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Dear Reader,
To us, political news isn’t just elections, political scandals, and political debates; it’s about
what affects you on election day and every
other day of the year.
The New Political aims to foster conversations
about these issues. We want to provide in-depth
insight into the effects of political issues by pushing past the jargon and bureaucratic nonsense. We
want to give our readers and viewers the facts in
an understandable way, without the commentary
that so often accompanies political conversations.
By being a completely independent, non-biased news sources in Athens, Ohio, we are able to
accomplish that. We know that we want the facts,
and we believe you do too.
Voting is essential to democracy, but informed
voting is essential to a functional democracy.
We want to do our part by merely providing the
information and then letting you be the one who
decides. So we have worked to compile information for voters in Athens about the candidates and
issues you’ll be seeing on the ballot.
As you turn through the pages, think about
what political and social issues matter most to
you, and find out how to vote in your best interests on Nov. 4.
Best Regards,

Jaelynn Grisso

Maren Machles
Managing Editor