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GBU Mountain News

GBU Mountain News

September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

independent - unbiased – professional
September 18, 2014 – LXXIII

Young Bear Shot in PMC
- What really happened -


GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

No Cover Up at all
by Gunnar J Kuepper
On Friday, September 5, 2014 at 12:24 a.m. Kern County
Sheriff's Office received a call of a bear being shot by a
man with a rifle in Pine Mountain Club. Not knowing the
exact details and circumstances of the incident two
Sheriff's deputies from the Frazier Park station and
Sergeant Mark Brown drove to the scene on Linden
Drive near the Water- and Cellphone towers.
The author of this report (Gunnar J Kuepper) arrived at
the scene simultaneously with Sheriff’s Sergeant Mark
Brown. Near the address 1302 Linden Drive the deputies
were met by the local Law Enforcement Officer for the
Los Padres National Forest, Brian St. Clair, as well as a
Warden with the California Department of Fish and
Wildlife. Both were out in the Mount Pinos Forest to
investigate potential traps and poachers in that area.
During their investigation these two officers were
approached by a two to three year old bear near the
property of 1302 Linden Drive. The bear came as close
as less than twenty yards. The wildlife officers tried to
frighten and chase the bear away, to no avail. They then
started to walk away but were consistently followed by
the bear. The warden then decided to shot the animal due
to its aggressive behavior.
It is important to note that both law enforcement officers,
the Fish and Wildlife Warden as well as the Los Padres
National Forest Officer, were visible upset about the
need to take the life of the bear.
Sheriff's Deputies secured and investigated the scene,
and then helped to load the remains of the bear in the
Warden's pick-up truck for further processing.
Feeding a bear means killing a bear
This unfortunate episode highlights the need for people
NOT TO FEED any bears.
Once a bear becomes used to food provided by humans
the bear loses its natural fear for humans, and becomes
subject to termination. The California Department of Fish
& Wildlife warns on its Website:
When wild animals are allowed to feed on human food
and garbage, they lose their natural ways – often
resulting in death for the animal.

“No Cover-Up” and “No Big Questions”
The five law enforcement officers, the residents of 1302
Linden Drive, the author of this story, and the editor of a
local tabloid were at the site.
The story that was published in that local tabloid, which
under the current ownership is certainly not “the voice of

the Mountain Communities” is in many parts contrary to
what I, the author of the article, saw and experienced.
Quote from the local tabloid: “A California Department
of Fish and Wildlife warden shot a young bear…, then
appeared to try to hide it from the newspaper reporter at
the scene.”
None of the law enforcement officers tried to hide
anything from anybody or the present News Media,
neither the facts nor the dead bear. The News Media,
with me from the GBU Mountain News and the editor of
that local tabloid, were not hindered by authorities in any
way, shape or form to gather information, or to
photograph the situation.
Only the resident of 1302 Linden Drive, John Croxton,
asked the News Media not to go far onto his property
(the place of the shooting and the dead bear were on Los
Padres National Forest Land).
Another quote from the local tabloid: “It appeared to
observers that the cover was to shield the animal from
being seen by this reporter.”
I am not sure which observers that local tabloid is
referring to, but, again, none of the officials hindered any
“reporter” from taking pictures or seeing the dead bear. It
was very clear for me that everybody, including the
forest officers, were unhappy that the life of a young bear
had to be taken. They simply intended to cover the bear
to give the animal some dignity. Also the people would
certainly be upset if the body of a dead bear is
transported without any cover in the open trunk of an
official pick-up truck.
All in all, there was nothing suspicious, no cover-up, and
nothing hidden, as insinuated by the local tabloid, in this
unfortunate event. The faces of both wildlife officers
expressed clearly the stress, displeasure, and sadness
about having to take the live of a young bear. These two
wildlife officers were out in the first place to find
poachers and traps that harm wildlife!
What about the Croxton statements?
John Croxton, a resident at 1302 Linden Drive, spoke at
the scene with Kern County Sheriff Sergeant Mark
Brown and the author. He did not come across as a
credible witness to me. His statements about the shooting
were inconsistent at best.
John Croxton also volunteered information about his
DUI arrest and conviction, which did not add much to his
credibility or his fondness towards law enforcement.
Last, but not least, there are indications that the residents
of that house on Linden Drive had continuously provided
food to a variety of bears. They have apparently been
warned by wildlife authorities prior to this incident. A


GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

photo in the local tabloid shows 11-year-old Brandon
Croxton holding a photo of a bear, very similar to
holding a photo of a pet. Maybe these residents did not
understand or realize that the cute looking bears in the
forest are not Teddy-Bears. They are wild animals, and
they deserve to be treated as wild animals. By feeding
those bears, particularly the young one’s, the bears lose
their natural fear of humans. This certainly has led to the
demise of the bear that had to be shot by the Fish and
Wildlife Warden.

