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December 31, 2014

The 2014 Scott Family Christmas Letter:It’s not funny – It’s Late
After two consecutive years of actually getting the Christmas letter out before Christmas, we’re late
again this year. Or more accurately, I’m late, since I, Wayne, am responsible for writing and publishing
the annual family missive. I could have glossed over the fact that it’s late, but that’s not how we role

Sam in his element

in the Scott family. Nope, we are all
something our society seems to no
longer value. And Carey and I are
determined to ensure that our kids
don’t fall prey to the messages of the
world. We’re committed – each and
every day – to instilling in our children
the notion of being accountable, of
owning up to their mistakes, to
understanding that actions have
consequences, and they alone are
responsible for their actions. So that is
why I’m owning up to getting this
year’s letter out late. Even though it
would have been on time if I hadn’t
spent so much time putting together
new bikes for the kids for Christmas.

The whole family in October at the kids’ first concert: Casting
Crowns live at Red Rocks. Carey’s first concert was Journey and
Loverboy in Dallas. Wayne’s was Molly Hatchet and Cheap Trick at
the Western Idaho Fairgrounds. Ah, how we’ve mellowed.

Drama Queen
Sara going to 5th grade graduation

Incredibly, our baby girl turned 12 this month. I
keep waiting for the year in which she gets less
talented or doesn’t grow more beautiful, but
it’s just not happening.

Sam is now 13. We have a teenager. With 6 more
years of teendom (I know that’s not a real word, but
it should be), he still has plenty of time to perfect a
sullen look and snarky attitude. But so far, so good.

Sara is once again having a stellar year in
school. She’s made the transition to middle
school without a hitch. Her electives this year
have been drama and choir. She considered
band, but went with choir because she thought
it would be good training for school musicals in
the future. Gotta love a 6th grader who thinks

Sam is still studious as ever. Instead of cartoons, he
watches Mythbusters and Nova. He asked to
subscribe to Popular Science magazine, and he’s a
reading machine. After going over last quarter’s
report card, he informed us “I think I’m going to
want to get my Master’s in Engineering.” Apparently
his sister isn’t the only one who thinks ahead.

Her school is ridiculously competitive in
volleyball – the high school girls have won backWayne smiling at the realization to-back state championships – but they don’t
have a team for 6th-graders. So Sara and some of
that next year he can to sneak
more weight into Sam’s pack
her classmates got together and formed a team
to play in the Windsor recreational league so
Places to Find Carey
they could learn how to play and be ready for
Website and Blog:
tryouts in 7th grade (did I mention she thinks
ahead?) After losing their first match 2 games to
Facebook Fan
Page: 1, they went the rest of the season without
losing a single game; Sara enjoyed volleyball so
much that when the season was over she tried
out for a local volleyball club – and promptly
Pinterest: made the front line on their #1 team. Tourneys
start this weekend.
Her Amazon Author Page:
Carey Scott's Author Page
Upcoming book: Untangled: Let
God Loosen the Knots of
Insecurity in Your Life

Places to Find Wayne
Home. Work. Watching the San
Jose Sharks prepare to tank in
the playoffs - again.

Backpack Maniac

Sara has long complained that her bedroom
window had a horrible view of the next door
neighbors’ wall. So this year, we moved her to a
new room (in a new house – more on that later)
with an amazing view overlooking a lake. It may
or may not be high in a stone tower, with no
doors through which young princes could visit
her. In unrelated news, Sara has decided to see
how long she can grow her hair.

Last summer, Sam decided to sign up for a fitness
class at school. So for 2 months, the kid worked out
2 hours a day, 4 days a week. If he keeps that up, I
won’t have to worry about teen attitude; I’ll just be
accidently crushed to death when our gentle giant
hugs me goodnight at the start of his Freshman year.
Sam played Center and Nose Guard for his school’s
7th grade football team this year. His RCS Cougars
went 6-0 and outscored the opposition 160-6.
Another team cancelled after falling behind 8-0 in
the first two minutes. They used some lame excuse
about lightning striking nearby. Weenies.
I’m blessed with a son who loves backpacking. Until
this year, our longest trip was just 8 miles, over 2
days. This summer our big trip was a 2-night, 3-day
trip in Colorado’s Rawah Wilderness area. The plan
was to hike 5 miles each of the first 2 days, then the
final 8 miles on the last day. So much for plans; 2
miles into Day 2, at 11,250 feet elevation, Sam says
“Hey Dad, why don’t we just knock out all 13 miles
today and surprise Mom and Sara?” My body said
no(screamed it, actually), but my pride said yes. We
did it. Five months later my limp is finally gone, but
my body is still not on speaking terms with my pride.

