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Part 1: Races
Praotian elves are nomads of the sea. They travel around their entire lives on small
moving islands, fishing and trading with sailors. Most don't know anything but the
island they've lived on for their entire lives, sometimes for hundreds of years.
All traits are as they appear in the 5th edition player's handbook.

Praotian halflings grow up on the outskirts of human port towns. They are seen as
low-life scum by humans because most of them make their living by thieving and
smuggling. They are small and very good at what they do. All traits are as they
appear in the 5th edition player's handbook.

Praotian gnomes grow up on elven islands. They are highly militant and serve as
protectors to the peaceful elven fishers. They hide in the small forests of the elven
islands and wait for intruders. For this service, they are given food and shelter by
the elves. All traits are as they appear in the 5th edition player's handbook.

Gumma are a race of humanoid fish. They live in the sea near ocean currents and
wait for human ships to pass by. They then jump on board, walking on tail fins,
they kill the humans and take their goods. Gumma are known as the best pirates in
Praotia. They make stealthy raiders and smugglers and are known for their stealthy
quietness. Although they can speak the common tongue (barely) they speak their
own language that involves popping noises and throat convulsions.
Ability Score Increase:Your Dexterity increases by 2.
Age: Gumma reach adulthood by age 10 and live to be around 100 years old.

Alignment: Gumma tend to be chaotic. There is no tendency toward good or evil
Size:Your size is medium.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 20 feet. However, you have a swimming speed
of 45 feet.
Darkvision: Because of living in the deep sea, you gain 60' darkvision.
Aquatic Proficiency: You have proficiency with using all aquatic vehicles.
Quiet Fins: You have proficiency in the stealth skill.
Languages: You speak both Gumman and common, although you cannot speak
common without a major speech impediment. You cannot read or write.
All unmentioned races are as they are written in the 5th edition player's handbook.

Part 2: The Gods

Alignment Domains


Atrial, god of death
and darkness




Ilara, goddess of



An open book

Vitalar, god of life



Blue Heart

Photal, god of light



Sun with five

Eathon, goddess of
earth and nature



A leaf with red

Coralon, god of
storms and the sea



A wave

Rotar, god of thieves, CN
smugglers, and


A brown glove

Drokar, god of war


A bleeding goat


It is said that in the beginning there was only the sea. Coralon and Photal
were at a constant war with each other, and out of this conflict, the fire of the sun
mixing with the water of the sea, Vitalar was born. He then created all the fish in
the sea. And the largest fish spit out Eathon, who ruled over the fish that Vitalar

had created. Coralon attempted to kill the fish, because he felt they were invading
his home turf. Eathon fought him off, and to spite him created the islands of
Praotia. She and Vitalar created the plants and animals to inhabit the land. But
Vitalar became regretful of his choice, and to combat nature created humans with
Ilara. Soon the world became crowded, so Vitalar tore all the dark aspects from
himself and created Atrial out of them to preserve order. Rotar and Drokar were
birthed by human mothers from Ilara and Atrial, and this brings us to Praotia as it
stands today.

Part 3: Currency
Original D&D

Praotian Coin


Face Image

Platinum Piece

Piece of Eight

Ten Doubloons

Front: King Talth
Back: Galley

Gold Piece


Two Schillings

Front: Five-Pointed
Back: Skull

Electrum Piece


Ten Tralvers

Front: Two Wavy
Back: A Flame

Silver Piece


Ten Valtas

Front: King Tralver
Back: Queen
Talyse II

Copper Piece


One Valta

Front: Glove
Back: Small Ship

Part 4: Factions
His Majesty

Monarchy of Praotia based in Silas
Lawful Good
Goals: To preserve law and order in Praotia
Founded in the first year PO (Post-Order) by King Talth I.
Motto: “Law is our code”
Symbol: Jeweled Crown
Typical Quests: Uproot smuggler's dens, find information on criminals.