The Aftermath
Even more unfortunately the story does not end here.
Following the article in the local tabloid, anonymous hate
letters have been received by the Ranger Station.
An online petition titled "Demand an end to the murder
of our black bears" targeting the US Forest Service and
the CA Department of Fish & Wildlife (Los Padres
National Forest/Kern Co, CA) has been created.

This flyer (obviously distributed throughout the Mountain Communities)
is disgraceful and an embarrassment and shameful
for the entire community

GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

But, also quite interesting, a demeaning flyer has been
distributed all over the mountain communities. Those
derogative leaflets are certainly anonymously, but the last
sentence on the flyer says: “see the full story as reported
in Thursday’s Mountain Enterprise.” Where did I read
this expression before numerous times? Yes, the
Mountain Enterprise always uses the phrase: “see full
stories with photos, please go to The Mountain

In the aftermath of the shooting the wildlife officers
were visible distraught, stressed, and saddened

Gunnar’s Viewpoint
I have been around law enforcement agencies and
officers for a long time and in a variety of environments.
There is no doubt that we have some of the most polite,
community-oriented, and respectful law enforcement
officers in the Frazier Mountain Communities. That
includes all three Sheriff’s Departments (Kern, Ventura,
Los Angeles), the Fort Tejon CHP, the Hungry Valley
State Park Rangers, and certainly Brian St Clair with the
Los Padres National Forest.
The bashing and attacking of those individuals that are
here to keep the peace and to protect us from threats is an
embarrassment for the entire community.
I do understand why the editor of the local tabloid has the
need to harass others and sensationalize small events.
What I do not understand is the fact that this divisiveness
is continuously supported by a variety of local businesses
and realtors, as well as other groups, including religious
institutions and even a school. That is simply beyond me.


GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII


GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

1. Young Bear shot in Pine Mountain Club – What
really happened by Gunnar J Kuepper
2. All Things Local
 Important Phone Numbers
 Upcoming Events
 Fire on top of Frazier Mountain
 Class Action Suit & Recalls involving Subaru
 Serious Truck Accident on Interstate 5 – long
wait for the ambulance
 Always STOP when a School Bus is flashing its
Red Lights by KCSO Sergeant Mark Brown,
Frazier Park
 School Bus Evacuation Drill at the Frazier Park
Elementary School
 Frazier Park Elementary School Principal’s
Report to the Board of Trustees on September
11, 2014
 Permanent Medication Collection Box installed
in Frazier Park
 Public Transportation in the Frazier Park Area
 Shelter on the Hill’s Annual Wine & Cheese
Fundraiser by Candace Husky
3. All Things Regional
 How You Can Get Involved: Youth Suicide
Prevention Awareness
4. All Things Global
 Current Threats to World Peace & Global
o Russian - Ukrainian Crisis
o ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)
o Israel - Palestine Conflict
o Socioeconomic & Political Consequences of
Global Climate Changes
o 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
o Known Unknowns
o Unknown Unknowns
5. People
6. Law Enforcement Corner
 Kern County Sheriff’s Office – Frazier Park
Incident Log August 28 – September 9
 Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD)





California Highway Patrol
Bakersfield Police Department (BPD)
Governor Brown and Attorney General Harris
Honor 14 Police Officers with Public Safety
Officer Medal of Valor Awards
Cooking & Food
 Honey Cake (Honigkuchen)
Animals Matter
 Bandit – Available for adoption at the Shelter on
the Hill in Lebec
 Video(s) of the week
Our Library
Incidents & Accidents - Homicides, Arrests, Traffic
Accidents, Fires & Rescues throughout Kern County
Arts – Music – Theatre
 First Opportunity for a Mural in Frazier Park
Business Affairs
Nature, Science & Technology
 Frazier Park Weather Forecast
Kern County
 Board of Supervisors Meetings
 Board of Supervisors appoints three interim
directors to permanent Department Heads
Safety & Disaster Preparedness
Media Affairs
 Gossip or Journalism? by Gunnar J Kuepper
Legislative Affairs
 Governor Brown Issues Legislative Update
Where to Go – What to Do
Health & Fitness
 West Nile Virus at Highest Level Ever in
Mosquitoes - Significant increase in human cases
by California Department of Public Health
 Cars
 Job Openings


GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

Capture the Beauty
Portraits by Gunnar J Kuepper

Please contact me for details and rates (661)- 487- 1655


GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

All Things Local

Fire on top of Frazier Mountain

Important Phone Numbers
Sheriff or CHP
Frazier Park Sheriff Station
Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas
Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE)
El Tejon Unified School District 661-248-6247
Frazier Park Library
Supervisor David Couch
Fire Station 56 (Lebec)
Fire Station 57 (Frazier Park)
Dentist Porazik, Lebec
The Photographer (fires, accidents, weddings, & all other disasters)

