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Analog is taking photos that you don’t see
until later. Analog is finding a tree under
which to load film. Analog is physical, your
parents’ old albums.
This is our first collaboration, our first issue.
Four photo sets, 59 photos.
Austin Pham
Noah Mertz
Zander Porter
Kaitlin Chan
November 2014

Austin Pham is a prospective East Asian Studies and Film Studies double major from Vietnam. His photographs express his intimate view of the subject or
location. He believes taking photos is a way of understanding moments and
telling stories.

Noah Mertz is a prospective English and French double major from Massachusetts. He is a person who values open affection and integrity. He seeks to
connect with people and places, and to capture and collect memories of both.
To help with this, he has gravitated toward listening to and playing music, nonfiction writing, and taking pictures. Above all, he thinks people should be nice.

Zander Porter is a prospective Studio Art and Computer Science double major
from Los Angeles. He appreciates the film process for its meditative quality,
and uses his camera as a tool to translate experience, or something unique, or
something strange, and to encourage his sense of humor.

Kaitlin Chan is a prospective Studio Art and East Asian Studies double major. The idea for analog came from a hike that she and Noah took, on which a
conversation about how hiking “is so analog” birthed this photography journal.
She takes photos because her Dad took some beautiful photos of her growing
up. He was a great analog photographer, and one day she would like to be too.