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Design and Access
Rev 01

164 Foresthall Park
Stansted Mountfitchet

A+L Architecture Studio

Welwyn Garden City AL7 2NN

164 ForestHall Park

A development comprising a ground floor retail unit, 1
2-bed flat at first floor and 1 studio flat loft level.
Site Address: Plot 164, Phase H, Foresthall Park,
Stanstead, CM24 8FX
Date: 2nd Feb 2015
Applicant: Acme Holding Limited
14 Wilkins Crescent, Stansted, Essex CM24 8GG
M: 07950 966550
Email:  info@acme-group.co.uk
Agent: A+L Architecture Studio
45 Lincoln Close, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 2NN

1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Background 3
3.0 Relevant policies in the local plan


4.0 Description of the Application Site and Surroundings


5.0 Appraisal of the Proposal 8
6.0 Sustainability Strategy 13
7.0 Contaminated land 13
8.0 Public Consultation 13

T:01707 550050

9.0 Miscellaneous Issues 13

Email: info@alarchitecturestudio.com

10.0 Conclusions 14
Appendix 15

A+L Architecture Studio


design and access statement

1.0 introduction

2.0 Background

This application relates to a full Planning Application

The site is located in Foresthall park, at the turn of

to provide a retail unit and 2 dwellings together with

Clarke Close to the south of the open grounds.

associated amenity and access at 164 Foresthall Park.
The application has been submitted on behalf of

Foresthall park is located at the southern edge of

Acme Holding Limited.

Stansted Mountfitchet. The proposal site occupies
a prominent corner position in a residential

The development will provide the local community at

neighbourhood, and is adjacent to a new primary

Foresthall Park with a much needed groceries store

school, and an area of public open space.

for their daily needs. At present the nearest stores
are at Lower Street and Cambridge Road, which is a

Foresthall park development has in excess of 700

minimum distance of approx. 1.4 km (18min walking

dwellings, most of which are occupied. Additionally

time) from the heart of the community.

there are residential areas nearby as well. The issue
concerning lack of any convenience store in the

The key planning and design considerations are

neighbourhood has been long raised by the residents

summarised within this statement.

and local groups, the main issues being that the
nearest retail facilities are at least 1 mile away and

This statement is written to accompany an

considered difficult to access because of the need

application for planning permission as required by the

to use a car in poor weather conditions and a lack

Town and County Planning (General Development

of parking. Following this, the proposal site had been

Procedure) (Amendment) (England) Order 2006[Sl

identified as potentially suitable for a retail unit.

1062 2006]/ Town and Country Planning (General
Development Procedure) Order 1995 Article 4C.”


Scale: 1:1250 | Area 2Ha | Grid Reference: 551405,224142 | Paper Size: A4

A previous approved planning application by
the Foresthall masterplan developers for the area
(ref:UTT/1960/11/FUL) showed residential development
on this site. This application is proposing a mixed-use
development to include retail and residential units.

© Crown copyright, All rights reserved 2014. License number 0100031673

A+L Architecture Studio


164 ForestHall Park

3.0 Relevant policieS in the
Local PLan
Policy SM4/BIR1 - Rochford Nurseries
Land at Rochford Nurseries defined on the Inset
Map, is proposed for comprehensive residential and
associated development for 720 dwellings.
The following criteria must be met:
a) It provides for a mixed and balanced
b) It provides on or off site for a primary school,
a primary health care centre, community facilities,
suitable shopping and satisfactory open space and
arrangements for sport and recreation;
c) It provides for substantial landscaping within the
development boundaries to complement the layout
and arrangement of buildings and may be required,
by legal agreement, to provide off site landscaping.
d) It is designed to mitigate adverse effects upon
existing residential and community interests and
may be required, by legal agreement, to provide or
contribute towards wider and longer term planning
benefits reasonably associated with the alleviation of
any such impact.
The provision of these and other relevant planning
benefits will be regulated by legal agreement on the
grant of associated planning permissions.
Development will need to be implemented in

Policy GEN1 – Access

Policy GEN2 – Design

Policy GEN5 – Light pollution

Development will only be permitted if it meets all of

Development will not be permitted unless its design

Development that includes a lighting scheme will not

the following criteria:

meets all the following criteria and has regard to

be permitted unless:

adopted Supplementary Design Guidance and
a) Access to the main road network must be

Supplementary Planning Documents.

minimum necessary to achieve its purpose, and

capable of carrying the traffic generated by the
development safely.
b) The traffic generated by the development
must be capable of being accommodated on the
surrounding transport network.
c) The design of the site must not compromise road
safety and must take account of the needs of cyclists,
pedestrians, public transport users, horse riders and
people whose mobility is impaired.
d) It must be designed to meet the needs of
people with disabilities if it is development to which
the general public expect to have access.
e) The development encourages movement by
means other than driving a car.

a) The level of lighting and its period of use is the

a) It is compatible with the scale, form, layout,
appearance and materials of surrounding buildings;

b) Glare and light spillage from the site is

b) It safeguards important environmental features
in its setting, enabling their retention and helping
to reduce the visual impact of new buildings or
structures where appropriate;
c) It provides an environment, which meets the
reasonable needs of all potential users.
d) It helps to reduce the potential for crime;
e) It helps to minimise water and energy
f) It has regard to guidance on layout and design
adopted as supplementary planning guidance to the
development plan.
g) It helps to reduce waste production and
encourages recycling and reuse.
h) It minimises the environmental impact on
neighbouring properties by appropriate mitigating
i) It would not have a materially adverse effect
on the reasonable occupation and enjoyment of a
residential or other sensitive property, as a result of
loss of privacy, loss of daylight, overbearing impact or

accordance with a master plan approved by the
Council. This indicates how specific proposals, which
may be implemented on a phased basis, will relate to
an overall design concept for the site.

