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Carbohydrates are the bane to diabetics. And this is the food group
rated on the Glycemic Index. People with Type I and Type II diabetes
must limit their intake of carbohydrates. Certain carbohydrates, those
rated low on the Glycemic Index, can be taken in smaller quantities.
Those on the high scale should be avoided at all cost.
People with Type II diabetes are generally diagnosed later in life. This
condition often affects older people and those who are obese. The
incidents of Type II diabetes has mirrored incidents of obesity in the
United States and most in the medical community agree that there is a
clear link to obesity and the development of this disease. People with
Type II diabetes do not process enough insulin to break down the
glucose in their system and cause their kidneys to work overtime in
getting rid of the waste. While some people with Type II diabetes are
prescribed insulin, most are started on a regiment of medication.
Physicians generally hope that by taking medication as prescribed,
exercising, eating the right foods and monitoring their blood glucose
levels, they can avoid the use of insulin. In many cases, patients are
very successful at maintaining good blood sugar levels by modifying
their diet, exercising and losing weight. Others who are not successful
usually end up taking insulin.
As with both Type I and Type II diabetes, there are complications.
These complications such as heart disease, nerve damage, kidney
disease and skin disorders can be avoided if patients comply with the
instructions of their physician, learn about their disease and do all they
can to manage it. Diabetes is far from a death sentence. With proper
maintenance, those with Type I and Type II diabetes can live long and
happy lives.
Article source:www.thegoodhealth.weebly.com