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5th KFHJ Neurosurgical Updates
10-12 February 2015
Conference Program

Day 1 (Tuesday: 10/2/2015)
Session 1:

Neurovascular pathologies

Moderators:  Pr Elgohary Mohamed , Dr Abdulrahman Alshamy, Dr Amr Al habib  


7:  30  –  8:  00  


 8:  00  –  8:20  

Ethical  dilemma  in  daily  
neurosurgical  practice.    

Pr  Ahmed  Ammar

8:20  –  8:45  

Efficacy  of  CT  Angiography  in  the  
diagnosis  and  preoperative  planning  
of  patients  with  suspected  Cerebral  
50  cases  of  A.V.M  operated.  
Neurosurgery  department,  National  
institute  of  neurology,  Tunis
Surgery  of  cerebral  AVMs:  do  we  
really  need  adjuvant  therapy?    

Dr  Montasser,    Foda,  Dr  Kamal  
Balkheur,  Dr  Ahmad  Haroon  

8:45  –  9:05  

9:05    –  9:25  

Session 2:  


Pr  Hafedh  JEMEL  
Pr  Mostafa  Kotb

Neurovascular pathologies

Moderators:  Pr Yong Kwang Tu, Dr Khalil Kurdi , Pr Abderrahman Al Aneezy  
09:25–  09:  45  

ARUBA  study    

Dr  Khalil  Kurdi    

09:  45  –  10:  05  

Controversies  in  the  Management  of  
Intracranial  Arteriovenous  

Pr  Yong-­‐Kwang  Tu  

5 th K .F.H .J N eurosurgical update Conference Program


Vein  of  Galen  Aneurysmal  
Malformation:  Local  Experience.  

10:  05  –  10:  25  



Dr  Abdulrahman  Alshamy  

Coffee  break  



11:  00  -­‐  12:00  

Opening Ceremony


Recitation  of  Holy  Quran


Message  from  President  of  the  organizing  committee:    
Dr  Saggaf  Assaggaf    


Message  from  President  of  the  conference:  Hospital  director  of  King  
Fahd  Hospital  M.O.H  


Message  of  his  excellency,  the  Regional  Director  of  health  affairs,  


Acknowledgement  ceremony  


Medical  Exhibition  

Prayer Time and lunch

12:  00    -­‐  14:  00  

Session 3:

Skull Base  

Moderators:  Pr

Saleh Baeesa,  Dr Hossam Maaty, Dr Ali Ben Salama  




14:00    -­‐  14:20  

Establishing  an  integrated  skull  base  program.  

Pr  Ahmad  Zohdi  

14:20  -­‐  14:40  

The  translabyrinthine  approach  for  cerebellopontine  
angle  tumors:  a  report  of  10  cases  
Limitation  and  complications  of  Endonasal  

Dr.  Hani  Azzouni,  Dr  Isam  saleh,      
Dr  Saggaf  assaggaf  

14:40  -­‐  15:00  

5 th K .F.H .J N eurosurgical update Conference Program

Pr  Ahmad  Zohdi


endoscopic  approaches,  “how  to  avoid”.  
15:00    -­‐  15:20  

Recurrent  Pituitary  Macro  adenoma.    

Dr.    Karuppanan  Bagathsingh  




Coffee  break  

End Of Day 1
Day 2 (wednesday: 11/3/2014)

Session 4:  

Skull base



Pr  Ahmad  Zohdi;  Pr  Zineldine  Jamjoum  




08:  00    -­‐  08:20  

Surgical  Approaches  for  lesions  around  the  Foramen  

Dr.  Ahmed  Alkhani  

08:20    -­‐  08:40  


Transcallosal  approach  for  craniopharyngiomas    

Pr.  Hafedh  JEMEL  

(4  cases).    
Dr  Abdulrazag  Ajlan  

09:00  –  09:20  

Converting  a  Tuberculum  Sellae  Meningioma  to  a  
Convexity  Meningioma:  The  Endoscopic  Trans  
nasal  Approach.  
Petroclival  meningiomas.  

09:20  -­‐  09:45  

Jugular  Foramen  tumor  management  strategy  

Dr  Isam  saleh,  Dr  Saggaf  assaggaf  

08:  40    -­‐  09:  00  

Dr  Sobhy  Houissa  

Coffee  break  
5 th K .F.H .J N eurosurgical update Conference Program


Session 5:  

Neurovascular pathologies

Moderators:  Pr Khalaf Al- Moteiry, Pr Saruhan Cekirge, Dr Kamal Balkheur  
Pr  Saruhan  Cekirge  


Endovascular  treatment  of  cerebral  pial  
AVMs  with  prolonged  intranidal  ONYX  
injections:  where  do  we  stand  after  
ARUBA  study?  

10:35–  10:50  

Pial  arteriovenous  fistulas.    

Dr  Mohamed  Al-­‐Olama    

A  case  of  microsurgical  excision  of  a  
cervical  spine  AVM  in  a  pregnant  lady.  

