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Author: Charles Gregory

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Muscle Building Guide
4 powerful muscle building articles for skinny guys
Compiled By: Brian Gregory

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Article #1

Muscle Building For Skinny Guys Never Be Skinny Again
By Daniel Ferdinands
Muscle building for skinny guys is a whole other art. Nothing like conventional body
building. Have you tried to pack on muscle with no results showing, even after spending
hours upon hours in the gym and stuffing your face with food at breakfast lunch and
dinner? Have you followed all the body building magazines and not added a single pound
of muscle? Well this article will serve as a 'muscle building for skinny guys' guide to
getting bigger.
I know the term hard-gainer and I have tried hard to pack on muscle, but our genetics
make it more difficult than it is for other people. Unfortunately a lot of us give up there
because we think it means we're not destined to get big. That is NOT TRUE. We do have
the potential to build large amounts of muscle and completely change from skinny guy to
muscle man, but we have to do things twice as smart as other builders out there.
Why should you listen to me? Because I know how much it sucks being the skinniest of
all your friends, having to wear baggy clothes all the time to hide your size, and
sometimes even thinking that you just don't look that good to the ladies. I've been there,
but I'm not there any more. I know for a fact, that everything in this article works.
So let's get started with the 'muscle building for skinny guys' 3 steps to gain muscle shall
'Muscle building for skinny guys' step #1. Eat a LOT MORE. You need to increase your
caloric intake in leaps and bounds to provide the energy required for muscle gains. High
amounts of protein are vital to gaining muscle as are good carbohydrates and oils. In
addition, you should try to squeeze in between 6 and 7 small and nutrition packed meals
in a day. Keeping the tank full is the first step in muscle gaining success.
'Muscle building for skinny guys' step #2.
Rest properly. Not only does this mean that you must get a lot of good quality sleep.
Early to bed and early to rise. But power-naps help to a great extent too. Furthermore, this
rest does not refer purely to your sleeping hours, but to rest between work out days too.
One of the biggest mistakes that hard-gainers make is overworking. Not only will this not
help put on muscle, but it might actually result in muscle loss. Try not to let each work
out session go beyond 90 minutes, and work out no more than 3-4 times a week. A work
out drink would also help your body in good condition during your work outs.
0-Test Responsive
'Muscle building for skinny guys' step #3.

Working out the right way is the next most important thing for you to grow. So you know
not to overwork, but what do you when you are in the gym. Here's a checklist.
 Exercise with intensity.
 With weights, go as high as you can while still reaching your rep target.
 Rep ranges of 8-12 result in maximum muscle hypertrophy, so this is a good rep
range to start with.
 Decrease break lengths
 Focus on the best form possible
 Variation is absolutely necessary to prevent plateaus.
 Vary exercises, weights, set and rep ranges every 4-6 weeks
Keep that checklist by your side and you'll have some great work outs, whether they're
full body, or split body routines.
Eat, Sleep, and Work out. You had already heard that 1000 times I'm sure, but there is
more to it than that. There is a way to eat right, rest right and work out right and these
muscle building for skinny guys tips won't apply to you anymore. Why? Because skinny
will be a word of the past.
PS: All the hard work that goes into carrying out these 'muscle building for skinny guys'
steps will definitely be worth it when in the end, you've packed on several pounds of
muscle and your body is totally changed. Just the look on people's faces when they see
your transformation will be completely worth all of this.
I'm Daniel Ferdinands and I went from 54kg (119lbs) to 70kg (154lbs) of muscle. It’s a
body transformation that I am very proud of.
My website can show you how to build muscles [http://www.best-bodybuildingreviews.com/get-big]. But only click on it, if you're skinny, or want to gain more muscle
on your frame.
You can also read my muscle-building story [http://best-bodybuilding-reviews.com/mymuscle-building-journey] here.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_Ferdinands
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5692459

Article #2

7 Amazing Tips On Muscle Building For
Skinny Guys!
By Jim G Jones
Muscle building for skinny guys doesn't have to be hard. There's a misconception out
there regarding how hard you should work. Follow the tips below and you will slice the
time and energy you need to put into the process.
The most important tips on muscle building for skinny guys are:
#1: Your diet is truly important.
Certain foods prevent you from building your muscles and others encourage the building
of muscles. Eat the same kind of good, healthy, clean foods each day. Monitor what you
eat and measure how your diet influences your results.
#2: Take a good night's sleep.
Your muscles grow during the night. The better you sleep at night the more chances you
have to build those muscles.

