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Author: Darrell Warren

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Woodworking Tips and Tricks

Complied By Darrell Warren

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3 Basic Woodworking Tips To Help You Get Started

By Bob A. Turner
Getting started with woodworking is easy with the right tools, materials and woodworking plans. These will require
a solid investment, but there are a few basic woodworking tips you need to follow to get the most bang from your
buck. Here are 3 basic woodworking tips to get you started in the best possible way:
#1: Getting Basic Tools
You'll definitely have to pop down to your local hardware store in the near future, unless one of your family
members is also a woodworking enthusiast. To start off, the basic woodworking tools you'll need are an upgraded
table saw, a cordless drill, and a router table. Upgrading your table saw will save you from having to buy a miter saw,
and is a good long term investment regardless. One of the basic woodworking tips I learned a long time ago is to
maintain these tools well, so that you won't have to replace them more than you have to. Alternatively, if you're on
a budget and don't mind waiting for your tools, you can buy them through eBay or Craigslist.
#2: Quality Materials For Woodworking
Obviously, you'll need lots and lots of wood to get started on your initial projects, but don't go overboard when you
do buy it. Buy what you need, and go back for more when you need more. That way, you avoid wastage and spoilage
of your wood supply.
Obviously, you can always head down to Home Depot or any other large warehouse type supply store to get the
wood that you need, but these only tend to offer a limited range. If you're looking for something other than pine,
oak, cedar and plywood, then you can look online to get a good deal on those. eBay and Craigslist are another two
good sources to buy your wood on a budget.
#3: Accurate Custom Woodworking Plans
When you're getting started with woodworking, one of the most important basic woodworking tips is to use
accurate custom woodworking plans. Good custom woodworking plans are a solid investment that will save you
thousands of dollars in wasted materials and countless hours of your precious time. Unless you're vastly
experienced in woodworking and have your own personally designed plans, you're going to need to search online
for good ones. The best woodworking plans will tell you what materials and tools you need, as well as how to go
about constructing your project (complete with diagrams) step by step.

Clearly, there's not a lot of room for error with the basic woodworking tips for finding the best tools and materials,
but plans are where most beginner woodworkers get stuck. There are many different custom woodworking plans
being offered online, but if you want the best, then I highly recommend Ted's Woodworking Plans.
Ted's Woodworking Plans will save you a lot of time and money, especially when you're getting started in
woodworking [http://www.doingwoodwork.com/teds-woodworking-plans-review]! Find out more about how I
finished every woodworking project quickly and professionally with Ted's Woodworking Plans
[http://www.doingwoodwork.com/teds-woodworking-plans-review] reviewed at my website.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bob_A._Turner
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6311456

Article 2
Free Woodworking Tips and Tricks For Beginners
By Travis Montgomery
If you are someone who is just about to start on the fascinating hobby of woodworking or you have done a project
or two in the past but you're looking for some free woodworking tips to help you embark on more woodworking
projects, I say, read on.
These woodworking tips and tricks I'm about to share in this article have specifically you in mind.
Woodworking Tips for Beginners:
Getting Started
Before anything else, you need to decide what projects you want to start on.
For someone completely new to woodworking, I would strongly suggest that you start with more modest
woodworking projects. Some that comes to mind are: birdhouses, bird feeders, simple benches, and the like. It'll get
you started on the right foot and give you the feel of starting, building and having the reward of seeing your finished
Believe me, it isn't as frustrating too.
But, make no mistake, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from building more complicated projects like sheds
and cabinets. I guess what I'm saying is that these kind of projects would take more effort and a different level of
commitment for a beginner to complete.
When I first started out, I had this crazy notion that power tools can get the job done. And I specifically remembered
saving money for some while getting started on simple woodworking projects.
What I got from that experience is that you can get started with hand tools. In fact, I still use basic hand tools like
saw and chisel even if I have some power tools around. There's just some tools that I consider very indispensable.
On the other hand, I like having some power tools around. It saves me time and it is more efficient to use. One of
the drawbacks I've had with power tools was it could get very noisy. So getting complaints from neighbors is one
thing you have to consider if using some power tools.

How Much Will it Cost?
Probably the question that gets asked a lot of times. Ana a question I cannot give a definite answer to.
It depends on various factors like the project you are planning to build, the materials, and the tools.
One thing I've always done is always have a good woodworking plan before you start any project.
A workable woodworking plan will give you a list of materials as well as the tools needed for the project. This gives
you idea how much the project is going to cost you. Also, based on experience, having a plan will give you an idea
the skill set needed to complete a project and a step-by-step guide on how to go about building the specific project.
This would prevent mistakes. And I have to say, when I was starting out, mistakes was cutting up a portion of my
A good woodworking plan will help you avoid these.
Personally, I've bought several in the past, mostly individual plans of the individual projects I want. I should say it
would cost quite a bit to accumulate woodworking plans individually.
That's why I strongly suggest this nifty resource as it has numerous plans in its catalog and it may be the only
resource guide you'll ever need to have.

