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One Life, One Partner?

Sadhguru on How Many are Too Many

The following is an excerpt from a Darshan with
Sadhguru at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in
the USA.

Questioner: Namaskaram, Sadhguru. Does God
intend human beings to have only one partner in
their lifetime?
Sadhguru: God may not have intentions for you.
The question is, what is the sensible thing for you
to do? There are two aspects to this – one is a social
one. Generally, they always said “one man – one
woman” in order to stabilize society. In parts of the
world where they said “one man – several women,”
they had to rule with a stronger hand to keep society
stable. I will not go further into this.
The other aspect is, all substances in existence
have memory. Modern science says this, and in the
yogic system, we have always known this: the five
elements – water, air, earth and so on – have a strong
sense of memory. If I go to any place that is of some

significance on an energy level, I do not ask people
about it – I just place my hands on a rock. By being
with it, I will know the whole story of the place.
Like the rings of a tree tell you the ecological history
of the place, rocks have an even better memory.
Generally, the denser the substance, the better its
ability to retain memory, and inanimate substances
have better memory than animate life. Today’s
technology is proving it – your computer has better
memory than you. The human mind is not for
memory – it is for perception. The inanimate cannot
perceive – it can only remember. Deities and other
consecrated objects have been created because they
are powerful forms of memory.
Your body still actively remembers what happened
a million years ago. Genetics is just memory. This
physical memory is called runanu bandha. It is
your memory that binds you to things around you.
Suppose you went home and you forgot who your
father and mother are, what would you do? It is not


October 2014