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PS4 Highlight

Choosing the right headset can be difficult!

Sony Does It Right

Turtle Beach Seven $$$$$

This generation of console releases have been
the most exciting and competitive yet with PlayStation
4 and Xbox One head to head. As Prestigious Gaming
has been in development, we have been there through it
all and now I will give you my take on this arms race for

Starting out I would like to say that I did take a
lot of thought into what gaming system I would buy next
coming into this new year. What I first look at when
comparing consoles is not the CPU, GPU, or even the
storage space or RAM. The game library is definitely
my focus when choosing a console. I looked at the PS4
game library and figured out what I actually wanted to
play. After comparing the Xbox One game library with
the PS4’s I definitely had my choice, the PS4. The PS4
had some pretty strong launch titles such as Infamous:
Second Son, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes,
Wolfenstein: The New order, and Watch Dogs.

The Turtle Beach Seven headset is one of the more expensive headsets,
though has the highest performance. It has many custom settings and can
utilize 8 speakers and has amazing sound quality. Turtle Beach is a fairly
well known brand and with that comes a lot of expectations of it being a
quality product, which it lives up to flawlessly. I have yet to hear anything
bad about this product except that it might be a little complicated to setup.
My only concern with this headset is that it is powered by USB.

Sennheiser PC-Series $$$

The Sennheiser PC-Series is a step down from the Turtle Beach Seven,
though still offers great quality sound and has a wonderful design. The
price for this product is still up there, but it is manageable. I would note that
the bass frequency response is a little weak.

Razer Tiamat $$$$

Razer Tiamat is a great product as well with awesome surround sound
and bass output. The only problem with the Razer Tiamat is that it
requires a 5.1 or 7.2 sound cards to function at full surround sound
capacity. This headset also needs a USB connection and cost a bit more
than the Sennheiser even though it has the same sound quality.

Razer Kraken $$

Another choice for the more financially concerned gamers would be the
Tritton AX headset. The sound quality for this headset is basically the
same as the Razer Kraken. A feature I would note for this headset is that
there is separate volume for gaming and for chat. The cons are similar to
the Razer Kraken with no surround sound, but also has weaker bass.

Tritton AX $$$

If you’re looking for a more inexpensive gaming headset there is the Razer
Kraken. This headset is comfortable and affordable for most gamers with
decent sound quality. The only con about this headset would be that it
does not have surround sound, wireless, or in-line volume control.

Creative Fatal1ty $

I personally use a Creative Fatal1ty gaming headset I bought for $79.99,
though this was six months ago when they were hotter on the market.
They now sell for around $30-50. This is a great cheap gaming headset
with the most basic functionality to get the job done. I would like to say it
has convenient in-line controls with decent sound quality. Sometimes the
foam mouthpiece falls off so I would like to upgrade soon. I would highly
recommend saving up for the specific headset that is right for you, it is
definitely worth the money and will save you a lot of grief down the road.


By: Adam Redman

playstation 4



But these were just the games straight from
release and Sony had plenty more titles in the works
such as Destiny, which had insane hype since it would
be released first on PS4. As I compared all of the current
and upcoming games, I found that most of the games I
would play would eventually be on PS4 as well as Xbox
One, so I didn’t really have any qualms by choosing PS4
as the more inexpensive console.

Enough about the games, lets talk about some of
the functionality. The PS4 introduced a new customizable
interface titled PlayStation Dynamic Menu and is
equipped with the expected third-party vendors such as
Netflix and Amazon. These things are useful to me, but
not completely essential. I think most consumers expect
mainly two of the following things from their consoles:
1.) To play their games 2.) To play movies and stream
TV shows. The PS4 has those two essential things most
consumers look for in a console, the rest is basically
extra. This might be why the Wii U has been struggling

with their fan base, because they’re not meeting those
two essential functions. The Xbox One certainly does
have those two basic functions, but on release it was
$100 more than the PS4, making it a no-brainer for most
gamers which console they would buy. This has caused
the Xbox one to basically rethink their marketing
perspective in this year’s console war.

Moving on to social features for the PS4, there
are a lot of new things gamers can use now. The new
DualShock 4 controller includes a “SHARE” button,
allowing the player to cycle through the last 15 minutes of
gameplay to select a screenshot or video clip and share
it on their choice of social media. The PS4 also includes
a live stream service and editing software, though they
could need quite a bit of improvement. With all of these
new gadgets, PS4 is an amazing entertainment system
and is well worth the money. I do think all of these
nonessential features have spoiled us gamers quite a bit
and so we expect more and more just about every year.
It is important to remember what the main point of
purchasing a gaming system is, to play games! So, I
recommend to not get so caught up in the specifics and
just pick the system with the games you want to play.

Looking ahead now we’re looking at some huge
PS4 exclusives such as The Order: 1886, Infamous:
First Light, Final Fantasy XV, Let It Die, and the Last of
Us Remastered. These are definitely popular games I’m
looking forward to, which sways me even more towards
Sony. So, which side will you choose?

Prestigious Gaming Rated: 4.5/5
By: Adam Redman