The Grafters

Assassin's guild based in Bulas
Largest assassin's guild in Praotia
Lawful Evil
Goals: To balance power in Praotia
Founded in the 264th year PO by an assassin named Graff Karton.
Motto: “Blood runs red from both kings and peasants”
Symbol: A bloody dagger
Typical quests: Kill a powerful figure, raise someone to a more powerful

The Smuggler's and Raider's Alliance

Alliance of smugglers and pirates based in Smuggler's Den.
Chaotic Evil
Goals: Gain treasure by any means necessary
Motto: “Gold glitters brighter than glory”
Symbol: Skull and crossbones
Typical quests: Raid ships, smuggle goods, find lost treasures.

The Order of the Trident

Trading company based in Tortia.
Chaotic Good
Goals: Establish trade between the islands.
Motto: “Coralon is with us”

• Symbol: Golden Trident
• Typical Quests: Protect ships, establish trade routes, find source of of a

Elves of the Moving Islands

Colonies of elves on moving islands
Chaotic Good
Goals: Live peacefully among others
Motto: “Visitors are friends”
Symbol: A fish
Typical Quests: Protect an island,

Orcs of Kinti Island

Tribe of orcs on Kinti Island.
Chaotic Evil
Goals: To clear the island of other creatures
Motto: “Crush all opposition”
Symbol: A bloodshot eye
Typical Quests: Kill other things

Dwarves of Lorti

Kingdom of dwarves in the Lone Mount
Lawful Neutral
Goals: To keep to themselves
Motto: “Strong as stone”
Symbol: A blacksmith's hammer
Typical quests: Find treasures, keep outsiders away

Banker's Guild

Guild of bankers in Fasir
Lawful Neutral
Goals: To control the Praotian economy
Motto: “Coins clink louder than words”
Symbol: Two gold coins
Typical quests: Find robbers, protect banks,

Part 5: History
Part 5A: The Royal Line

King Talth I
◦ Came into power year 1 PO
◦ Conquered all of Praotia and brought it under one rule
King Talth II
◦ Came into power year 23 PO
◦ Established first bank of Fasir
King Talth III
◦ Came into power year 62 PO
◦ Known as greatest Praotian king
◦ Established inter-island trade in Praotia
◦ Established colonies all over Praotia
◦ Established the city of Silas
King Talth IV
◦ Came into power year 135 PO
◦ Known for his lust and lack of chastity
◦ Was caught cheating on the queen and was beheaded
King Ithan I
◦ Came into power year 138 PO
◦ Bastard of King Talth IV
◦ Was the only suitable heir to the throne
◦ Known for beefing up the guard forces around Praotia
King Ithan II
◦ Came into power year 172 PO
◦ Established the prison city of Fortal
King Tralver I
◦ Came into power year 198 PO
◦ Established city of Lorti
◦ Made common cause with the dwarves of the Lone Mount
◦ Made first coin mints in Praotia
King Tralver II
◦ Came into power year 256 PO

◦ Known for outbursts of rage
• King Tralver III
◦ Came into power year 260 PO
◦ Assassinated by Graff Karton in 264 PO
• King Ralu I
◦ Came into power year 264 PO
◦ Beefed up king's guard forces
• King Ralu II
◦ Came into power year 289 PO
◦ Current king
◦ Known for his lavish life-style

Part 5B: Geographic Backgrounds
• Founded by King Talth III in year 78 PO
• Capital of Praotia
• Big trading city

• Retreat for rich merchants and royalty
• Fine cuisine
• Lots of villa houses

Lardon and Larthon
• “Twin cities” of Tular Island
• Lardon is a very rich trading city while Larthon is a very poor industrial city

The Three Dragons

Uninhabited islands north of Silas
Known for their strange creatures and hidden treasures
Frequent stop for smugglers on the way to Silas
Legend has it that they who go there are cursed to die

Heart Isle
• Volcanic island inhabited by dragons.

Kinti Island
• Inhabited by orcs
• Contains the orc temple city of Intuk

Isle of the Lone Mount
• Contains dwarf colony
• Contains the trading city of Lorti
• Where the coins of Praotia are minted

Halfor Isle
• Contains banking city of Fasir
• Was originally one island with the Isle of the Lone Mount
◦ Islands split in a massive earthquake.

Volkos Islands
• Chain of uninhabited volcanic islands.

Contior Island
• Contains the four “cities of secrecy”
• Smuggler's paradise
• Full of thieves, assassins, and pirates

• Prison city
• Where the worst prisoners of Praotia go
• Maximum security

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