Pumpkin Spice Apocalypse

I’d Rather Be Fishing

You might remember that 2013 was extra awesome for Carey,
because our local Starbucks carried Pumpkin Spice for months
after the holidays. Well, if that was bliss, then 2014 was
Carey’s Nirvana. Because while you might not have noticed that
Pumpkin Spice went out of control this year, Carey noticed. Oh
yes, she noticed. A few of the PS products you might have
missed out on include yogurt, Jell-O, marshmallows, peanut
butter, M&M’s, Oreos, and Hershey Kisses. I wouldn’t let Carey
try that last one, because it’s important she never find a kiss
she likes better than mine.

This year marked my 3rd with DaVita’s VillageHealth
organization. I recently transitioned from leading our Reporting
Team to managing a new Data Management organization. While
I’d rather be fishing, as jobs go it’s still pretty great.

Speaking of fishing, I didn’t get to do too much of that this
year. I’d planned on a terrific afternoon of fishing on a certain
backpacking trip with Sam, but as already mentioned here, that
got nixed when he got ambitious. What I didn’t mention was
that when we hiked past that lake, it was practically boiling
with trout hitting the surface. I’m not sure if the tears that ran
Carey is still at the Denver Street School – her 14th year with down my face as we went by were because I couldn’t fish, or
them. Please keep that organization and the people who work because I was in so much pain with 8 miles left to go.
there in your prayers – they do amazing work helping kids who
I had the honor of writing the epilogue for Carey’s book. It was
have no hope and no future find both.
an opportunity to brag on her, so it was probably the easiest
Carey’s speaking calendar was lighter this year than it has been thing I’ve ever written.
In the past. Instead, my
wife (who if you haven’t
noticed by now, is
landed a book deal with
a Christian publishing
house. Untangled: Let
God Loosen the Knots of
Insecurity in Your Life
will release in June of
2015. Writing this book
has been a challenge for Carey,
and I am incredibly proud of how
hard she has worked to make
her vision for this book come to
reality. When the publisher sent
her proofs for a cover, they just
didn’t fit the content. To
describe what she had in mind,
Carey snapped a cellphone pic
of a heart Sara made out of
black and blue rubber bands.
The publisher loved it, and
made that the cover. It’s
perfect – just like both my
beautiful girls.

Our new home! 1868 East Seadrift Dr. Windsor CO 80550

Not a lot else to say about my year. I love being married to
Carey. I love raising Sam and Sara with her. And I love all 3 of
them more than my wife loves Pumpkin Spice. (I know; I didn’t
think it was possible to love anything that much either.)

Windsor Castle
This is the part of the letter where we talk about the great
vacation we took this year. And with the title above, you’re
probably thinking that we went to England. Nope. Even better;
we moved to Windsor... Colorado, that is.
We loved our neighbors in Loveland, but over the years our lives
had moved away from our neighborhood; our jobs are in Denver,
and our church and the kids’ school and friends were all closer
to Windsor. We thought if we weren’t in our cars so much we’d
have more time – you know, to do things like get Christmas
letters out on time.
So instead of a vacation this year, we moved. No biggie. The 3
months we crammed 2 adults, 2 pre-teens, 2 cats, and a gerbil
into an apartment while our new home was under construction
was like a vacation anyway. (Please tell me I’m not friends with
or related to anyone even remotely stupid enough to believe
that last comment.)
We moved in the weekend after Thanksgiving and got settled
just in time for Christmas (hey, a late-letter Christmas is still
Christmas.) We love it here. The house is a perfect fit for our
family; big enough for the kids to have sleep-overs, and big
enough for Carey and me to hide from the chaos that comes
with them. School, church, and Sara’s volleyball club are all less
than 10 minutes away, my commute is about 10-15 minutes less
each way, and we live across the street from a lake we’ll be
able to swim, kayak, and fish (YES!!!) next summer.
Actually, Carey did get a vacation this year – she went diving off
Grand Cayman with her sister and her parents to celebrate their
50th wedding anniversary. If I was a bitter man, I might point out
that while I was dutifully home with our children, my sharkobsessed wife once again failed to see a hammerhead shark – a
wondrous, awe-inspiring encounter I myself have had the
pleasure of experiencing. But I’m not bitter, so I won’t bring
that up. Besides, the kids and I got to do something way more
fun while Carey was gone; we went to Sonic. Like twice.

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