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C lean u p
En c oun t er 1

Place the green objective token in the Stable as
This is intended to be the introduction quest in indicated. This is the Journal.
a mini-campaign. Heroes should start with 4 XP
each and 100 gold each.
Place the red objective token in the
Commander's Quarters as indicated. This is the
The travel steps before this quest are Tree,
Mountain, Tree.
Place search tokens based on the number of
Your years of service in the King's Army have
ended. After seeing many battles and fallen
comrades, you have decided to travel to the
S p e c ial R ul e s
mountainous northern lands in search of a place
to start a new life.
The blue objective tokens are Rat Holes. Rat
Holes block movement, but do not block line of
You arrive in the town of Jorunholdt, a mining
sight. Once per turn, as an action, while adjacent
village that lies at the edge of the realm. The
to a rat hole, a player may test ∂ or ∑. If
guards, few of whom have seen actual combat,
successful, remove the objective token from the
are impressed with your stories, and suggest you
present yourself to the captain of the local
garrison. They believe that he might be able to As an action, while adjacent to the Journal or the
help you find some work, and he may point you
Note, a hero may examine the object.
to any abandoned homesteads that you could
The door to the office is locked and cannot be
claim as your own.
opened by heroes or monsters until the heroes
The next morning, you polish your armor,
examine the Journal.
sharpen your steel, and present yourself to
Captain Arnison. He is not overly impressed by DO NOT READ THE JOURNAL OR NOTE
your appearance or tales of valor.
"I'm not some backroads bumpkin; I've been
through the wars, same as you." His expression T H E JOURN AL
softens slightly. "But I'm not going to turn my
Once the Journal has been discovered, read the
back on those who were loyal to the King's
following aloud:
Army. A few miles south of here is an
abandoned camp. We set it up a few years ago
Examining the journal on the floor, you see
when we were chasing Goblins and Kobolds out entries hinting at a co-conspirator who is
of the iron mines. It's overrun with rats and it
providing arms and aid this band and discover an
looks like some bandits have taken up residence old key hidden in the pages. Suddenly, you are
there lately. My men here are a little too green
interrupted by a bandit crashing through the
for something like this; so why don't you go up
there and see what you can do about it."
Once the players examine the Journal, the
He hands you a map, showing you the way to the overlord may place a previously defeated bandit
camp. Eager to win the Captain's favor, you
adjacent to the objective token or choose to
leave immediately and arrive at the camp late in
remove a bandit from the map and place it
the afternoon.
adjacent to the objective token. If a bandit is
removed from the map and placed next to the
Mon st e rs
objective token, the bandit recovers all ≥ and
removes any conditions.
Bandits. Rat Swarms. Splig.

S e t up
Place the rat swarms in the Barracks. Place the
minion bandits in the Stable. Place the master
bandit in the Office. Splig is not placed during
Place three blue objective tokens face up in the
Mess Hall and Barracks and indicated. These are
rat holes.

Once Splig's Note has been discovered, read the
following aloud:

You see a note laying on the floor. You
recognize the writing as Goblin script. It reads
only, "The time is near". Suddenly, you hear
someone singing a Goblin war song very loudly.
You rush out to meet this new enemy. You spot
the biggest Goblin you have ever seen in your
lives. You've heard the stories about Splig, the
self-styled "King of All Goblins", but to see him
in person is surprising. He spots you, yells "Stop
them!" and with a panicked look, begins to dash
towards the dense woods surrounding the camp.
You are determined to stop him.

Place Splig on the map at the location marked
with an X. The overlord may place two
previously defeated bandits adjacent to Splig, or
may remove two bandits from the map and place
them adjacent to Splig. If a bandit is removed
from the map and placed next to Splig, the
bandit recovers all ≥ and removes any

R e in f orc e m e n t s
At the beginning of his turn, the overlord may
place a Rat Swarm adjacent to each Rat Hole that
remains on the map.

V ic t ory
If Splig is defeated, read the following aloud:

Wounded and alone, Splig puts on a final burst of
speed and escapes from you. "You can't stop us!" He
yells over his shoulder as he disappears through the
trees. You remember the stories of Splig's ability to
escape certain death, but only briefly. You hurry back
to town, hoping to prevent whatever atrocity Splig has
The heroes win!
If Splig moves off the map through the entrance, read
the following aloud:

Try as you might, you cannot stop Splig from escaping
down the path and into whatever hole he crawled out
of. You rush back to town, fearing what Splig has
planned next.
The overlord wins!

R e w ard s
Win or lose, each player receives 1 XP.
If the heroes win, each receives an additional 25
If the overlord wins, during future quest setups,
he may use bandits as his open group, regardless
of the map type.

C lean u p
En c oun t er 1

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