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Author: ashley

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Introduction To
Video Game Testing
For Beginners
7 Powerful Video Game Testers Informative Articles
Complied By: Ashley Maynard

Click Here To Become A Video Game Tester And Get Paid

Article #1
Want to Become a Game Tester? Here's How
by Tess Tackett

Millions of people are hooked on playing video games. Why not become a game tester? It's a fun
and easy way to make a very good income and enjoy your job at the same time. While it's
probably not for everyone, if you love playing games it may be the perfect home business
opportunity for you!
You may be a video game lover but have no idea how to go about finding a career in this field. In
this article I will give you some tips that should help you in your efforts if you think you may
want to become a video game tester.
First of all, you really need to be dedicated to your job. Be prepared to spend hours testing
games. If you are really addicted this probably won't be a problem for you.
Companies want people who are really familiar with playing video games, so when you do find
companies looking to hire make sure they know you have many games, what kind you play, how
many consoles you have, etc. The more experienced you look, the more apt they are to hire you.
When you become a game tester, you will be required to send in paperwork detailing your
summary of the game. You must watch for any defects and bugs in the game, and give your
opinion on the ease of playing the game. Keeping your paperwork in order and clearly written is
necessary to being successful in the gaming industry.
Attention to detail is a must, so be sure to write notes as you play and check spelling and
grammar. When submitting your resume to gaming companies, make sure to be professional and
stress how familiar you are with video games, your experience, etc.
When you start your career, be sure to take it all seriously. Some people have a problem with this
when they have been playing purely for fun and enjoyment for a long time. As long as you keep
in mind that gaming is the way you are going to make a living, you will be fine.
If you are serious and want to become a video game tester, see the links below for TONS of
information you need to be successful!
About the Author

Love to play games and seriously want to become a game tester? We've got the solution! Tips,
ideas and the best guides for becoming a game tester can be found at

Article #2
Finding Free Downloadable PC Games On Line Which Are Legal To Use
by Joseph Gottlieb

The kinds of games which are produced by main organizations hold copyrights that legally can
not be offered absent without the creator's permission. Nevertheless, there are actually a great
deal of free full computer video games that are perfectly legal to personal and use. The majority
of they are created by impartial online game makers who use a precise type of program to
generate their completed item.
The programs accessible for making gaming movies usually supply a web page where the people
can upload their completed merchandise for other people to perform. They are readily available
as zip files you'll be able to download to your dwelling computer to play at your leisure. A lot of
of those creators will even consist of valuable walkthroughs in case you end up receiving stuck.
Sometimes you might locate internet sites that host complete versions also as demo variations.
The demos are typically made by impartial people looking to promote their finished item. This
kind of video game will provide you with one or two ranges to perform and also a website link to
the designer's web page where you can acquire the full edition.
A different type of absolutely free gaming is in the type of abandoned video games. These are
not really abandoned, but are basically obsolete because they were created to run about the
ancient DOS functioning devices. The copyright patents for these downloads have expired so
they are also one hundred % legal products to use. You may uncover these applications detailed
on the net as abandonware. The downside to these products will be the lack of the suitable
operating technique in modern day computers. In order to operate them you might want to obtain
a version of a DOS program emulator, which can be also free of charge and is also obtainable in
formats appropriate with the a variety of varieties of Windows made use of these days.
Furthermore to the previously mentioned mentioned totally free items you'll be able to also come
across a lot of web sites designed for kids which have applications and video games they are able
to play for free. Some gaming methods also present free of charge access to their host web pages
exactly where you could often come across an online game or two available for obtain at no
expense to you personally. If you get pleasure from a good video clip sport you might appreciate
making use of all the ones you obtain on the web that will not expense you any cash to personal.
Downloading Games
There are many Computer gamers within the globe who appreciate many different games
ranging from method, card and board, sports, puzzle, platform, rpg, simulation, word, action &
arcade and many extra. Anyone interested in gaming can discover any number of no cost
downloadable pc video games within the internet. Browsing for the type of video game which
you are seeking for will return numerous results from a broad assortment of internet websites.

