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The Love of American Pit
bulls: How to Deal with

FreeDigitalPhotos.net by: tiverylucky

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The material in this FREE report cannot be sold. You may
share it with anyone.
Any and all material in this report is strictly for the use of
your own knowledge. This is not intended to take the place
of professional advice.
If you have an aggression problem with your dog, please
seek a professional for PROFESSIONAL advice.

Want to know deeper secrets to training your Pit bull that could
not be included in this report? Click here to find out!

Tips Before Becoming a Dog Owner
This first piece of advice I give every potential dog owner is really think about
what type of dog suits your life style. Are you a very active person and always on
the go, or do you have a medium energy level, or even low energy level. Those
are the first things to consider when picking out a dog.
In the past, people always got a dog not realizing how much it takes to care for
one. They pick one because the dog is cute and jumps all over them and licks
them. They think the dog loves them and that is how they make their decisions.
The best thing to do is think about your lifestyle and if you have an active
lifestyle and like the outdoors, you can get a higher energy dog. If your lifestyle
is in between very active and laid back, then a medium energy dog will be better
for you. The same goes for the very laid back type of lifestyle; get a dog with a
lower energy level. Remember always match the energy level of the dog with
your level of energy.
If you already have a dog did not pick them based on your energy level, it’s okay.
You may not have heard this advice from above and that is okay. But before you
pull your hair out because the dog acts in ways you were not expecting, please
know that there are things that can be done to help.

If You Have an Aggressive Dog
Many times you will hear about dog aggression, either on the news or even from
your own neighborhood. Most of the time, the aggressive behavior is said to be
from the American Pitt Bull. As this type of breed stems back in the 1830’s where
they were used in blood sports similar to cock fighting. This was eventually
outlawed, but they gained a bad reputation from it.
An aggressive Pitt Bull can be a very serious problem if it is not dealt with
properly. There are laws that say if a dog bites or attacks someone, the dog’s
owner is responsible and the dog can be put down. For this reason, if you
consider owning a Pitt Bull, then you should definitely invest the time and energy
into training one properly.

How to Tell if a Dog is Being Aggressive
There have been times that dogs have bitten people, but does this mean they
are aggressive? Sometimes certain breeds are particular to the humans that care
after them, so they may bite if they feel their “pack” is under attack. So how can
you tell if the dog is just being protective or aggressive? An aggressive dog does

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not be included in this report? Click here to find out!

not just bite. They bark, lunge, and if they get the chance, they will attack.
Just like people, dogs have a body language that you need to learn. I am sure
you know some of that language: for instance, the tail between the legs means
scared. But can you tell when a dog is about to attack? Many people who have
been attacked say that it was unprovoked, but in reality, we are just not trained
to see the signs of the attack before it happens. Dogs are not untruthful, and
cannot pathologically lie about anything. They do give off signals of their mental
state before they take action upon it. Those signals are very quick before they
follow through, so we need to learn what to look for and watch our dog very
closely for these signs. When you learn the signs, it will be easier to train and
stop that behavior in its tracks.

A Couple Reasons Your Dog May be Aggressive
There are many different reasons why a Pit Bull terrier may become aggressive.
Here are a couple of the most common that I see:
Here are some common reasons your dog may be aggressive:

Your dog may feel that his territory is being invaded
Your dog may feel threatened
If you are not the first owner, the dog may have been mistreated
The dog may have been in fights with other dogs in the past
Have a lack of confidence
May feel insecure

Please consider all these possibilities before labeling a dog as a problem. I have
run into so many Pitt Bull owners who are devastated that people come up to
them and heckle them because they have a Pitt Bull. Don’t listen to all the
“talking heads” when it comes to what they say about this breed. Remember, the
media always reports the negative first, and that is what people tend to believe
So what do you do when a dog does exhibit aggressive behavior? Basic training
may not be enough, but it can help. Start with the basics of “come”, “sit”, and
“stay.” Next, consider researching all the tips and advice online about ways to
stop aggressive behavior. Never think that a dog cannot be rehabilitated. If you
do need further help, search for a professional trainer who specializes in
aggressive dog behavior.
After you have gained some control over your dog, remember, that does not
mean the aggressive behavior will stop instantly. So if you notice your dog acting
aggressive in anyway and the basic commands are not working enough, then

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not be included in this report? Click here to find out!

this is when you should call a professional. Most people give up at this point and
send their beloved pooch to an animal shelter. Most people just do not want to
take the time to work with their dog. They think the easy way out is to send
them off and let them become “someone else’s problem.” This is very harsh and
may also be another contributing factor to a dog’s aggression problems.
Think about it. After you give that dog to a shelter, they have to keep it in a pen
where they can only give it as much attention as they give the other dogs. Most
of the time a dog is euthanized if they cannot help it or find it a forever home.

If you Love your Dog, Take them to Training Classes
Don’t just go to any classes. Do your research first. If you are not sure and don’t
want to waste your time looking for good training course, ask for
recommendations. You can ask your vet, local animal shelter, and always ask
those recommended facilities what methods they use. You don’t want to go to a
training class only to find out they do not use positive reinforcement. That will
not remedy the situation.
So what are some of the things you need to look for in a training school for
dogs? Here are some suggestions (not to be taken as professional advice):
Positive reinforcement techniques such as
- Praise
- Food
- Attention
Training techniques should never include:
- Yelling
- Choking
- Grabbing the scruff
- Shaking etc.

Being a Responsible Pitt Bull Owner
Aggressive Pitt Bulls can halter the relationship you have with the dog. They can
hurt your relationships with other people, so please consider doing anything you
can to alleviate the problem that the dog has (if any). It is best that you never
hear of a problem from your dog than to risk the chances of having to euthanize
your best friend.
I want to congratulate you for taking the time to read this free report. It shows
that you really care about the welfare of your dog and the safety and welfare of
other people. Together, you and other Pit Bull owners can take action and help
give the Pitt Bull a better reputation. Remember, people do judge books by their

Want to know deeper secrets to training your Pit bull that could
not be included in this report? Click here to find out!

cover and they will always listen to the negative first. So don’t be too surprised
that someone walking down the street will have their opinions about this breed.

Author’s Notes:
I love all dogs. From large to small, high energy to low energy, but something
makes me sad. It is when I hear about another dog being given up. Don’t feel
that you are terrible for giving up your dog. But if you do, make sure that you
find a loving home for it.
I can’t tell you how many times I hear the stories about another dog attack.
Usually, it is from the American Pitt Bull. Remember their history: they were bred
to be fighting dogs, so naturally people will get them because they are strong
and tend to be more aggressive. But a dog has to learn this behavior. In order to
prevent this behavior, always find a dog that matches your energy level and
always use positive reinforcement. Use food, praise, and always be loving, and
socialize them from the start.
The best way to prevent behavior problems is to get the right dog for your
lifestyle. To find out more, do some research about different breeds first and
always ask for advice.

Want to know deeper secrets to training your Pit bull that could
not be included in this report? Click here to find out!

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