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The U.S Department of Defense is an executive governmental program that is solely
responsible with the national security of the country and the armed forces. This however does not
make the Department of Defense the direct agency in charge of national security rather it
manages the other agencies that are responsible for such factors. The Department of Defense is
the world’s largest employer with a staggering 3.2 million employees. These come in the form of
active soldiers, marine guardsmen and airmen. In this paper provided by the essay writing
service, we shall do a thorough evaluation of this public agency. This evaluation will be on the
financial compliance by the Department of Defense agency, how efficient the agency is and the
effectiveness of the agency in achieving its goals.
1. Financial compliance
The department of Defense is allocated the highest level of budget resources. This is in
comparison to all other Federal agencies. This amounts to more than a half of the annual budget
allocated to Federal agencies. This part of the budget is used more or less for the expenditures
related to the military and matters of national security (Polmar, 2005). Included in the budget is
the salaries of military personnel, civilian personnel working with the security agencies like FBI
and NSA, funding of special operation of the military like rescue missions and funding to buy
new weaponry.
For the financial year of 2011 the president had suggested a military budget that would
not surpass $665 billion. However, in the year 2010 the military budget was given a $680 billion
as it was signed into law. This was $15 billion more than what President Obama had previously
suggested. The Department of Defense was allocated an additional $37 billion that would help
cater for any emergencies especially in the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.




The recent invasions into Iraq and Afghanistan have been funded using the
supplementary budget. Almost an estimated $900 billion has been used on wars against Iraq and
Afghanistan (Bolton, 2008). This was estimated in 2008 however, by the end of 2011 the figure
had quadrupled. This was mainly as a result of unforeseen additional costs. The department of
defense had to cater for the wounded in the times of war. Over 33,000 veteran soldiers were
wounded in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Despite the government spending up to $900 billion by the end of 2008 there was no
notable change in the state of Iraq and Afghanistan. The government faced further expenses
when injured soldiers came seeking compensation. The missions that the United States army
engaged in from the new millennium to the end of 2000 proved to be unsuccessful. However,
this came hand in hand with a drain of almost $1 trillion (Hogan, 2000).
During that time the Department of Defense was seen to misuse the fund accorded to the
military. During the early years of the new millennium, the United States troops were seen to be
making a lot of trips to and fro the United States. Most trips being termed as missions of peace
mostly to the Asian countries. The United States Department of Defense received a lot of
criticism as a result of this.
A lot of critics felt that there was poor management of the Department of defense. This
resulted in questions posed to the office of the Secretary of Defense. A lot of money was wasted
in making unnecessary trips to Asia only to result in many injuries on our troops (Polmar, 2005).
However, after the year 2008, there was a decrease in the trips made in Asia. With successful
trips being the result of the little troop missions. The killing of Osama bin Laden was the most
successful mission in the Asian continent.



The reduction in the budget set for the Department of Defense means that there will be
fewer trips made outside the country. This means that a major focus will be on the national
security of the United States. This means fewer wounded troops as a result. The country can also
make efforts to ensure that the security of citizens is enhanced.
2. Efficiency
The department of Defense has been estimated to be the largest employer in the world
with a total employee base of 3.2 million people including the uniformed soldiers and the civilian
personnel. The Department of Defense is thus with enough manpower to deal with the security
threats that may befall our beloved country. This has been portrayed quite a number of times.
The lack of manpower was seen as one of the reasons as to why the 9/11 attacks came into being
(Hogan, 2000).
After the 9/11 attacks the governments set up numerous intelligence agencies so as to
avoid a recurrence of this ordeal. The Department of Defense would employ enough man power
who would watch closely with the domestic security of the citizens. This means that these
agencies would solely watch out for matters that pose a threat to the peoples’ security from
within the country.
There are other agencies whose responsibilities are to seek security threats that come
from an international level and to neutralize them. This is may be through the use of force or
through the use of Special Forces (Hogan, 2000). The United States Department of Defense has
been described to have the most specially trained troops in the world. This is as a result of the
Department utilizing the resources at hand to their advantage. The United States military has



