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 Thank You Recent Eta Phi Chapter Alumni Donors ! 

Ask yourself the last time the actives or alumni corp. reached out to you formally to assist in financing the Eta Phi Chapters momentum? It’s
likely been awhile, as formally we haven’t asked since 2009. That stated, it’s hard to make the financial contributions to a place you love
when no one is asking, especially as many of you are at a distance, with a lot on your plate, between work, and family to say the least.
That stated I was surprised when I asked for who and how much people had still been donating to the Theta Chi Eta Phi Alumni Corp via ​
1856 Club​
,” or “​
The Men of 87 Franklin Blvd​
using Paypal. Upon review I want to thank the below individuals who have contributed over the
years! As well I want to truly commend those who still do find the resources to make that one time donation,​
or monthly $18.56
. No doubt as of recent you’ve seen where that money goes, as well from the graph below you see we started off well, but didn’t
want to come off like a sad NPR radio DJ, requesting for donations, even though per the above articles we have much to fix this spring!

Either way, please know your assistance and presence, as its available, is always welcome and appreciated. Historically
we have received $7,200 over the last few years but want to increase it, with ​
a very real annual goal of $6,500 / year by
signing up 30 brothers in the 1856 club with an annual donation of $220 or $18.56/month. 

If you prefer sending a check, please make it payable to
“Eta Phi of Theta Chi Alumni” and mail it to:

Theta Chi Fraternity
c/o John Horvat
2 Kenberton Dr.
Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069 

See You For The Next Delta in Time For Founder’s Day in April!                                                                                                                                           8