#3: Do cardio.
Doing cardio doesn't influence your muscles in a huge way, but it improves your
hormone levels and it increases your metabolism.
#4: Do things that increase your metabolism.
Drinking water improves how your body works. A large part of our body is made out of
water. It makes sense to give it water in order to keep it healthy.
Other foods and drinks that increase your metabolism are: green tea, soup, grapefruit,
apples, pears, broccoli, yogurt, turkey meat, oatmeal, hot peppers and many others.
#5: It's possible to do it.
Most skinny people don't build their muscles because of psychological reasons. They
have excuses and theories. Feel and believe that it is possible to get the results you want.
#6: Eat more often.
By eating more than 3 times each day, you will steadily fuel your muscles and increase
your metabolism. Both help you grow your muscles and make your muscles more visible.
#7: Eat more food.
Muscles have luxurious body characteristics. They consume a lot of energy. This is why
you need to eat more food. If your body doesn't get enough food, it will not grow your
muscles. They will never grow beyond a certain limit. And the limit is determined mostly
by how much food you actually eat.
The above useful tips make the muscle building for skinny guys a lot easier. Take your
time and apply them.
Muscle building for skinny guys
[http://www.gainingmusclesfast.com/articles/muscle-building-for-skinny-guys] is
not as hard as it sounds! You got to be consistent with your workouts and eat like you
mean it!
Get even more in-depth info on this and much more if you really into gaining muscles
fast [http://www.gainingmusclesfast.com] as humanly possible!
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_G_Jones
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5838931

Article #3

Fast Mass Gaining for Skinny Guys
by Mike Gomez
What some of you must understand is that constructing muscle is not the same for
everyone. Genetics has a lot to do with this. However, just because you are not as
"genetically gifted" as the next guy, does not mean that you are stuck being skinny
forever. Some guys may think that because of their "thin genes" they may not be able to
gain muscle, I will prove you wrong in the next 3 points. So forget everything you have
read in the past from "fitness professionals" who are only familiar with one kind of body
type, NOT YOURS!
Here is what you've been waiting to read, what every thin guy needs to know about
gaining muscle: the proper eating habits, which workouts will help you, and how much
training you need.
First of all, you NEED to eat... and I'm talking about eating good nutrients - and enough
of them. Every skinny guy I have ever mentioned this to always has the same
response..."I eat so much, I cant possibly eat any more than I do". Simply put, you were
blessed with a naturally high metabolism, therefor if you're burning more calories than
you are eating, you just will not grow.
The type of calories you consume is another important detail when it comes to gaining
weight. Let's say you should be eating at least 2500 calories daily, do not assume that by
eating fast food more than once a day you will add on muscle mass. Your best bet when it
comes to gaining is getting your calories from complex carbohydrates, clean protein
sources, and natural fats. You also need to have a very consistent eating schedule and
should spread your meals into 6 per day.
During your workouts, always focus on big compound exercises. The benefits of these
types of workouts are: targeting more than one muscle group at one time, tapping into
muscle fibers, helping to produce muscle building hormones in a natural way, and
increasing strength rapidly.
Here is a great hardgainer workout I put together for skinny hardgainers that I personally
used and got great results.
One of the worst things skinny guys do when failing to see results is think they need to
work out more. WRONG! That could easily be the most counterproductive thing you
could do to your body. The reason behind this is that the body does not actually build
muscle while lifting weights, it builds muscle while doing the opposite: resting/sleeping.

