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Imperial Settlers: Player Aid
Goal: Build an empire to have the most points at the end of Round 5!
Start of Game: Place player mat in the center of each player’s playing field.
Place score trackers on the scoreboard at 0, and lay out all necessary
tokens. Select First Player. Each player draws 2 cards from their Faction
deck and 2 cards from the Common deck.
Turn Flow: The turn is divided into four phases.

Lookout Phase: Players receive cards.
Production Phase: Players receive goods for the turn.
Action Phase: Players take actions. This is most of the turn.
Cleanup Phase: Players clear their boards.

Summary of Actions
Build Location: Building a location involves paying its cost, shown at topleft. When you build a building, immediately gain any Building Bonus or
When You Build listed on the card, as well as any Production shown on the
card. Cards also include themselves for their abilities (see quick reference).
Many Faction locations have a location cost. To pay that cost, discard a
built location or foundation. All buildings provide points at end of game
equal to the stars on their right side – 1 for Common, 2 for Faction.
Reminder: 1 gold can be spent as 1 food, wood, or stone for any purpose.
Make a Deal: Spend 1 food to Make a Deal with one location with a Deal
banner on the bottom (a Faction location). To Make a Deal, place the card
under your board above the blue Deals area and immediately gain the good
given to you by your deal. You will also gain it each Production Phase.

Lookout Phase: First, all players draw 1 card from their Faction deck. If
playing with the Peaceful Variant, also draw 1 card from the Common deck.
Then, deal cards faceup equal to the number of players plus 1. Players pick
1 card, from first player to last player. Discard the last card. Repeat this
process, this time going from last player to first player. Again, discard the
last card.

Raze Location: Any location with a raze banner (at top-right) may be razed
to immediately gain the benefit shown at top-right. Razing a location from
hand is done by spending one raze token and discarding the card, then
immediately gaining the listed reward. Razing an enemy location requires
two raze tokens, but can target any built, razeable location on the board.
When a player’s location is razed, the card is flipped over into a foundation
and that player gains 1 wood.

Production Phase: Add resources, gold, raze tokens, defense markers, and
workers to your board equal to your production. This includes your basic
production, all your production buildings, and all of your Deals. You may also
produce victory points or cards – if you produce cards, choose which deck to
draw from one at a time. On the first turn, each player will produce only their
basic production.

Activate an Action Location: To activate a location, place its activation
cost in workers and goods on the card and resolve its effect. Only locations
with Action: in their ability description may be activated, and only once per
round. If a location does not have any activation cost, consider placing 1
worker from the general supply onto it to show it has been activated.

Action Phase: Each time it is your turn, you may take one action or pass. If
the action can be used multiple times (Exchange Workers or a Twice per
Round location), resolve it as many times as you want. Once you have
passed, you can no longer be targeted by other player’s abilities. This phase
ends when all players have passed. See next page for details.
Cleanup Phase: Remove all un-stored resources, gold, workers, raze
tokens, and defense tokens from your board and locations. They will reset
during the next Production Phase.

Exchange Workers: This is the most basic action. Spend 2 workers to gain
1 food, wood, stone, or card from either deck. This may be used as many
times as you like per action spent (so 4 workers for 1 stone and 1 wood is a
legal action).
Defense Marker: Place on one of your locations at any time during your turn.
The location with your Defense Marker on it costs 1 more to raze.
Deploy Samurai (Japanese): At any time during your turn, deploy a worker
as a Samurai on a razeable Japanese location that does not already have
one. A Samurai increases the cost to raze that location by 1. Samurai are
not removed during the Cleanup Phase.

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