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Author: Sir Victor Nyagol

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Front Desk


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Front Desk

Front Desk


Provide a brief history of how front desk operations have evolved over the last 25 years,
including how tasks have changed, evolved, and / or disappeared.
Regardless of the type or class of hotel or motel, the most important area that is visible to
guest is the Front Desk, the focal point of a hotel. The reception desk at the focal point of all the
functions and activities within the front desk. All communications to the hotel has to pass
through the front desk and then re-directed to the specific that member of the staff in other
words, it is the communication center. The staffs at the Front Desk have an important duty of
ensuring that the guests are comfortable with their visit by interacting with them. This area is
also very important because it forms the first impression about the hotel and its members of the
staff. Front Desk service should be so excellent that some wandering writer would like to write a
good review about this hotel at his essay writing service.
Over the past 25 years, the Front Desk has undergone through various changes in order to
improve on the quality of serving their guest and ensuring their guest are very comfortable with
their stay at the hotel. With the rapid increase in travelling day by day, whether for pleasure,
business, medical services or any other reason, there has been a mushrooming growth of hotels
all over the world. Therefore, at the same time with the increase in number of hotels, the demand
has increase also for the people to work in these hotels. (Tucker, Herman, Pedersen, Higley,
Montrichard & Ivery, 2003).
In the past staff members at the Front Desk used to take records manually in books but
currently with the improvement and evolution in technology has led to use of electronics such as
computers. This helps reduce the amount of manual work at the front desk and hence faster
response time to guest. Front Desk operations have also led to the establishment of University
courses on how to deal and tackle problems at the front desk in respectable and good manners.

Front Desk


Provide a systematic approach for front desk agents in taking a hotel room reservation for a
guest. For each step, describe the actions required, necessary information collected, and the
purpose of collecting this information. Finally, document a hypothetical script for a front
desk agent to follow when taking a hotel room reservation for a guest (either over the
phone or in person).
The main objective goal of the front desk is the middleware or the intermediary between
the all the departments of the hotel and the guest apart from that, in case the guest wants support,
help or has any complain, the first stop is the Front Desk. The type of nature exhibited by the
Front Desk Operations will determine all the transactions and the number of interactions between
the guest and the hotel. They guest will undergo various stages during his or her stage at a hotel,
namely; make reservations (pre-arrival), actual arrival, occupancy and finally departure.
During pre-arrival, the guest makes reservations at the hotel through the following ways,
over the phone, sending a letter or by online booking. At the arrival of the guest, the porters and
the door attendant meet with the guest at the doorstep, take him to the Front Desk for
registration, and then assigned a room. After that, the guest is issued with keys to his room then
taken to his room by the hotel porter while carry the luggages of the guest. (Kay & Russette,
During occupancy of the guest at the hotel, there will be demands by the guest, for
example, room service, telephone calls, transportation services and currency exchange if it is a
foreigner. Finally, the last stage is the departure phase. Here there will be several activities that
will take place, the guest checks out will be first, and then the Front Desk will provide the guest

Front Desk


with the bill. After the guest has settled the bill, the porter will then assist the guest with the
luggages and the Front Desk will call for transport.

The following is the hypothetical script for a front desk agent to follow when taking a hotel
room reservation: When the desk agent at the front office is taking reservation for a customer, he has to
follow the steps provided. First, the guest will make a reservation; this can be over the phone or a
walk-in to the hotel guest. At this moment desk agent must interact with guest while taking down
the information provided by the guest and the requests made. This will then ensure the
confirmation of the reservation and finally the handling of the guest upon check-in after arrival.
The check-in procedures will then follow after the guest has arrived. This will involve a
lot of information collection because it will assist build the record data of the guest. This will
information will assist in knowing the guest better. The front desk will later on provide the guest
with the information about the hotel and the services plus entertainment offered at the hotel
hence creating a link between the hotel and the guest.
Now, any decision regarding the sale of a room, allocation and availability of any
accommodation, records maintenance by the use of housekeeping and room service, these are
major front desk activities. Finally, comes the part of checking out which will involve settling of
the account bills and deciding when the settlement will be done for the account. (Brown, 2008).

