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ODOP organized the first photography exhibition at CAMARENA store in
May'13. The exhibition was inaugurated by India's Oldest Living
Cinematographer Shri Ramananda Sengupta and National Award Winning
Film Director Shri Nripen Ganguly. To our surprise two photographs were
sold after the exhibition.

ODOP so far has done 30 Photo-Walks in Indian cities of Calcutta, Pune,
Aurangabad, Pilani, Ambika Kalna, Durgapur, New Delhi. Photo-walks
were not only restricted to India. ODOP organized International PhotoWalks in Singapore, Muscat (Oman), Berlin (Germany), Bucharest
(Romania). ODOP is also planning to come up with more exhibitions,
workshops, photo-walks, photo-contests and also planning photo-tourism.
We are dreaming and trying to bring the dream to a reality!

ODOP-LC Photography Exhibition, May’13

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