Dr.    Karuppanan  Bagathsingh  

10:  15–  10:  35  

10:50–  11:05  

Session 6:  

Neurovascular pathologies

Moderators:  Pr. Helmut Bertalanffy,

Pr Jacques Moret, Dr Mohamed Binmahfoodh  

11:05–  11:25  

The  natural  history  of  the  cranial  
aneurysms.  Review  and  analyses  

11:25–  11:45  

Different  flow  modification  
Pr  Saruhan  Cekirge  
techniques  applied  from  in  and  out  of  
cerebral  aneurysm  sac  with  current  
tools  in  endovascular  treatment:  what  
may  be  the  future?  


11:  45–  12:  05  
12:  05–  12:  25  

Pr  Nasser  Mossad  

"Intracranial  Stenting,  Truth,  Dare  or  

Dr  Khalil  Kurdi  

Periprocedural  medication  for  stent  
or  flow  divertor  assisted  cerebral  
aneurysms:  Pharmacological  
considerations  to  decrease  the  risk  of  
peri  and  post  procedural  

Pr  Saruhan  Cekirge  

5 th K .F.H .J N eurosurgical update Conference Program


12:25    -­‐  14:00  

Prayer  time  and  Lunch  


Session 7:  

Neurovascular pathologies

Moderators:  Pr Nasser Mossad; Dr.  Ahmed  Alkhani;  Dr  Essam  Al-­‐Shoail  
14:00–  14:  20  
14:  20–  14:  40  
14:  40–  14:  55  
14:  55–  15:  10  

Surgical  Strategies  for  Giant  
and  Complex  Intracranial  

Pr  Yong-­‐Kwang  Tu  

Stent  assisted  coiling  of  
complex  cerebral  aneurysms:  
where  do  we  stand  in  2015?    

Pr  Saruhan  Cekirge  

The  Supraorbital-­‐Orbitotomy  
Minicraniotomy  for  anterior  
circulation  aneurysms.  

Prof.  Bassem  Y.  Sheikh.  

Aneurysmal  SubArachnoidal  
Hemorrhage:  14  years  
experience  of  Neurosurgical  
Department  in  Sfax  -­‐  Tunisia  

Dr  Ibrahim  Kammoun  –  
Prof  Mohamed  Zaher  BouDowara  

15:  10–  15:  25  

Intracranial  Aneurysms  in  HIV-­‐ Prof.  Saleh  Baeesa  
Infected  Patients.    

15:25  –  15:40  

Decompressive  craniectomy  in   Dr  Rohail  Qadri,  Dr  Riadh  Rebai,  Dr  Islam  
intracerebral  hemorrhage.    
Aboulfetouh,  Dr  Mohamed  Elsissy  

End Of Day 2

5 th K .F.H .J N eurosurgical update Conference Program


Day 3 (Thursday: 12/2/2015)

Session 8:

Skull Base

Moderators:  Pr Mostafa Kotb,  Pr Mohamed Zaher Boudawara, Dr Abdulrazag Ajlan  
08:00–  08:20  

Intraoperative  Structure  Update  in  
skull  base  tumor  surgery.    

Pr  Niklas  Thon  

08:20–  08:35  

Olfactory  meningiomas:  60  cases  

Pr.  Hafedh  JEMEL  

08:35–  08:50  

Gamma  knife  Radiosurgery  in  
perioptic  meningiomas  

Dr  Hossam  Maaty


Session 9:  



Moderators:  ;  Pr.  Hafedh  JEMEL,    Prof.  Niklas  Thon  ,  Dr  Abdulla  Qassim  



08:50  –  09:05  

Micro  vascular  Decompression  for  
hemifacial  spasm.    

Pr  Bassem  Y.  Sheikh  


Posterior  fossa  tumors:  Shunt  versus  
no  Shunts  

Pr Elgohary Mohamed  

09:05  -­‐  09:  20  

A  lesion  inside  a  lesion  in  the  brain    

Dr  Khalid  Siddiqui  

09:  20–  09:  35  

Humanitarian  Neurosurgery  

Dr  Safi  Ur  Rehman  

09:  35  -­‐  09:  50    

Is  It  safe  to  leave  the  Head  Open?  

Dr  Safi  Ur  Rehman  

Coffee  Break  

5 th K .F.H .J N eurosurgical update Conference Program


Session 10:  



 Pr  Bassem  Y.  Sheikh,  Dr  Sobhy  Houissa,  Dr  Youssef  Assayed  



10:10  –  10:30  

Cloud  base  network  QUENTRY.  

Eng. Bernard Kandalaf

Posters presentations  
Dr Sana Mezghani Boussetta  

10:  30–  10:40    

Brain  arterio-­‐venous  and  
cavernous  malformations:  
contribution  of  imaging  in  the  
diagnosis  and  follow  up  after  

10:  40  –  10:50  

Encephalo-­‐duro-­‐  arterio  
Dr Riadh Rebai  
synangiosis  for  Moya  Moya.  An  
illustrative  surgical  procedure.      
Closing Ceremony  

Displayed along the conference

1. Brain   arterio-­‐venous   and   cavernous   malformations:   contribution  
of  imaging  in  the  diagnosis  and  follow  up  after  treatment.  Dr Sana

Mezghani Boussetta .  

Encephalo-­‐duro-­‐  arterio  synangiosis  for  Moya  Moya.  An  
illustrative  surgical  procedure.    Dr Riadh Rebai  

5 th K .F.H .J N eurosurgical update Conference Program


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