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J. S. Wisdom printed his first edition ( Booklet ) Laboratory Hints and Efficiencies in 1958, this
is a reprint explaining in detail Vol. 2, four steps in field identification of minerals , rocks and ores,
assaying, and smelting reduced to lay terms which any high school student or prospector can under stand . This book gives the small mining operator the opportunity to enter in to the field of smelting
never before offered. From Canada to South America this writer observed the need for thousands of
prospects , small mines and small operators who could not ship ore at a profit , there was too little ore
occurrences , too little or no water, or too small a vein .or deposit to work by a company.
However all mines were prospects at one time, and the science of mining has been taken from
the prospector who has to rely on the custom smelters or mills to process his ore - mineral, therefore
many small mines in out of the way places could not be prospected especially in so called backward
or undeveloped countries.
This printing allows the prospector , the student , the small-operator to enter into the field of
mining, milling and smelting on a small scale. Thence wet or dry, my units may be packed in to the
prospect area and worked at a profit, due to the fact the money is in the processing. This booklet to
be issued to customers using the Wisdom Chemico - Thermo process, equipment , mill - smelters of
my design, under my patent rights , Copyrights and Trade Marks in process . The booklet has been
developed over the years from research of this need from a saddleblanket practical on the spot experience in Australia, we call it the outback, in western U. S. A . , the hills, in Central and South AmAmerica, the jungle and in Canada , the bush.
These printings are not filled with elaborate technological terms, college professors degrees,
theory, but reduced to economic methods within the reach of the small man in terms he can understand. Therefore thousands of little plants may produce , as was the case in the days of the Spanish
Conquistadores. Whereas in the old mine camps one today observes the arrasta, the horse whim, the
little coke furnace. These arts are lost today , or have been digested by the big companies who have
put the small man and prospector out of business. However it must be remembered these thousands of
small mines in the years past built the great democracies, republics and stabilized their economies,
only to be gobbled up by the big companies. My book now makes it possible for the little man to
enter into the mining field from A to Z , and process his prospect to a saleable state either in c o m m ercial bar , or develop a prospect to a mine state of commercial consequences.
It is to be remembered that the money is in the processing, and the thousands of small operations of yesteryears made great our countries of today. Repetition is now possible under my Trade Marks
Patents ( International) and book of instructions.
This reprint entails field tests, prospecting, mining, milling and most important , smeltingfuming. Condensed, simplified on the important minerals, metals, elements and rare m e t a l - elements
heretoforeinaccesible to the small mining operator, prospectors and mine owners. The book contains
chemical tests , hydro-metallurgical processes, floatation, spectroscopy, assaying.
This is not just another technical book on minerals, rocks, geology, engineering, but a simple
quick test system for field identification prospecting for, and processing the important minerals,
elements within the reach of the small man, 98 elements, more than 300 ores- minerals.
I am not a white collar man in some college or mining school who never saw a mine, much
less produce, dealing with book theory, which work in laboratories, but in the bush, or back country
but I go in to the practical end on mining-milling - smelting on any small prospect and my whole
set up can be packed anywhere and moved the same day.
This book of instructions deals with rocks, minerals, elements, ores as they are found in n a t ure alloyed, complex, black sand and hidden values, regardless of complexity or what part of the world
are found. The writer has a production record, based on years of field experience, using developing
and researching as well as working for the major companies including the A . E . C . I have taught in adult
classes dealing with metallurgy, chemistry and field prospecting and as a matter-of-fact several major
mines-mills-smelters were founded on my process including Olivine Exploration Ltd. a major platinum
gold producer.
My production record includes major companies I worked for, and a personal production record
in my own mining interests and companies.
YOU TOO CAN SMELT - J. S. Wisdom, Tulameen, B. C, Canada