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Choose The Right Office Chair for All Day Comfort .pdf

Original filename: Choose The Right Office Chair for All Day Comfort.pdf
Title: Choose The Right Office Chair for All Day Comfort
Author: OfficeChairsUnlimited.com

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hoW TO
choose an

OFFICE chair.


hoW TO
choose an

OFFICE chair.
In many office jobs, employees remain seated
at their desks for the better part of their 8-hour
days. However, sitting for long periods of time can
put stress on a person’s neck, spine, shoulders,
and even legs if their work station is improperly
set up. Poor daily posture and seating conditions
can have painful effects on the body over time.
That’s why it is important to know how to choose
the right office chair, the piece of office furniture
with the most impact on a person’s movement
and physical comfort.

ergonomics & Back sUpport
The spine, although highly flexible, is designed to
maintain a gentle S-like curve to carry the weight
of the body. Distorting this shape with habitual
slouching and leaning when you sit can create
serious health problems. Spinal problems can result
in pain in your legs and lower back all the way up
to your neck. It can lead to headaches, tired legs,
and soreness and tension in the back. All of this
can affect your mood, productivity, and focus while
at work, not to mention the potential effects on
your long-term health. Having a chair that supports
proper posture is the most important factor when
buying a comfortable office chair.
In a chair with the proper fit for you, the back of
the chair should press into the small of your back
(the lumbar region). This will prevent your back
fromcurving outward as it settles into a slouching
C-shape. This position causes strain on the muscles

2 ///

that attach to the spine. The upper section of the
chair should curve backward slightly to match
the back’s natural shape. In fact, the chair should
maintain contact with your whole back, from
shoulders to lower back, while you are comfortably

seat height
When determining the proper height of your chair,
there are two angles to keep in mind: the angle of
your knees as you sit with feet flat on the floor as
well as the angle of your elbows as you type. Your
knee should be at a 90° angle with your thighs
parallel to the floor. This keeps your thighs from
pressing too hard into the seat, which may impair
the circulation in your legs. Your elbows should also
be at approximately a 90° angle with your forearms
roughly parallel to the floor. This position keeps
your wrist relatively straight. Typing constantly with
bent wrists can strain the muscles in your wrist and
lead to nerve and muscle problems in your hands,
wrists, forearms, and elbows.
This means that your seat should be high enough
to allow you to type easily and low enough to keep
your feet comfortably flat on the floor without
added pressure on your legs. To customize the
height of your chair to best suit your needs and
work setup, consider chairs with adjustable seat

moVement & FUnctionality
Depending on how your desk is laid out, you may
need a high degree of movement in your chair.
Having wheels on the bottom or a swiveling seat
may be necessary to comfortably maneuver around
your work space. These features can allow you to

reach different areas of your desk, filing cabinets,
drawers, etc. without straining and bending at
awkward angles in the process. More than just
novelty features, wheels and a swiveling seat have a
distinct ergonomic value vital for working in spread
out work stations.

Factoring in Desk Arrangement
Unless you are planning on buying an entirely new
office set, you may have to limit your options by
what works with your existing furniture. In general,
office chairs are quite adjustable, so this is rarely
a problem. Still, if your desk is particularly high,
particularly low, or wraps around (as in an office
cubicle desk), you may need to keep in mind certain
features or characteristics that the
chair must have.

Upholstery &
The material used in an
office chair should be
comfortable enough to
allow you to sit for long
periods of time. Different
materials will appeal
more strongly to

different users. Mesh chairs rely on the tension and
elasticity of the material to support and provide
comfort for users. Often, the seats of these chairs
are thickly padded for added comfort and durability.
Leather chairs have plusher padding in the seat,
back, and even armrests. Mesh and fabric chairs
may offer a greater degree of breathability, but in
climate-controlled office environments, this is not
usually an issue. Instead, the ideal type of chair
material has more to do with user preference and
aesthetic appeal.

Although less important for home office workers,
those in an office setting may want to maintain a
certain uniform appearance. This may direct you
to a certain style of chair, such as a high-backed
leather chair, a mesh chair, a chair with wood
accents, and so on. Even if you are limited to a
certain style, there are still many options to suit
your ergonomic needs and seating preferences.

Big & Tall Office Chairs
Standard options may not be able to suit every
worker. Many brands of office chairs now produce
“big and tall” lines of office chairs. These chairs have
heavy duty frames, bases, and cylinders to provide
more reliable support. Many of these options are
also made to slightly larger proportions. Selection is
not limited, either. Big and tall office chairs come in
all types of materials, a range of styles, and include
all the features you would find on standard office
By taking these factors into consideration
and knowing what to look for in an
ergonomic office chair, you should be able
to easily find the right chair for your body
and work needs.

/// 3

Office Chairs Unlimited is a national retailer for office chairs and furniture.
Through its bypass-the-middleman business practices, Office Chairs Unlimited is
able to offer customers wholesale prices and free shipping on every order, large or
small. If you are hunting for new office chairs, look through the online inventory
of our website and feel free to contact customer services with any questions.


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