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“One Day One Photo - Let's Click” known as “ODOP-LC” or “ODOP” is
a photography community which started its journey on 21st
November, 2012 in Calcutta, India. It was initially a facebook group
which over the period of time has created a massive curiosity among
the facebook members as well as the non internet users. ODOP was
the brainchild of Kolkata based film-maker Arin Paul. Along with few
others especially Sutirtha Das, Late Shantanu Ghosh and Tathagata
Das, Arin started this journey as a hobby but to everyone’s surprise
the popularity grew beyond expectations. From a mere 90 to 100
members in the first week, ODOP crossed over 6000 members in the
first month and presently has a membership base of over 16,300. Then
it was not only sharing a photo on facebook. Plans were made to go
beyond the online platform. The 1st photo-walk was organized in
Calcutta in Dec'12 with a good response. CAMARENA also supported the
cause and adda sessions started at their showroom. ODOP till date has
conducted many photo-walks and many adda sessions at CAMARENA
alongwith the prize distribution of monthly contest winners has taken
place. CAMARENA sponsors the first prize. The Logo of ODOP-LC was
designed by Sarasij Dasgupta, Creative Director, JWT.

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