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Schedule 26 - Planning

(b) accepts instryttions to provide an
opinion pursuant to paragraph 2
(Planning CöI$éntsJ;

Off-Site Expenditure

Off-Site Works

lTeansany works, reiatirig to lanq outside the

Køy Facilty in order tocömpiy with or fulfi
obligation or condition of

any requirement or

gnyPlanning Permi$$ion,assqçjated Planning
Agreement or agreement With
any Relevant

Planning Agreement


Section 106 of the Töwnand Cöuntry Planning
Act 1990;

38 or 278 HighWaYS Act 1980;

Section 104 Waterlndu$try Act 1991 or any
other provision of


similar intent within the

of the Wa:ter Act with an



Planning Permission

means in respect of the Facilty, the date as

longstop Date

set out in Schedule 8 (Key Datès);

Revised Project Plan

Longstop Date

Satisfactory Planning

means a Planning Permission with the
Challenge Period expired (and any Proceedings
having been finally determined such that the
Planning Permission has been upheld and may

be implemented) for the Key Fadlity, together
with any associated Planning Agreement or

agreement with any Relevant Authority which
isa permission for the description of the

development which is the subject of the
agreed Planning Application for the Key

Facilty and does not impose on the Contractor
by way of condition or other obligation any of
the following requirements: