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500-point test 3

Five face-off
Zero Tolerance
on Downtime
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By Colin Barnett
For the latest running of the Europe-wide
500-point test, the requirement was simple: 4x2 tractors
with medium-sized sleeper cabs. As always, all manufacturers were invited to attend, and almost all accepted. For
whatever reason, the only ones to decline were the two
Volkswagen brands, Scania and MAN.
As we’re probably still a decade or two away from a single European truck specification, the interpretations are as
varied as the menus in the staff canteens of the factories
that built the five trucks. The Renault is probably the most
closely related to its maximum sized stablemate, a fact reflected in it having the greatest internal width. Daf and
Volvo go for the approach of totally different cab designs
for their medium and large ranges, while Iveco and
Mercedes-Benz go for narrower versions of their mainstream models. Height-wise, only the Daf Space Cab is visibly taller in a line-up, a fact confirmed by the tape measure’s verdict on internal height.

Testing times: every
aspect of our five cabs was
thoroughly examined and
tested by our experts


Images: Karl-Heinz Augustin

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In our latest 500-point test we put five of
the latest 4x2 tractors with medium-sized
sleeper cabs through their paces