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Their Eyes Were Watching God Presentation form .pdf

Original filename: Their Eyes Were Watching God Presentation form.pdf
Author: Alexander Wiegman;Sak Sultan

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Their Eyes Were Watching God
Chapter ___16___ [3,4,5,6,7&8, 9&10, 11, 12, 13, 14&15, 16, 17, 18, 19&20]

Stupid people can say stupid things (six main elements)

[subject, plot (action), character, setting, style, theme]

I fo sho need dat swag tho, srsly (eight stylistic elements)
[imagery, figurative language, symbol, narrator, diction, sound, tone, structure]

5-10 minute presentation, 2 to 3 people per group
Everyone must speak
Find IMPORTANT example for each main element and stylistic element for assigned chapter
Ask and answer one question that relates to either Author’s Purpose or Effect on the Reader

Stupid people can say stupid things.
To open discussion of racial views of African-Americans amongst own race in southern USA
Lack of it is key here. Mostly talks with Mrs. Turner and Tea Cake discouraging them. Bahaman Saw Dancers are
mentioned, though, as something that Tea Cake and Janie frequent.
Tea Cake: Becomes the more jealous of Mrs. Turner; starts pitying her and family as learn more
Janie: Learns to be accepting, especially with the Bahaman dancers, but Mrs. Turner also
Mrs. Turner: Stubborn as ever. Goes from depressed and without an idol of perfect “negro” to finding Janie, who’s
appearance fit her ideals exactly
The “muck” (Everglades, Florida)
(do not just list)


Heavy with dialogue, and makes the reader slow down – almost a reflective passage with the absence of “real”
Racial acceptance vs. classification; Conflict across men vs. women, Avoiding enemies, Storytelling, Dance Rituals (in
order of importance in the chapter)

(do not just list)


I fo sho need dat swag tho, srsly.
“Janie began to look around and see people and things hadn’t noticed.” (139) -> sensory words
Janie will notice the world, and might find the problems, or she might find opportunity.
“She paid homage to Janie’s Caucasian background… not Janie herself.” (145) -> personification through metaphor
Shows Janie is being underappreciated again, and foreshadows beginnings of problems
Figurative Language &
“[Tea Cake] claimed shaped by a cow.. kicking her from behind… ironing board with things thrown at it…same
cow stepped in mouth.” (139-140) -> hyperbolic comedy with metaphor
“It’s de colour and features. Lil ole black baby… lookin’ lak uh fly in buttermilk…. Rusty black man… black women
goin’ all dem loud colours.” (141) -> simile/metaphor
“He wuz a white folk’s nigger… Janie taught sacrilege.” (142) -> hyperbole
“Cruelty like a pecking-order of chickens.” (144) -> personification through simile
Gods and armies – Janie the Caucasian as God, Janie and Tea Cake as people are an “army that laughs at [Mrs.
Turner].” (145)
Sun was cooler -> while hot, there was little action and a lot of tension; cools – more action (and people), so less
Narrator/point of
3rd Period Omniscient and 1st person-limited dialogue (dialogue reinforces the background, forcing us to pay
Dialect is being used in “full force” against the “normal speaking” narrator. Weird juxtaposition effect; creates a
supernatural aura, throughout most the book
B-sound words = p.141-42 = Black… baby… buggy… buttermilk… Booker [T Washington]
C-sound words = p. 143-46 = Carpenter… Course… [no-]count… keer… close… couldn’t… kin… chillun…
criteria… cruel… chicken… Caucasian… characteristics… crude… cling… carryings-on… cooler… crowds
Janie tolerates Mrs. Turner, Tea Cake can’t stand her and feels sorry for Turner family. Mrs. Turner is too stubborn
to have more than her goal of getting Janie and her brother together.
Long background – Long dialogue – Shorter closing story
Effect (simile,
Metaphor, personification, hyperbole)

(not just examples)

Most important
List the ‘best sentence’ from
the chapter.

Dialect, simile, hyperbolic comedy, motif of racial skin colour
“Oh for an army… terrible with banners and swords.” (145)

Author’s Purpose
Effect on Reader Question


Why would the author suddenly slow the plot sequence of the story to discuss the racial atmosphere of AfricanAmericans in the deep southern United States?
To give extra emphasis to the end of this section of the story, and allow us to understand what has happened with
Janie and Tea Cake in their first year together (they have gotten strong). Over what? This is more of a readers’
effect. This chapter is meant to defend the “African-American” culture, and a fellow African-American lady is
employed with this purpose in the story, because it gives attention for critics to focus here to find that. It also
create a much needed hyperbolic comedy and slows the plot so that we can reflect at the end of this first year
with Janie and Tea Cake. The references to God introduced here become important many chapters later, when we
see the effect of an African-American god that “shows its caring with its cruelty.”

Other notes?

Presentation should be accessed at smarturl.it/tea-cake-cool16


It is a Google Drive presentation

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