Research and Protection
Do your research before downloading any video games onto your Pc. Make sure which you are
downloading from a trusted and effectively known web page and always make sure you have
your pc updated with the right anti-virus software. Always be sure and read the terms of use on
any gaming web site to locate out if they use advertising revenue in order to fund their absolutely
free games mainly because this could mean you're downloading pop-ups and spam onto your
Totally free Gaming Web sites
Discovering websites that offer you games Computer video games is never a problem. Several
web sites also offer you free of charge trial downloads so that you can test a video game before
your make an obtain. Popular internet sites consist of miniclip.com, bigfishgames.com and
freeridegames.com. There are of course an a lot of amount of others. It all depends on what you
happen to be looking for. All you have to do is obtain the website that offers the games that you
are interested in and browse through the selection they offer you to see if they have anything you
might want to try out. You're hard pressed to discover video games as advanced as The Sims or
Warcraft for no cost but there are actually several absolutely free game titles that emulate that
sort of play.
Pc Gaming Popularity and Legal Issues
Be sure that the site you will be working with has the right to distribute totally free software and
that it is not a file sharing web page that is passing protected video games out to users. Although
you cannot legally download certain game titles, for example the on the internet recreation Globe
of Warcraft, you can find many other video games that are similar that will be found absolutely
free of charge. Piracy is not a joke and in the event you are caught pirating or accepting pirated
video games, legal motion might be taken against you. Which is why the issue of researching
web pages is stressed so importantly.
Click, Download, Enjoy
After you have found the suitable and legal site, uncover an online game that best suits you.
There is sure to be 1 to choose from that will supply you hours of entertainment on a daily basis,
depending on how much you loving Computer gaming. Free of charge downloadable Pc game
titles are unlimited and number in the thousands. It truly is up to you to choose which 1 you
might appreciate, click on it, down load it and then appreciate it, that simple.
About the Author

Players who take pleasure in working with their Computer as gaming tool has increased over the
years and Computer game sales have decreased. Be sure when you are browsing for Free
Downloadable PC Games that you are not stealing. The issue of legality is a huge question when
Free Downloadable PC Games.

Article #3
Video Game Tester Jobs Online
by Aboelyas Aboelyas

How to Become a Beta Game Tester
Two Guys Testing Video Games 300x300 Discover All You Need to Know about Video Game
Tester JobsMany people who love to play computer games dream of a career as a video game
tester. This highly sought after position allows an individual to work with programmers and
developers before the launch and release of new games. Their primary job is to play the game
and discover any bugs or kinks that need to be worked out by the programmers and
developers. Their true job description should be something more akin to Quality Assurance
Provider, as they are making certain that the game works as it should, flows smoothly, and is
fun and engaging. While many people dream of this type of career, the jobs are few and far
between. There are some tips and techniques that can be learned and developed to help
individuals land a job in this exciting career field.
Make no mistake, being a game tester entails far more than just sitting around and playing
games all day. You will have to play the same game over and over again. You will have to
provide detailed reports to the developers as to your findings. Developers and companies may
demand some real commitment and long hours, especially as the release date for the game
approaches. This is a job for those who are committed to providing fun and enjoyable games
for the public. If you feel that you have what it takes to become a game tester, then read on to
discover some of the techniques that you can use to land one of these unique and challenging
How to Become a Beta Game Tester?
The first step to becoming a tester of games is to develop a deep passion and love for playing
games. You must be able to play for hours and still pay close attention to what is happening in
the game. You must have a great attention to detail and must be able to relate your experience
in both written and oral forms after the game playing experience has ended. Video game
developers will want to know where the problems are and they will want to know the parts of
the game that you feel are not working. They will also be interested in the parts that you like,
but their primary concern will be addressing the parts of the game that are not working or
performing satisfactorily to provide great play.

