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K-10 Copter
9” 3.5 channel, gyro,and alloy frame. Top seller!
Includes USB charger. Three colors assorted, blue,
green, and red.

9.5” Two Channel Infrared Control
Up/Down; Left/Right. Comes in two colors
assorted: Blue, and Red. Flying time: About eight
minutes, charging time about 30 minutes.

K-5 Copter
2.4 gig, 3 channel with gyro. Top seller! Two colors
assorted, Black and white.

case of 18
6 or more

12 or more


12” Mini EP777 Racing Boat
Dual Engine, remote control, power speed boat. It
simulates the true style, look & feel.  
Ready-to-run. Set Includes: Pistol grip
transmitter, 9v battery for transmitter, AC Battery
Charger, Rechargeable battery Pack, and display
stand. -Product dimensions: 12”(L) x 5”(W) x 3.5”(H)
Age 6 +. Assorted colors- yellow, red, and white.
#B75 Assorted colors- yellow, red, and white.

Min. 3 pcs.