Furthermore, I've created a resource for more free woodworking tips.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Travis_Montgomery
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3860130

Article 3
Great Woodworking Tips That Save Money and Time
By Jim Holz
When it comes to working with wood and completing projects, it's always a good idea to be learning from
somebody who has got experience, especially if they are prepared to share their woodworking tips with you.
Another good source are online courses. They usually lay out all the materials needed as well as the steps required
to complete the project.
So here are 3 great ideas that have helped me greatly with my woodworking:

1 - Use Assembly Blocks

One of the first things that virtually everyone can use, involves the assembly of wood pieces. Imagine you have
started a rather ambitious project and are now at the stage where all the things have to be put together: How are
you holding all those pieces in position at the same time. The way to work around this dilemma is to use assembly
They might take a little effort to make, but hold pieces very nicely in position. They appear as small square blocks
made from medium density fiber wood or even plywood. Just make a few intersecting grooves into a block of wood
and there you have your first assembly block. How easy it that.
Of course you could just go into a shop and buy assembly blocks, but why not make it a project to make your own?
It's certainly cheaper and more rewarding. They really are a great help when putting pieces together.

2 - Find Alternatives And Save Money

Another really good woodworking tip is to try to find alternatives to tools or other materials that are not necessarily
crucial to the construction of your woodworking project. For example, if you need to glue some items together then
chances are that the materials list in your woodworking plan will call for a glue brush. Instead of using a glue brush,
grab an old toothbrush to spread the glue with. It's a great money saver!

3 - Use A Layout Tool
If you're putting hardware into wood such as screws or need to mark where you need to saw or cut, use a layout
tool. Layout tools can look similar to the assembly blocks I described earlier, however it's designed to hold a ruler
(use a metal ruler), so it usually has a groove around the edges. This can make all the difference if you don't want to
use a tape measure and want something a bit easier; all you need to do is place the ruler along the rabbet and mark
the places on the wood where you need to cut or fasten hardware.

As you can see, these are just a few really useful woodworking tips you might not have heard of before. Pick out
what speaks to you now - the rest comes with experience - and most importantly, keep enjoying woodworking all
the way.

Woodworking tips [http://www.WoodworkCourse.com] that are useful and work! For more from Jim Holz, a
woodworking hobbyist for many years, visit [http://www.WoodworkCourse.com]
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_Holz
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3669232

Article 4
Woodworking Tips on Plans and Projects
By Parker Garrett
Woodworking is a great hobby, it is very relaxing and fun to do. I have been doing Woodworking for about 8 years
and in this time I have learned a lot, this is why I am writing this article so I can give your some very helpful
information for when you start a new project.
Woodworking Tip 1: What is my Price Range?
First things first find out how much you are willing to spend on a new project, be sure you do not start one only to
find that you do not have enough money to finish or that you do not have all the tools you need. This is suppose to
be a fun relaxing hobby so be sure not to turn it in to stress by worrying over the small things, just be careful and
pick your projects after doing some research on it.
Woodworking Tip 2: What is my difficulty level?
Another thing you want to be careful about is choosing a project that is within your difficulty level, be sure not to
take on a project that you are not ready for. You want to make sure you do not get overwhelmed so just take your
time and work your way up till you know you can handle the big projects.
Woodworking Tip 3: Be sure you have quality plans
It is very important that your plans are of high quality, you want to make sure that they are from a good source so
that they will be 100% accurate. Many plans from those free online sites will skip steps or just be wrong in design
and that is very upsetting to find out that they are wrong when your are halfway through them on your project.
If you need a good source of quality plans for your Woodworking Hobby then I strongly recommend checking out
this review on an ebook that has over 14,000 top quality plans for woodworking projects. Woodworking Plans

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Parker_Garret.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3345065

Article 5
Cabinet Woodworking Plans: Amazing New Woodworker Tips To Get Started
By Nsikakabasi Dan
Cabinet woodworking is quite an interesting activity that generates a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment once
your woodworking project is satisfactorily completed. You could quite easily show off your woodworking cabinet to
your spouse, to your friends, to your colleagues, and to all around you. However, it could also be very daunting and
challenging if you do not have simplified woodworking plans and basic woodworking tips to work with.

Interestingly, good and easy-to-follow woodworking plans are now available on the internet where you can easily
download them and be on your workbench in no time. As such, it is vitally important that you get these cabinet
plans and tips as your close guide and not be racking your mind trying to come up with a suitable woodworking plan
the hard way.

Okay, the following are few helpful tips to help you get past the frustrations that most new woodworkers usually

Check Accuracy of Online Cabinet Woodworking Plans

In as much as it's easy to get your beginner woodworking project plan online, it's also vitally important that you
check the accuracy of these plans because there are many plans that are either not accurate or just too complicated
or too vague for the new woodworker to easily follow and accomplish any of the custom woodworking plans
outlined in it. This can be very discouraging hence you need to guard against this beginners trap as early as you can.
One quick way to do this would be to find out from friends you may have used that sources-how accurate or how
easy it was for them to use the plan. Online and offline friends inclusive.
Subscribe To Woodworking Forums
Therefore, to get your easy and accurate cabinet plans, you could subscribe to Woodworking Forums where you get
practical recommendations from day-to-day woodworkers who would be more than willing to guide you through.
The time you invest into he forums would really pay you back many times as you'll get to learn from the true
experiences of several others who may then help you shorten your learning curve. Forums can be very rewarding for
both the new comer and the old timers too. So, you stand a chance to learn from here too.

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