received a success rate in its endeavors, greater than that of any other country in the world.
Despite being beaten a couple of times these Special Forces never give up.
The start of a new era with President Barrack Obama resulted in the improvement of the
Department of Defense. This improvement has the effect of making troops missions have an
increased success rate (Hogan, 2000). The troops have the ability to conduct huge missions while
just in a small cluster of people. This comes to end in success, unlike how other countries would
At the moment, the United States is regarded as the world number one country in the
world. With the investment of a huge sum of the budget in the Department of Defense, there is
none that goes to waste (Department of Defense, 2012). The government has invested in the
manufacture of high end weapons that are necessary in missions and matters of national security.
This has placed the United States as the world number one country in the world in terms of
armor and weaponry.
It is therefore true that the United States has achieved a lot through the establishment of
top grade arms and weapons. This has made wars and mission success almost a walk over. The
technology system that the military of the United States possesses has made it the envy of every
other nation in the world. There have been instances where the U.S Department of Defense has
failed despite being the number one country in the world in terms of armor and technology
(Department of Defense, 2012). This was during the Iraq war where the United States spent
several years in the Asian country. This led to the deaths of many civilians and American troops.
Despite ending the war on a successful note and achieving a feat that no other country was able
to achieve, it is one of the wars that the D.O.D should not be entirely proud of.



3. Program Effectiveness
The department of defense has been at the forefront of providing with enough military
forces to daunt war and protect the country from any security threats. This federal agency has its
headquarters at the Pentagon, where there is a unique five point building. The Department of
Defense has a website that supports all tat the department has to offer (Department of Defense,
2012). All information portrayed in this website is cleared for public viewing in accordance with
the policies of the DOD. The department has made numerous steps of ensuring these two goals
are achieved.
First and foremost, the government has made the goal of providing military personnel.
The Department of Defense has been ensuring that they recruit the best of the best college and
high school leavers (Department of Defense, 2012). These civilians recruited are put into tough
training which only the best are able to make it through the training session. It has been stated
that only a few get to make it into the next stage with many reported to have run away midsession. To date the Department of Defense has been able to recruit up to 2.13 million military
forces. This has helped immensely in ensuring the Federal agency has the ability to deploy
enough troops for peace keeping and protection purposes.
Another way in which the military has enacted as a means of ensuring that security of the
nation is kept is through the development of technology. The government through the use of its
own personnel has built scientific and research bases where ways of improving the technology
currently possessed is conducted (Department of Defense, 2012). The federal agency has
managed to pick the best of the best agents from the college level. This equips the military forces
with young and innovative minds to carry out any research required and improvements.



Finally, the Department of Defense has set up intelligence agencies. These agencies are
equipped with the best technology of retrieving information and personnel that are well trained.
The intelligence agencies are given the sole responsibility of fishing for information that may
pose a threat to the national security. This may be in the form of terror attacks and mass killings.
The department tries to keep crime level at its minimal. Therefore, anything that deters the
country from that refers to a matter of national security. The duty of the personnel of the defense
department is to make such matters to be neutralized even before the public can see it.
Through the above evaluation it is seen that the United States Department of Defense has
passed the evaluation (Department of Defense, 2012). With the numerous successes in last
couple of years, the department continues to grow in success. However it is true that the
department will fail when placed under the wrong management. This is seen in the first couple of
years of the new millennium. Numerous changes have been made to the office of Secretary of
Defense and our hopes is that the success will continue on.
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Bolton, M. Kent (2008). U.S. national security and foreign policymaking after 9/11: present at
the re-creation. Rowman & Littlefield.











Hogan, Michael J. (2000). A cross of iron: Harry S. Truman and the origins of the national
security state, 1945-1954. Cambridge University Press.
Polmar, Norman (2005). The Naval Institute guide to the ships and aircraft of the U.S. fleet.
Naval Institute Press.

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