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Simba Kufunda e.V.

Dear members, friends, donors and interested people,
“One never notices what has been done; one can only
see what remains to be done.” (Marie Curie) … it's time to
look back on what has been done.
What would have been my idea without all the people who have
realized it together? An idea, a seed, small and insignificant
impressed and enchanted people around me.
During shortest time a fertile ground has been prepared to plant
the seed. Carefully we have nurtured the seed until it could
sprout and become the small tree it is today - a registered
Africa, particularly Zimbabwe, has enchanted me and set a fire in
me. Gandhi once said “You must be the change you wish to see in
the world.” Since I have been enchanted by Zimbabwe, I carry the
words of Gandhi and the fire of Zimbabwe in me which I want to
share with all the people who want to make a change.
I also want to share it with you and enchant you on the following
pages with the activities of Simba Kufunda e.V. Kufunda Village
and Nyeredzi...

Lorena and Nora with their Moringatree