On Sunday, September 14, 2014 around lunchtime a fire
was reported on top of Frazier Mountain. At around 1
p.m. three planes, one spotter and two air tankers were
observed circling the area and dropping retardant. A
helicopter was also seen making water drops. The fire
appeared in size less than an acre and mainly smoldering.
At this time ground crews from the Los Padres National
Forest Chuchupete Ranger station had also reached the
At around 2:15 p.m. the fire appeared to be extinguished
with no more smoke visible, and all aircraft released.

Upcoming Events in the Frazier Mountain

September 20: Bakersfield Jazz Singers at the
Frazier Park Library at 3 p.m.
 October 18: Rotary Festival of Books at the
Frazier Mountain Park
 October 26: Zombie Fest in Frazier Park

The Fire Retardant was right on the spot and
extinguished the flames…

In an age when scientists are creating
artificial intelligence, too many of our
educational institutions seem to be creating
artificial stupidity.
Thomas Sowell

…but sometimes an emergency responder is also
in the dropping zone and will have a lot of
cleaning to do afterwards
Photo courtesy of US Forest Service
Los Padres National Forest


GBU Mountain News
September 18, 2014 - LXXIII

Class Action Suit & Recalls involving
Subaru Vehicles
A large number of newer Subaru vehicles are recently
seen in the Frazier Mountain Communities, with some
Subaru dealerships advertising in a local paper.
In July of 2014 a class action suit was filed lawsuit
against the auto-maker Subaru at a federal court in New
Jersey. The plaintiffs allege that many newer Subaru
vehicles burn excessive amount of engine oil within a
few thousand miles. Vehicles in that class action suit
 Subaru Forester 2.5L (2011-2014)
 Subaru Legacy 2.5L (2013)
 Subaru Outback 2.5L (2013)
 Subaru Impreza 2.0L (2012-2013)
 Subaru XV Crosstek 2.0L (2013)
The lead plaintiff, Keith Yaeger of Escondido,
California, purchased a new Subaru Forester (2014) in
2013. According to his attorney, after putting just 6,000
miles on the car, he noticed that it was burning oil at an
unacceptable rate. When he took the car in for repairs,
the dealer charged him $100 for an engine oil
consumption test. The “low oil” light turned on after just
400 miles, the oil needed to be topped up twice, and the
car failed the test. In February 2014, Yaeger had a
mechanic remove the engine from the vehicle to repair
all piston oil rings and related gaskets and seals. The
repair took nearly 13 hours. Even so, the problem persists
and Yaeger still must add engine oil to his vehicle
According to the lawsuit, Subaru knew about the oil
consumption defect but failed to notify owners or provide
a repair. The lawsuit states Subaru knows about the issue
because it issued four technical service bulletins to
dealers about excessive oil consumption. Subaru dealers
were told to replace the piston rings for any customer
complaining about burning through oil. However, a
service bulletin isn't a recall and unless the problem is
covered under warranty, the owner must pay for repairs.
According to the lawsuit, it can cost $8,000 to replace the
piston rings because the entire engine must be pulled
from the car. Additionally, customers have complained
replacing the piston rings did nothing to decrease oil
The problem often manifests after the limited warranty
period expires. The vehicles have not been recalled.
A Frazier Park resident, JL. published on Facebook that
"This is what happened to my car. It is now being held

hostage at Galpin Subaru for $8500." However, she did
not respond to GBU Mountain News' request for details.

Super Cool – Really?

In July of 2014 Subaru had already issued two recalls for
cars equipped with defective airbags or brake-lines that
can fail in environments where salt is used to clear roads
in the winter. The brake-line problem occurs when saltwater splashes through a gap in the fuel tank protector.
Over time, the brake lines can rust, corrode, and leak
brake-fluid. This could make the vehicle more difficult to
stop, which could increase the risk of a car accident. No
injuries have been reported.
The brake-line recall affects 660,000 vehicles in 20 states
in the so-called “salt-belt,” including Connecticut,
Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New
Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,
Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and
Recalled vehicles include: Subaru Outback (2005-2009),
Subaru Legacy (2005-2009), Subaru Impreza (20082011), Subaru Impreza WRX/STI (2008-2014), Subaru
Forester (2008-2013),
The Japanese automaker Subaru also issued recently a
recall for about 8,500 vehicles equipped with Takata
airbags. Recalled vehicles include Legacy, Outback and
Baja cars (2003-2004 model years).
Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese
transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the
twenty-second biggest automaker by production worldwide in


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