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of this illustrated document is therefore to provide a comprehensive, fact-based account
focusing primarily on the fascinating history of No. 21 Webber Street and the contribution it
has made to Southwark’s architectural and industrial heritage. Having traced its history and
that of its predecessors in the Valentine Place townscape back to the 1880s, I believe No. 21
Webber Street to be an outstanding period building which is worthy of retention not simply in
its façade, but also in its entire external structure, and that an independent survey should be
carried out to ascertain how much of its interior can be retained. Moreover, No. 21 Webber
Street is not the only building to make a valuable contribution to the townscape: the Victorian
warehouse at Nos. 3-5 Valentine Place has an industrial history and architectural design
which makes it also worthy of retention.
Additional factors which underpin my argument for retention of these period buildings are
Southwark Council’s own official guidelines on how development should be approached in
the townscape and in particular the need for retention of its period warehouses, and the
many examples I have provided in this study of successfully restored period buildings as
evidence of the possibilities which exist for restoring No. 21 Webber Street and Nos. 3-5
Valentine Place to their former glory.
This study has been seven months in the making. I have funded the project myself and spent
countless hours of my spare time researching, writing, photographing buildings and seeking
permissions from copyright holders. There is no commercial gain involved for me and there
never will be: my hope is simply that my work will be of educational interest to libraries, local
residents and businesses, Southwark Council, local councillors, social historians and
architectural experts, and that my findings will help to save as much of this historic
Southwark townscape as possible.

Barbara Grehs
July 2013


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