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Hello Captain. It has been a while since the inhabitants of Defera have been
reviewed by our intelligence service. Attached to this message you will find a
renewed review about the Deferi, their development and future potential.
When the people of Defera first reached out to other people of the galaxy
they did so in good faith. When the fleet of Klingon chancellor Mow'ga drifted
in space, the Deferi offered their help and earned the respect of the Klingon
Empire to which Defera established it's first interplanetary diplomatic relation
with a major galactic faction. Some time later the United Federation of Planets
opened diplomatic relations as well. Not quite matching the level of
technological development, the Deferi welcomed brief exchanges of
technology and scientific findings.
But the Deferi had to learn that the galaxy is a dangerous place. The Breen
invasion of the Orellius sector showed that Defera was in no position to
defend itself against aggressive forces in their own home system. What little
means of defense their world had was quickly overwhelmed and without the
aid of the Klingon Empire or the Federation, the Deferi were soon to be
conquered by the invading Breen, if that had been their intention.
The Deferi value the concept of universal balance above all else. Their most
prominent philosophical and spiritual teachings aim at achieving and
preserving balance in everything they do, be it day-to-day business or
interplanetary relations.

The Breen incursion did shatter this balance. While they are not a warlike
people their society acknowledged the necessity of means to defend
themselves. Ambassador Surah approached representatives of the Klingon
Empire and the Fedration when the Breen conflict was resolved, voicing the
Deferi's wish to advance their technological development to be prepared for
the moment when they once against would set out to explore the galaxy and
to provide for their people.

Deferi Guardian practicing Mokbara

This technological advance has come quite a way since we last reviewed the
Deferi. They showed themselves determined and very eager to learn and
improve themselves. We witnessed the foundation of a special organization
dubbed "The Guardian Order of Defera". This order is made up of highly
determined individuals that follow the concept of universal balance and the
guidance of the preservers ancient teachings, broadening their understanding
of nature, technology and interplanetary relationship in the process. They do
resemble a spiritual order of "monks" (and "nuns") more than anything else.
But while they spend most of their time studying the galaxy and helping those
in need they also learn how to fight. Going by their order's very name it is not
surprising that the "Guardians" are also determined to protect their people
and home world.
It is not surprising that the ideal of balance can also be found in their
philosophy of defense. After everything the Deferi faced and their pleas for
assistance to the major powers, the Federation Council eventually agreed to
provide technological aid to improve their planet's and star ship’s defensive
capabilities while the Klingon High Council agreed to advise their Guardians
in the art of combat. The result are highly skilled individuals, utilizing
advanced technology and sophisticated manners of offensive and defensive
capabilities in order to protect themselves, their people and their allies. High
ranking members of the Guardian Order are known to partake in extensive
officer exchange programs with both Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force.

A cadre of Guardians in the field

Deferi Guardians prefer a defensive approach in ground combat. They can be
seen utilizing phased long range weaponry of Starfleet quality while placing
temporary shields in the field to find shelter. They usually avoid close combat,
given Deferi aren't the most physical of species. However, the Klingon training
and the teachings of Mokbara have made them somewhat skilled martial
artists, at least skilled enough to push the enemy back and gain ground
quickly. A few high ranking Guardians have even been seen utilizing light
telekinetic forces in combat, aimed at slowing the enemies approach.

Different variants of Unity-class shuttlecraft

Deferi scientists, engineers and Guardians alike worked in close cooperation
with Klingon and Federation personnel to upgrade their generic star ship
design and to come up with vessels dedicated to relief KDF and Starfleet
forces from patrol duty within the Orellius sector block. This new class of star
ship, the Equilibrium cruiser, is a highly advanced star cruiser with a versatile,
balanced mission profile. Those ships can usually be seen to utilize phaser
emitters and quantum torpedoes while large parts of their internal systems
seem to utilize sturdy Klingon engineering concepts.

The star cruiser “Concinnity” in orbit around Defera

The Deferi have come a long way and seem soon to be capable of dealing
with their own affairs. Ambassador Surah voiced the Deferi's gratefulness and
their wish for further close cooperation between our people.

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