A+L Architecture Studio


design and access statement

Policy E3 Access to workplaces

Policy H1 – Housing Development

Policy RS2 – Town and Local Centres

Developments that would result in the provision of

The local plan proposes the development of 5052

Retail, commercial and community uses or mixed-use

jobs will be required to include the highest standards

dwellings for the period 2000 to 2011 by the following

development including a residential element will be

of accessibility and inclusion for all people regardless


permitted in the centres of Saffron Walden, Great

of disability, age or gender.

Dunmow, Stansted Mountfitchet or Thaxted if it meets
a) The re-use of existing buildings and previously

all the following criteria:

developed land, and the use of unused land, within
the development limits of the main urban areas:

a) It maintains or enhances their role as retail and
service centres;

Great Dunmow (228 dwellings);
Saffron Walden (399 dwellings; and
Stansted Mountfitchet (121 dwellings)

b) It does not harm their historic and architectural
c) It contributes to the diversity of retail and other
commercial activity;

b) Urban extensions to two of the main urban areas,
and settlement expansions:

d) It does not result in significant loss of houses or
flats in the centres;
e) It does not prejudice the effective use of upper

Oakwood Park, Little Dunmow (810 dwellings);

floors as living or business accommodation.

Rochford Nurseries, Birchanger and Stansted
Mountfitchet (720 dwellings);
Takeley and Priors Green (939 dwellings); and
Woodlands Park, Great Dunmow (1253 dwellings).
Ashdon Road Saffron Walden (75 dwellings)
c) Re-use of existing buildings and previously
developed land outside urban areas (450 dwellings).
d) Other contributions to supply, including
development with outstanding planning permission
not included in the above categories.
Bellrope Meadow Thaxted (30 dwellings)
Brocks Mead Great Easton (20 dwellings)
Hassobury (7 dwellings).

A+L Architecture Studio


164 ForestHall Park

4.0 Description of the
Application Site and
Location and Context
The site is located on a prominent corner position
in a residential neighbourhood and adjacent to
an existing school site and public open space. The
precise location is illustrated in the adjoining map and
images of the context have been included on this
The corner position offers it good visibility from the
surroundings. If the proposal is implemented the close
proximity of the retail unit to the open space and
school will help create a positive community focus
within the residential community.

Proposal site

Public open space

View of site from the public open space
Primary School

View of the Primary School

A+L Architecture Studio


design and access statement

Architectural character of the
Foresthall Park has its own character: a modern
housing development with the distinctive Essex
vernacular. The mixture of materials and detailing,
coupled with simple, modern design gives the
neighbourhood a simple fresh style that is well rooted
in traditional forms. The character along Clark Close
street is clearly set with the 2+ storeyed brick houses,
sloped roofs , with gable ends at prominent corners,
and timber cladding and dormers on roofs offering
accents and interest.
The adjoining school building presents a good
precedent for non-residential use and architectural
character. The large glazing panels and scale
that is much larger and obviously different from
the residential units helps define its non-residential
character, whereas its brick walls ensure that the
building sits well in harmony with the neighbourhood.
These contextual units have offered the most
appropriate reference for defining the architectural
character of the proposed building.

A+L Architecture Studio


164 ForestHall Park

5.0 Appraisal of the Proposal
Appearance -Design and Materials
The NPPF attaches great importance to the design
of the built environment and considers that good
design is a key aspect of sustainable development.
A traditional form of building with simple neat
detailing is proposed complementing those in the
locality and on surrounding roads.
The proposed building will fit into the site comfortably;
the scale of the building is consistent with others in
the locality. The building is to be two storeyed with a
habitable loft.
Materials will be subject to Planning Condition;
however, it is considered that the chosen brick and
roof material and finishes will match the “Copwood”
style of house which is located just across the
street. This will ensure compliance with the pattern
on the street, and just like the corner house across
the street, the proposed building will also perform
as a visual bookend to the units on the street. The

Photomontage showing the proposed development at Clark Close.

proposed building, just like other corner units in the
development, provides a highlight at the corner of
the block , and performs as sentinel unit.

The development comprises of a retail unit on the
ground floor with a gross floor area of 203.8 sq m, a
two-bedroom flat on first floor level with a gross floor
area of 75.2 sq m, and a studio apartment on the loft
with a gross floor area of 52 sq m.

The proposed development is designed to orient
itself towards the corner with active frontages on
the northern and eastern facades. The entry to the
shop is from the north whereas the apartments can
be accessed from the side door on the south wall.
Detailed internal layouts for the ground, first and loft
level floors are shown on this and the following pages.

A+L Architecture Studio

Streetscape with the new proposal on Plot 164


design and access statement

The ridge and eaves levels of the proposed building is
in line with the neighbouring houses. The ground floor
shop has a relatively larger footprint owing to it being
a shopfloor, and to ensure its economical viability,
however by orienting most of the building including
the upper levels towards the street, the building’s
scale is visibly consistent with the neighbourhood. This
has been achieved by ensuring that the building at
first floor level and above is no deeper than the rear
wall of the garage for Plot 163.
In conclusion, through this exemplar design and
the careful consideration of height and scale, the
proposed development will be in harmony with the
streetscape and thus ensure that the character of the
street is maintained .

Neighbouring Amenities
As can be seen from the submitted plans, the design
avoids the necessity for any windows which would
impact upon neighbouring amenities. Window to
window distances across the street are consistent
with other house to house relationships in the locality,
typically around 10m across road. While views to the
open space will be available, it is not considered that
this would be detrimental to users of the open space.
No windows have been proposed on the south
elevation to ensure privacy for residents of Plot 163.

Ground Floor Plan

A+L Architecture Studio


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