves. Treat someone as incompetent and dependent, and they will
continue to require assistance. Give someone freedom with the expectation of restraint, and they will
learn self control. Take away that freedom, and they will break the rules in a form of self expression, but
not exercise restraint, and push their actions to the limit. We show our true colors in the face of
freedom, but desire to rebuild under the force of control. Guide through your actions, have faith in
those you trust, and encourage self expression.

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