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TheBloggerBossGuide BySaraCherguiCorrected .pdf

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I. Introduction to blogging
1) Why I started blogging
2) My journey and mistakes
II. Get the basics right
3) Your blog, your business
4) Niche and blog name
5) Your name, your brand
a. Personality vs Persona
b. Guide to Self branding
6) Choosing a platform
a. Wordpress
b. Blogger
c. Tumblr
III. Writing a great blog post
7) Smart titles
8) Quality content easily read
9) Basic SEO (Tags and Keywords)
10) Fight the blank page, keep the inspiration going
IV. Appearances do matter : Blog design and editing pictures
11) Basics to your own blog design
12) Photoshop 101
a. Fonts
b. Black and White balance
c. Cropping and resizing
d. Skin editing
V. It’s a numbers game : Work your social media like a boss
13) Facebook
14) Twitter
15) Instagram
16) Connect with other bloggers
VI. It’s like a job interview : Get the brands to want you
17) Media Kit : Your blog’s resume
18) Negotiating : Get what you want and stay polite
19) Sponsored blog post etiquette
20) How to host a sponsored giveaway
VII. Resources
21) 10 Free resources for Bloggers
22) Media Kit Templates
About the Author



I. Introduction to blogging
1) Why I started blogging
Being a blogger. How amazing does it sound ? I was reading blogs for two years before I
started my own. These girls with incredible style and photographies inspired me so
much in my everyday life. They seemed to build their own path, create their own
opportunities and it amazed me. I wanted to be one of them. A simple girl talking about
fashion and beauty. However, for two years, I thought to be a blogger I needed
expensive equipment and an amazing life. I wasn’t aware all of that comes much later.
The September of my 20th year, I moved to Ireland for what was supposed to be just
one year of study abroad. My lifestyle was changing, I knew I would have brand new
experiences maybe worth sharing, so I started my blog.
Back then, I would almost never say that I was a blogger. Mainly because I was worried
people would make fun of me. Bringing it up in a conversation would make me silently
nervous. Fashion and writing seemed to only be accessible to Fashionistas, artists,
independent thinkers and in general : cool people. I remember watching Ugly Betty and
feeling like her, like this world wasn't made for me. What a delight when I realised it
didn't matter at all. Being a blogger meant that I could create my own community, a
place where people like me can be themselves. I could express my own opinions. With
the years, I was so happy to see that girls with beauty criteria contradictory with the
Fashion industry became amazing and famous bloggers. The barriers don't exist on
blogs and I love it.
I started blogging because I needed a project. I was always someone creative. When I am
not drawing, I take pictures or write. At that time, I wanted to do a little of each and
blogging was the best media to do so. I started blogging when I didn't know what to do
and today, it's all I do. Thanks to my blog, I have a day job as a community manager, I
got more involved into business, thinking of long terms possibilities for me. And most of
all, I am writing this Ebook for you. All I've learned since this Summer day when I
created The Crime of Fashion, I am sharing it with you.
When I think about why I started blogging, I mainly remember being very bored and
needing a project as I was about to leave France. But what I am sure of is what starting
blogging brought me. I feel so much more confident about myself, about who I am.
Blogging helped develop new skills I never knew I had. Marketing, Photoshop,
Photography, Writing (in a foreign language !), organisation, long term goals,


motivation etc. The things you learn as a blogger are way beyond taking pictures and
publishing your text. If I can't exactly remember why I started blogging, I for sure know
why I keep doing it after 3 years of daily work. It's simply the best hobby in the world !

2) My journey and mistakes
There are so many things I did wrong with my first blog and when I started this one. I
am sure to still be making a lot of mistakes. However, I now understand that what
counts the most is the journey. Like with anything in life. My biggest fail on my first
blog, the one that was drowning me, was choosing the wrong platform. Since I do not
want to trash anybody, I will not mention the name. It took me about a year to realise
that this was the mistake holding me back. I would barely reach 20 views a day. I used to
spend so much time working on blog posts, seaking for the trendy subjects fruitlessly.
For months, I was sure that the problem was coming only from me. If my marketing
strategies weren’t the best, they were not the main issue. A part of me was convinced I
should start over somewhere else but I was too scared. It took me over a year to reach 20
views a day, how long would it take me to be back on that poor level again ? I soon
discovered that it was much shorter than I feared.
One night, after a technical error on my blog’s platform, my frustration was at its peak
and I decided to start over, just like that. I didn’t have the energy anymore to pull up
with the constant issues and complications my previous blog platform was having.
Their (useless) technical support told me they couldn’t do anything so I left to Blogger. I
remember like it was yesterday, the moment I first chose my blog platform. This vivid
memory is anchored in my mind with cruelty. That day, I hesitated between my previous
blog platform and Blogger. I was wondering why everyone seemed to be on Blogger,
maybe it was for a good reason. I should have listened. Instead, I went to the other
platform and lost over a year of blogging just for myself. There are days I wondered how
my life would be if I started on Blogger a year sooner. But instead of living with regrets, I
prefer to consider this as an lesson, as my own journey. Maybe I wasn’t ready to blog for
more than 20 people a day. Maybe I needed to blog for myself and grow my own voice
before being exposed to hundreds of thousands. When I feel melancholic about my
progress, I always remember to trust the timing of my life.
Another of my biggest mistakes was not to research blogging. I have always been into
writing, since I was a little girl. Reading books and magazines was a passion of mine,
especially from being kind of a loner. I used to think that in order to own a blog, all I
needed was a neat and simple design as well as good content. I didn’t understand the


importance of self branding, promotion, social media, connections etc. All of this
knowledge came much later, when I was actually ready to handle it. Having to blog for
myself for almost a year without any sign of success and still keeping on doing it made
me realise that blogging was my calling. If I could still have the heart to do it after such
low beginnings, I was ready for the next step. The real thing.
I thought about quitting several times. It was in my mind almost everyday just before I
started my second blog. They say “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before
you are about to succeed”. This quote feels so full of truth to me. It was right when I
wanted to quit blogging that my life changed. I kept going a little harder, stepped out my
comfort zone and went to another platform. Before I could even realise, my numbers
went from 20 views a day to a 100 in the first month. My journey is full of mistakes, lack
of knowledge but it allowed me to learn so much about myself, about the kind of blogger
I want to be. I now know that I didn’t blog for fame or money since I didn’t mind
blogging for nobody. I just loved it. Today, when I have the opportunity to work with
brands, I think twice before jumping on it. Is this brand right for me ? Am I losing some
of my creative freedom ? Because of all the mistakes I’ve made, I feel like my blogging
identity got stronger. I am not scared to say no, to wait for a better opportunity. It’s all
about writing for the passion of it, which makes everyday a great blogging day.
Lucky for you, my mistakes won’t be in vain and my lessons just for myself. In this book,
I am ready to share some experiences, memories and pieces of advice to guide you.
Don’t waste time making the same mistakes as I did. While I am here to show you one of
the many ways you can focus on your writing style and blogging identity. Most
importantly; don’t be scared of mistakes, they shape your personality and make you

Good luck xx


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