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Return to the city of the Savants
Project book



Escape from Europe

Mobile Operational Basis “CIMATIK-!”

Cimatik was a ford transit model 'TedCal' provided with:

Two electrical Generators (800W and 2000W) ;
An Owen and Gas-driven Kitchen;
A PiezoElectric Heater;
A Tub;
A water pump using 12V as alimentation;
A 50L Water tank;
A complete toolbox to repair the car;
A 110 Amp Auxiliary Battery;
A 8dB Wifi antenna;
A computer system;
A trailer.

The Wifi antenna, the water pump, the water tank and the PiezoEletrical heater were never
used as I never found the time to assemble them. The Wifi antenna connector was not
compatible with the router ( despite what the sellers said ) and there was lacking some small
parts to connect the water pump with the water tank. All this was sold with the transit when I
arrived in Chernivtsi.
The car was painted with black sprays and a huge bamboo sticker were also painted on it ( to
help the car looks as 'cool' and avoir most problems with authorities )

Part I
The Departure.
Every story must have a beginning. Mine starts in June 2010, in the corner of a street in the
town of Perpignan, south of France.
My camper, a big 20-years old Ford transit nicknamed “cimatik” was there. In front of a small
My departure was imminent. I had been here for one month, hidden, in a blind street. I felt well
there. I had my brand new e-bike “matra” with me and I could in a few minutes arrive in the
center of the town. At the evening, I would come back to my settlement. The air was warm,
pure. Everything was quiet.

And yet I had again to move. This time, this was for a very long trip. A very long trip that would
take me through Europe, then Ukraine and Russia to my final step: Siberia. “Cimatik” , while a
bit old , had done very well until now . She had escaped from a huge storm coming from the
sea. The country was paralyzed by a storm, a giant wave coming from the sea and sudden
massive snow falls … Most cars were non-functioning, they could stay on the road or the engine
was frozen. Roads were covered by snow … in the south of France.

But this incredible car did very well. She had just been equipped with 4 brand news “Agillis”
tires. The engine would start immediately and she behaves in a very steady way on the roads.

Around me, everybody was panicked … but not I … why would you need a 4x4 when you get a

Unfortunately, she was so old … the brakes were only 50% working; the master cylinder was
almost completely dead and the direction was floating but this would definitively gives a
“sportive” style to the former van panel.

My biggest fear would be that something breaks like the camshaft or … the transmission. Not to
mention the belts.

The inside was completely made of wood: the walls, the floor, the roof had been covered by
planks. There was a huge gas-driven kitchen, an Owen, a Fridge. I did not have enough time to
complete the water circuit. The heating device was also non-functioning because my portative
750W power generator was too small for the electrical system and the new big 2000W Varo
Generator was non-functioning. It even leaked all the fuel in the cabin! As a result: no water
and no electricity apart the 12V from the auxiliary battery, a superb high-power German battery
“raging Bull”.

I had learned to sleep in the Transit by temperature of 0/-5 degree. Inside, the olive oil was
frozen but I was able to sleep . I had also learned to take ultra-cold shower during the winter,
using the showers of the beach. (Eventually I would re-activate them)

During all these months, I had also learn how to repair the Transit, how to deal with mechanical
components, how to flush the brakes, how to install new batteries and how to inspect the
mechanical parts.

Cimatik was a godness .

As I said the departure was imminent. This was a deadline. The kind of deadline that one man
has to face rarely in its own life. There was no turning back for me. There would be no return
ticket. This was a migration. My world was collapsing. My entire life was collapsing. It had been
very clear for me that my fight was desperate. That I had to abandon, to evacuate. To move to
the only place where, I thought, the grass was greener.
This was not only a mental threat, this was as well, now, a real - very precise - physical threat.
Many people can only live “virtual” adventures, through videogames, TV games and game roles.
There is no real constraint for these people apart the economical constraint (that-is-to say, in
most cases, that they must arrive at the right time at their office and follow the social directions
that one has told them).

Or this is the horror of the crime, of the sordid.
Between this, there are no more places for adventure.
I didn’t choose that adventure. I have been forced to undertake it. This isn’t an exploration of a
virgin island; this isn’t the exploration of a new planet. This is an escape.

I have been forced to undertake it because of the new social order, because of the global
madness of the populations. Because they are all adventurers, heroes, supermen, except me.
For them, I am crazy. I am a looser, an idiot.
It is like two worlds. The only thing I wanted to do was to live. And the only thing they wanted
to do was to prevent me to live. This was their adventure, their mission: To destroy me, to
force me to make the wrong moves.
There is one special rule in war: if you cannot escape a trap and this is only a question of time
before you fall in, then you will run immediately in the middle of it and you will take your
enemies by surprise.

This is what I did. I attacked their position before I would get exhausted and, of course, I was
wounded but I managed to escape.
What happened before my departure, of course, I will not reveal. Even like that, it was only
because I had a very small window that I could escape.
We were all terrified. Me and my Father. The only friend that was still remaining.
The old German warrior.
Now the great trip was starting.
Cimatik was ready. Everything was, day after day, set up: the journey, the communication, the
plans, etc …
There was one small problem: I had no driving license and thus I could not drive the car … For
more than 1 year I had been sleeping and living in my camper but I was unable to drive it.
Most people do have a driving license … I did not. I was able to understand the mechanic, the
driving but I could not drive it. Not only had I had no practice of driving but as well I had no
It was in my mind to learn to drive but things get precipitated. My father was 70 years old and
was reluctant to help me. However, during these 12 months, he would come to move the car to
different places, almost every week, he had to come and we had again to find a “new place”.
The time was now. I had to find in the next few days a copilot. I wanted to go through Italy, to
avoid Germany, then the former Yugoslavia, Austria, Poland and Russia.

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