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schorman’s Star Wars LaserDisc Audio Archive 2.0

I am providing this Audio Archive for the purposes of saving and sharing the various audio mixes
of the Star Wars Trilogy presented on LaserDisc over the years. Since many of the mixes were
created to accompany the original, unaltered versions of the Star Wars Films, these mixes have been
unavialable on DVD or Blu Ray up to this point.
My intention with all of the completed, synchronized files was to maintain, as much as possible, a
bit-accurate representation of the soundtracks as presented on LaserDisc. So each is presented at
its original bit depth and sampling rate (16 bit / 44.1 kHz). While these files will not be suitable
for direct use in a DVD or Blu-Ray project, they will work perfectly within an mkv container, which
is how I envision their use.
Should you prefer to use these mixes for a DVD or Blu Ray, they will require resampling to, at
minimum, 16bit / 48 kHz. I recommend Izotope RX4 for resampling, as it currently provides the
most transparent/best algorithm.
I hope these files will be useful to the entire community and look forward to sharing it with