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Incoming ore from the
Bell Feed to a rubber lined Slurrey Mixer
where the silver sulphates are put in to solution. A Slurrey Pump at
the bottom of the screen
conveys water soluable
silver to the Ionic Migrator.

The gold, silver and
platinum is caught in
mercury traps on the
Migrator with 15,000
volts static electricity
positive field with a
6 - volt negative field.

The sands from the
screen are dewatered
and belt conveyed to
the Tube Conversion
Furnace which empties
on to a low density
Magnetic Separator.
The low density Magnet
ic Separator leaves the
slightly magnetic i l m enites and slightly magnetic platinums in the
non magnetic pulp.
While the magnetite
comes off as a high
grade oxide of iron a m enable to making sponge