Once you have developed this love of playing and endurance to be able to play for hours, you
must be able to prove that you have these skills. You may want to write up some performance
reports about games that you have already played. These detailed reports should provide a
description of the game and should also mention any improvements that could be made to the
game. These types of performance reports can go a long way in helping your application to
stand out from the rest of the pack. After all, thousands of people want to be testers, but there
are only so many positions available. By providing reports, you will be demonstrating that you
have the goods that it takes to become a valuable tester. You will be proving that you have the
right stuff, and that you are willing to share your information with those that are creating these

Where Can I Find Video Game Tester Job Openings?
You can find game tester job openings in much the same way that you would find any other job.
A quick online search will reveal certain companies that are hiring for these positions. You may
also want to check in your favorite video game magazines. Many companies will run classified
ads for these positions as it becomes time to test out their latest software. Online discussion
groups and forums are more great places to find these types of job openings. Speak with others
in the online communities to find out who is hiring and who is paying a fair wage for this
important work.
Publications that deal with software and computer applications are more great sources to find
game tester job openings. These publications will often list the jobs that are available from the
different companies that use them to advertise. Companies like to hire through these sources
because they are marketing themselves to people that they know are already interested in their
products. This way, they can cut out applications from those who are seeking employment but
are not truly committed to creating great games. You can also check the classified ads in the
technical and computer sections to see if their are jobs available. Most companies will advertise
in these public forums before they release a new game. Many companies will also advertise
online, so it helps to check these listings during your search. You can also contact the
companies directly to see if they are hiring. The addresses of these companies can be found
online and a quick search will reveal who you should forward your application to, in order to
ensure that it reaches the right department. Avoid calling companies to inquire about
employment. Most companies prefer that resumes are sent electronically or through the mail.

What Are Beta Game Tester Requirements?
Joystick 300x300 Discover All You Need to Know about Video Game Tester JobsAs we said
earlier, you must absolutely love to play video games in order to excel in this position. You must
have excellent hand-eye coordination and you must be able to demonstrate that you have
endurance. Many companies will expect that you will be playing for hours and hours each day
you are employed. Unlike normal life, you will not be playing different games all the time.
Companies will often want you to play the same game over and over again. This can be very
time consuming and tedious, so it is only for the truly committed. You must be willing to put in
long hours playing games, so that you will understand every aspect of the game before it is
released to the general public.
You must also be an above average player of games in order to thrive in this position. Average
players will not be able to reach all the levels that are involved. Above average players are
sought by companies, because they can reach the required levels to finish the games. Game
tester requirements can also include signing an agreement that you will not release information
about the game. This means that you must be able to keep a secret and not reveal the nature of
the game to anyone, including your family and close friends. This is a very serious aspect of this
business, as companies do not want the details of the game being leaked to the general public
before the game is released.
You must also demonstrate the ability to play games that you do not enjoy. Keep in mind that
testing is a job and that it may not always be fun. Companies are marketing games to a wide
variety of people, so you may have to play games that do not interest you. You will need to
offer the same level of performance and attention to detail with these games as you would
with games that you love. The best testers treat each game equally, regardless of their personal
feelings about the game. Of course, if a game is truly boring or too difficult to play, you will
want to pass this information along to your superiors. Be certain to do so in a manner that is
both courteous and professional. After all, programmers and developers have spent many
hours in the creation of these games.
Can I Really have a Beta Game Tester Career?
Yes, there are many people who make a successful career out of testing video games. Most
testers do not wish to stop at the testing phase and will move on to become programmers and
developers themselves. This is one of the greatest aspects of becoming a game tester. It can be
the first step that you take to creating and selling your own games and ideas to computer
companies. Many successful game creators began as testers. After years of testing, they
learned the aspects of the business and furthered their education so they could create games
of their own. If this is your goal, be certain to mention this to the company that you are