Front Desk


Discuss the importance of front desk agents providing excellent guest service for all hotel
guests, and how poor guest service can impact hotel operations and hotel profits.
The front desk agents are very important people this is because in some way they help in
marketing the hotel and getting more guests to the hotel. They should always put a smile on their
face and be happy even if they having a bad day. The moment a front desk is in a bad mood and
rude to guests, the guest may refuse to continue with making the reservation or occupancy at the
hotel and go to a different hotel.
The front desk agents link between the guests and members of the hotel simply because
in case the guest wants something or wants to order room service, they will first call the front
desk then the front desk will tell staff in kitchen. In case of an emergency, the front desk will
make all the emergency calls to the guests and alert them. Therefore, it is important that the desk
agents are well cared for by their employers in order for them to provide good service. (Bhatia,
A bad or poor guest can have severe impact on the operations of hotel, the profits and the
survivability of the hotel. If the front desk agents are not courteous to their guest, the guest will
turn away and go to a different hotel. A hotel may not be a five star hotel but the convincing
language of the front desk agents can make a guest make reservation. Hotel needs money to
survive, pay utility bills and pay its workers, and this money will only come from the guest.

Front Desk


Determine what roles play in the safety of their guests and the procedures the front desk
should follow in order to protect the hotel guests.
The best procedure the front office can protect the hotel guests is by learning more about
the guest from the information gathered from the guest and interacting freely when the guest is
checking in. This information will help them understand the guest better and assist in knowing
the interest of the guest.
The front desk agents will always preserve the confidentiality of their guest by not
providing recorded data about the guest to unauthorized person unless it is the police with an
arrest warrant. They also ask details about the guests’ healthy status and allergies so that when
room service serves them, they get the right food. The front desk agents should adhere to the
information given to them by the guest and ensure that the guests are very comfortable during
their stay at the hotel.
Every hotel has its rules and regulations to its guest, for example, no smoking in the
occupancy room because it may leading to fire breakouts. The front office has the duty of telling
the guest it is wrong to do a certain activity and they should tell the guest in a polite and wellmannered way.
In today’s world, hotels have moved from the previous manual database to the
computerized automated database, which is more secure with the username and password in
order to get access to the file. In addition, the use of surveillance cameras and in and out of the
hotel premises has helped in protecting the guests. Furthermore, some hotels even have electric
fences to keep intruders out of the hotel compound. (Kidwell, 2000).

Front Desk


Determine the financial impact of front desk agents NOT effectively managing the billing
and guest folio process in a hotel. Provide two (2) detailed examples of mismanagement of
billing and guest folio process, and its impact on hotel finances.
The mismanagement of billing and guest folio process can really have a severe and
negative impact on the hotel finances because, guests will be checking-out without clearing their
bills. This will mean that the hotel has to find a way to clear the bills left by guest. One way a
hotel can do that is by dividing the bill of the guest amongst the whole members of the hotel or
by deducting it from the front office agent who was in charge when the guest checked out. Now
the moment the hotels has the guest checking with paying the bills it will be debts and this can
lead to bankruptcy thus leading to the closure of the hotel.
Now, when the guest folio is mismanaged, the guest may end up getting the wrong bill
that may lead the guest raising a complaint against the hotel and the hotel can even have a
lawsuit against them if it is a VIP. In another occurrence, if the hotel wants a bank loan, it has to
provide all the documents so if the documents are mismanaged then they might end up not
getting the loan. In other example, a guest has clearly stated that he has an allergy reaction to a
particular food and the front desk agents do not indicate it in the guest folio, the guest may order
room service, the kitchen brings food with an ingredient that is harmful to the client (spice,
peanut butter or eggs). The guest may end up filing a lawsuit against the hotel for millions of
shillings for endangering his life. (Hewitt, McCloughan & McKinstry, 2009).

Front Desk


Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality
as academic resources.
Presented by http://www.essaythinker.net/
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institutional contexts in front desk service encounters. Issues in Applied
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essential skills. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 41(2), 52-63.
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Cultural Sensitivity in Physician-Patient Relationships Perspectives of an Ethnically
Diverse Sample of Low-income Primary Care Patients. Medical Care, 41(7), 859-870.
Brown, E. A. (2008). Dimensions of transformational leadership and relationship with employee
performance in hotel front desk staff. ProQuest.

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