Also, you should not assume that by working out every day you will see huge results
sooner... in fact, it benefits you more to workout just 3-4 days a week or if you prefer,
every other day. By giving yourself that break from the gym, you are allowing yourself to
maximize your performance by getting the rest your body needs, and also allowing your
muscles to become stronger and bigger.
I simplified the answer to why hardgainers like you are not able to build muscle in the 3
steps above. To summarize just make sure u follow the 3 simple steps - keep up with your
proper diet, exercise correctly for your body type by performing a hardgainer workout,
and rest. By following these simple steps, you will see results sooner rather than later!

About the Author
Mike Gomez is a fitness professional and enthusiast whose goal is to help skinny guys
like himself pack on pounds of muscle fast.

Article #4

Muscle Building Suggestions To
Improve All Body-Building Plans
by Esther Knighton
Body Building is a pastime for many people especially for younger folk as it increases

their assurance levels up and gives them a unique identity. The main purpose behind a
bodybuilding plan is to shed the collected fat within your body. The quality of the results
one can expect and attain considerably depends on the type of bodybuilding program they
choose and intend and how genuine they are in following those workouts. This post
provides the essential advice about the body building exercise regimes solely for
All body building exercise plans must be reinforced by healthy and balanced eating
habits. This makes bodybuilding like every other workout regime that is out there.
Balanced and nutritious meals are one of the building blocks of health. It follows that you
need to begin picking veggies, whole grains and fruits over junk food snacks. Chemical
ingredients and high fructose corn syrup are your enemies. These won't help your
muscles at all.
Once you choose practicing the first thing you need to do to the body building programs
is to consult with a doctor who's a specialist in assessing the physical state of the human
body. Verify whether your body is healthy and perfectly eligible so you could participate
in the body building workout plans. Physical health prior to beginning the bodybuilding
exercise regimes is exceptionally significant to be able to prevent unnecessary
complications that may arise afterwards.
Another critical variable you must concentrate on in the work out would be to wisely
divide the training for the body parts that are several. It's also vital to give major
relevance to the cardiovascular training together with an excellent body building nutrition
strategy in your bodybuilding workouts.
Your weight training exercises should contain heavy compounded kinds of movements to
be able to get the full effects of the growth you wish to attain. There are several different
kinds of compound exercises, which are based near: squats, and leg-presses, dead lifts,
bench presses. These 4 exercises should be used in your routines, incorporating any of the
several different variants of these exercises to really maximize the attempts of your
muscle building workouts.
The next matter that you want to think about is how much and how often you lift weights.
The answer to this is not an easy one, as the ideas and perspectives in the literature vary
considerably on this. There is something you can consistently count on and that's the
frequency of how much and how often-individual groups of muscles should be worked
on will be different for each person. What exactly is perfect or valuable for someone else
the same for you or may false. Each important group of muscles or muscle group can be
focused on independently once per week. After a while if you are not achieving the
results you were expecting for, then change your muscle-building workout plans to focus
on each muscle group two times a week. It is always recommended to let your muscles
have the least 2 days to cure between your bodybuilding exercise regimes. Keep it on
your to-do list to make certain you work group of muscles at least 1 time per week.
When you start your fitness program you would reap the benefits of keeping a journal on

what exercises you are doing, how many, and at what weight. You can also maintain a
general record of what you eat daily too. This is a terrific means to look at what needs to
be increased or changed if you simply aren't feeling the way you want to. Some muscle
building plans demand you to do exercises which you are unfamiliar with. This doesn't
have to frighten you away from the plan, though. Local health clubs have plenty of wellinformed, friendly individuals that are most likely willing to show you what you need to
understand. Another great thought when you are first starting out is to check with a
personal trainer. When you finally begin to see the results you are looking for you will
likely to remain motivated so that you can entirely reach your aim.

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