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Rules of Participation in a Clan War
with Bobby Jones and the Boys
In order for a clan to compete against our clan, you must agree to follow all of the rules
stated in this document.
It is very important to note that our clan wars are not subject to all of the MCGamer Rules
and therefore despite being almost fully composed of extracts from MCGamer Rules and
MCGamer Clan War Rules, potential penalties subject to rules or examples listed on may be declined.
You must provide written confirmation accepting these rules for a Clan War vs Bobby
Jones and the Boys otherwise we won’t fully accept a loss or win. ‘Scrims’ vs Bobby Jones and
the Boys are not subject to these rules as they shouldn’t be documented.

Chapter One - Exceptions:
The following examples or specific information is not accepted as rule breaking by us and
are listed as exceptions in this document:
“Spreading rumors about others is not allowed.”
“Stalking a player around into servers and constantly targeting them is considered harassment”
“Do not antagonize other members or staff members in order to evoke any specific reaction to the point of
including up to abusive reactions.”
“Telling people to do /kill is not allowed.”

Chapter Two - MCGamer General Rules:
Please note the rules written are the concise headings taken from MCGamer. Exceptions are
listed above in Chapter One. If you wish to see further information on the terms stated below,
please refer to: &

2. Do not disrespect or harass other members: We want people in our community to feel safe and respected.
4. Do not discriminate other members: Our member base consist of people of many different races, genders,
country, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We do not want our members to feel left out due to them being different.
8. Do not start argue/flame wars: We want to keep the community peaceful; a place where people are free to
have opinions and discuss things. Arguments ruin discussions and are unnecessary.
9. Do not exploit bugs or glitches: We want to the servers to be the best that it can be and if a bug or glitch is
spotted, report it to staff privately ASAP.
10. Do not use alternate accounts to benefit you: Using alternate accounts to benefit yourself is unfair to
those who do not have alternate accounts.
11. Do not mislead people: Do not mislead people into learning false information that will trick them into doing
something idiotic.
12. Do not interfere with issues between the staff and a specific player or group: Interfering with these
issues could cause or intensify drama.
13. Do not publicly post or show confidential or private information of another user without the
authorization of said user or staff: We want everyone to feel safe on our servers and if private information is
being leaked, it could make users feel uncomfortable and threatened.
18. You may not control more than one account on a server at one time unless directly given
permission by a member of the Sr. Staff.
19. Do not release any other members personal information.

Chapter Three - In Game Rules:
All members of all clans are expected to abide by these specific MCGamer in-game rules
found below:
2. No Hacked or Modded clients are allowed EVER: Mods that give unfair advantages
are not allowed.
● Any suspicion of using a client can earn a temp ban or a permanent ban
depending on the situation. Even discussing hacked clients on our servers is
worthy of a tempban.
● Anything outside of a vanilla client that provides an unfair advantage (x-ray,
minimap, radars, force fields, speedhacking, better sprint mod, ect.) is
considered a modded or hacked client!
● A detailed list of the mods we do not allow will be provided.
● If you use mods to increase your FPS or textures like the watermod, it's OK! We
just don't like the ones where you modify your character's performance.
● If you are caught or the administration has suspicion of you using hacks, your
ranking and leaderboard scores are subject to be reset to the defaults.
● Admitting to using a modded/hacked client, even jokingly, will result in a ban
● If you are unsure if a certain mod is allowed or not, as a staff member before
using it.
● This includes modifying files in your .minecraft to give a advantage such as
increasing the gamma to give effect of full bright.

Criminal activities (DDoS or Financial Fraud):
● Doing or making threats to DDoS or do any other criminal activity
towards MCGamer will be a "no tolerance" perm ban.
● This also applies to any threats on a person be that releasing their
personal details without their consent

Chapter Four - CW Specific Rules:

1. You must use members from your roster. Players that are not a part of the clan roster are not
allowed to play in-game.
2. Alternative accounts are not allowed to be used in a clan match. The user accounts listed on the
clan’s roster thread must match the ones participating in the clan battle.
3. If a player drops connection (client-side) or crashes during the game, it will be as if someone has
died. A redo will not be done because of this.
4. There will be random, non-clan players without a doubt. These randoms we cannot control.
Therefore, they will be a double sided blade to both teams. Meaning, if a clan member were to die from a
random, then it will count as if the opposing team has killed that specific person.
5. If a player of any clan dies to a hacker and they have video evidence of the hacker that is approved
by a member of MCGamer staff as use of hacks the round will be restarted. A restart due to a hacker will be
restarted with the amount of players left at the time of the player dying by the hacker.
6. No using OP items. This does not include items that can be crafted or found with items found in chests
on the MCGamer network.
7. Postponements are allowed for only valid reasons. You are not allowed to falsify reasons to
postpone a match. Postponements last for a maximum of 48 hours from the time the Clan War begins. Only
one postponement can be used per Clan War. Exceptions of Postponements include up to two 30 minute
breaks over the course of the Clan War.
-Valid reasons include: not enough members online to participate, personal issue that can't be handled at
another time, server-based technical faults, etc.
-Invalid reasons include: postponing in order to prevent a loss, etc.
8. You can only team with members of your clan, and with no one else. You cannot ally with
random players or a player on the opposite team. Teaming, in this context, is used to describe when you
explicitly aid and receive aid from a random player not associated with your line-up. Evidence of this would
be typing “team” in chat or similar, blocking with your sword or similar, dropping items or receiving items or
similar or any other means that is at the discretion of Faxulous. If a unrelated player asks for a team, you
must state “no” or similar.

9. No flames whatsoever. This is includes clan threads and in-game. If you have a problem, please
contact the Senior Staff. The appliance of this rule is at the discretion of Faxulous.
10. The minimum amount of people per battle is a 3v3. Both clans will agree on the players per
line-up beforehand.
11. Map selection will alternate between the clans per round. The clan who is picking should state
the server to the opposition and state the map that they wish to play.
12. There is a 2 minute grace period at the start of each individual Clan War round. This means
that both clans are prohibited from attacking the enemy clan before 28:00 and any illegal interaction will
result in a redo if appropriate evidence is provided after the game.
12. Both clans must state the IGN of the members who are playing in their lineup before the
pregame. The lineup should be posted in the specific survival games server that the clans are playing on.
Example: “Lineup - Bobby1 Bobby2 Bobby3 Bobby4.
13. Once a lobby has entered into pre-game, the match will be officially in motion, except in the case
which a team is represented by a disadvantage in lobby and has taken this disadvantage into pre-game. In
this case scenario, the disadvantaged team will be allowed to pull out of the server during pre-game to redo
the round. If the disadvantaged team does not pull out after pre-game, the round must go on.

Chapter Five - Summary and Acceptance:
To proceed with playing against Bobby Jones and the Boys, you must replace the blank fields of the
statement below with your name and send the entire summary to an owner of Bobby Jones and the Boys.

I, ______, leader of the clan ____________, agree to every rule stated in the Bobby Jones
and the Boys rules located at this URL: . Should the clan, its members
or any proven affiliates break any of the rules, I,______, agree to accept whatever
punishments may be delivered by Faxulous.
Some rules are at the discretion of Faxulous, but this does NOT mean he will be biased. We want to ensure
positive growth of the Clan scene and good sportsmanship and we will accept a loss if it is deserved. If you
have any problems or concerns with these rules, message a member of the clan.

Thanks for reading

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