considering. Companies will be glad to know that you have ambition and you will be considered
a more desirable employee.
Some people keep this type of job as a part-time position, or use it to supplement other
income. Game testing can be a great way to generate a second income stream. You will be
receiving a salary for doing something that you love. You will also have the satisfaction of
knowing that you are contributing to the world of great games and quality entertainment.
banner468x60 Discover All You Need to Know about Video Game Tester Jobs
Can I Become an Xbox 360 Video Game Tester?
Xbox 360 Discover All You Need to Know about Video Game Tester JobsSome testers prefer to
work with a specific gaming system, such as the popular Xbox 360 or Playstation. This is a
specialized form of testing and you must commit to the specific company in order to attain this
type of position. Other popular gaming systems also employ testers that specialize in their
products. These testers demonstrate a sense of loyalty to the brand and would not think of
testing for other companies. The Xbox rose to prominence in the field of video games because
of the willing and loyal testers that helped to make the great games that we have all come to
know and love. As you can see, when you work as a tester, you are doing more than sitting
around all day and simply playing games. You are assuring that the games are of the highest
quality. Gamers around the globe have testers to thank after they have spent an afternoon
enjoying a high-quality game.
How Can I Pursue Beta Game Tester Jobs?
The best way to pursue game tester jobs is to contact the companies that you like directly. As
with any other job, persistence is the key. Devise a resume for yourself that details your work
experience and outlines your experience with video games. This resume should do more than
simply list the fact that you love to play games. You must be able to relate that you have the
skills necessary to fulfill the tough job of a tester. If you have any quality control experience in
another field, be certain to list this in your application. If you have any educational background
in software development, be certain to list this on your resume. The best resumes will include
an effective cover letter. The cover letter allows you to display a bit of your personality. The
letter also provides you the opportunity to discuss your dreams and career goals. If you want to
become a developer one day, the cover letter is the best place to let your future employer
know that this is your goal.
Another way to pursue game tester jobs is to attend career fairs and technical fairs. Employers
often recruit at these fairs and they will be looking for new testers. Pay attention to the video
game market to see which companies will be releasing new games. When a new product line is

in development, you can be certain that new testers will be hired. This type of information is
mostly gained through social networking. Immerse yourself in the world of technical job
seekers in order to find other, like-minded individuals. You may be able to pick up some tips
from them and they just might lead you to your dream job. Networking is important in any
career field and while the testing field is competitive, it always helps to have some friends on
your side. In return, you can share any information and knowledge that you may have about
the different companies and jobs available.
How Can I Avoid Being a Part of a Video Game Tester?
There are game tester sites out there, so it is important to be aware. Any sites that ask for too
much personal information without offering anything upfront are often. A game tester site will
often ask for money in order to apply. Keep in mind that you should never pay any money for
the right to work. Any site that asks for money upfront is likely a and should be avoided. Of
course, there are some sites that ask for a small fee in order to provide some job leads and
information. You must use your own discretion when deciding if these sites are worth the
money or not. Not every site that asks for money is a but be certain to keep your guard up
before you pull out your credit card or wallet.
What is the Average Beta Game Tester Salary?
On average, a game tester will earn the same salary as any other entry-level position in a
technical field. Most gamers work and are paid by the hour and the hourly pay will vary
depending on the particular company. Of course, after proving your worth, you can make more
money. Most companies are willing to spend top-dollar on gamers that can provide useful
information for their company. The trick is to begin with a company and do your best from the
very first day. This way, you will be demonstrating your loyalty and love for games and then the
higher salary is more likely to follow. It is also important to keep in mind that developers and
programmers will be offered higher salaries, so you should concentrate on moving up in your
field. Being hired as a game tester can provide the perfect stepping stone to a career in game
design and development. If your dream is to eventually design the games that you love, then
you should consider pursuing this exciting career opportunity.
About the Author

If you love playing video games and you want to start getting paid for it,Start a career in video
game testing today. @
Video Game Tester Jobs revile. Thank you for reading my article.

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